Mentally Ill Black Man Shot in Head ELEVEN Times by Police Officer


Mentally Ill Black Man Shot in Head ELEVEN Times by Police Officer

Family Releases Video of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Fort Bend Officer

Family said:

“They didn’t want to call the police, because they were concerned that if the police came they would not handle the situation accordingly, and it would have a dreadful outcome,” said Quanell X, adding, “So they continued to call, and then they were told again, ‘call 911.’ The worst thing they ever did was call 911 to help their loved one who was suffering a mental health breakdown.”

Quannel X called the shooting “nothing less than a cold-blooded execution,” going on to state that, “This tape shows a cold-blooded killing of a young man who was in dire need of mental health therapy. The man needed a prescription, not a bullet. “

Kimberly Blair Olaniyai, the mother of Blair, said she wants people to know that she has forgiven the officer that shot her son.

“We want him to live a long life, so he will always remember my son and how he murdered him in that bathroom that day. My son did not deserve 11 shots to his head, and we have to find out from the media how many times he was shot in that bathroom. Even though we heard the shots ring out, we didn’t know. All that we’re asking is that someone recognizes what we recognize. That was brutality at its finest in that bathroom that day,” said Olaniyi

Was this necessary?  Was this police brutality?   YES! This video showed  the  impact of poor training on police brutality.  The officer appeared inexperienced (in performing his duty), afraid and I kept wondering did someone call for backup before someone gets hurt.

Could  changes in police training change the culture of police brutality?    What do you think?

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

20 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Black Man Shot in Head ELEVEN Times by Police Officer

  1. The video shows a yelling, scared, and panicking policeman, unable to appropriately assess the situation and acting accordingly. Instead of easing the situation, this policeman worsened same. Equally disturbing is the fact that his colleagues didn’t try to stop him, nor did anybody else.

    Whether the man was mentally ill or not, a policeman should be able to take away a knife from an individual, or even better, talk him/her out of using same, without having to depend on his gun! Incompetence all over again!

    1. Yup… the officer was poorly trained, all of them were. They did not know how to get a knife from a psychotic mentally ill man without the use of violence. Eleven shots fired at a man who was confused and at risk for suicide (not homicide). His family called the police because they were concerned about the man’s safety, how ironic.

    2. Why would we expect competence from anyone anywhere and particularly when they are “believing” that they need to be in fight-or-flight mode? In my business career of several decades, I have never had the pleasure of meeting a competent person to work with. It is rare to find anyone competent to talk to–hence I come back to the two of you all the time since other than my hubby and a couple of friends, basically you two are “it” for me! I can have an equally good conversation with hubby but even friends are questionable sometimes.. and then of course there is no one in danger. can you imagine an otherwise incompetent person be placed in a situation like this? Do you suppose he was every taught what to do??? I seriously doubt it.. they go by their gut feel.

      1. Caramba, I’m honored. Finally someone recognized how competent I am 😉

        And you know what? Although I’m not a policeman, that man would have given me his knife in no time. And if not, I simply would have taken it from him. How competent is that, eh?

        1. Well I think that is the whole point…. they would never hire you as a police man… they would be scared shitless (hahaha…. got this word underlined by non-recognition!) if you applied. And if they did hire you, you would be brain washed to kill rather than use psychology and care to stop someone… On the other hand, there is also this little problem that it is the Good Samaritan who always gets killed… It is a hard decision to know who has enough understanding and compassion to stop and listen and who has lost it all.

          My hubby just came home and told me about this radio show he listened to where scientist ran an experiment on the street. They tested how temperature affects people, They discovered that 1) as temperatures increase, so do the moodiness of people–meaning if it was cold on the day you approached the guy withe the knife you may have had a chance to sweet talk him but on a hot day no. 2) Patience also runs low and testosterone high in high temps. They deliberately stopped in front of green lights and they were always honked at but the type of honk and length of honk depended upon temperature…

          We are so part of nature that we cannot even relate to its significance! This is why I love my field of hormonal variations because I touch upon this very basic component in our decision-making ability. It changes given our environment.

          1. I once was waiting in front of traffic light. As soon as it had turned green again, the person in the car behind me honked like crazy, which made me worry something was wrong. But what? So, emphatic as I am and always deeply concerned with the wellbeing and misfortunes of my fellow men, I stepped out of my car, walked over to him (yes it was a specimen of the male gender) and asked: “What’s the matter, my man? Does something disturb you? Do you need any help?” Much to my surprise, his face turned into a color I never had seen before, and what really baffled me the most was the litany of curses and threats that came my way. Assuming he didn’t need any help after all, I returned to my car, and drove away just before the light turned red again, leaving that poor fellow fuming in front of another red one.

            1. So funny that you say this Roald knowing the science that in hot temperatures people beep more and are more impatient–they just ran an experiment on that.. Have I mentioned that before? 🙂 lol…

            2. Science you say? Must be true then. Unless it was cargo science of course. The type populated by these distinguished and competent scholars never missing a chance to make a name for themselves by for instance manipulating statistical data or tampering with research results.

              Oh, and before I forget: My event took place during an extremely cold day on Aruba. Brrrrrr! Thinking about it still gives me the shivers!

            3. People on the island tend to be more relaxed, laid back and not as easily swayed by treachery and corruption as those in the north. Island people have values. 🙂 My father never wanted me to live in this country, I lost many of my island values.

            4. What exactly is Island Value Angela? I have never lived on one and I do not know but I suppose that people everywhere have their value system based on the culture they chose to live in. There are dishonest scientists, Roald is very correct, but just because there are some bad apples in the basket, we shall not trash all apples… I have always been an honest one–even to the point of refusing to do the analysis of data that I believed to be not statistically analyzable in a valid way. Lots of junk makes it to press and many good things never make it to press… but I suppose those are also the same on islands as well, whatever values “most” people hold on them…

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