Islamic judge orders pregnant girl to be hanged for being Christian

Islamic judge orders pregnant girl to be hanged for being Christian.


This judge belongs in the stone age.

Are judges becoming Gods? Judges make decisions affecting life and death. Logic, reason or common sense are not important factors in these decisions; however, that is another post.

Similar barbaric decisions are made in this country by judges.  The U.S. media just doesn’t report on court ordered injustices.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

12 thoughts on “Islamic judge orders pregnant girl to be hanged for being Christian

    1. What an amazing world we live in. Half the planet is still in the stone ages and the other half is dying of hunger or diseases and the 1% over here are fighting over silly things like Obama Care, etc… pffffsssssssssss

  1. Granted the U.S judicial system have a great margin for improvement as well as other judicial systems. Like here in Spain, you kill somebody and you can get 10 years max and with good conduct your out in 5. After taking another human beings life and destroying the life´s of all the people who loved that person. But a bit of a stretch to compare and islamic state that orders a pregnant girl to be hanged because of her religious beliefs. I highly doubt that occurs in the U.S. I don´t doubt it actually it just doesn´t happen.

    Where are these islamist nuts by the way?

    1. Hi Charlypriest, thank you for your comment. I see your point, and it is a good one.

      However, our barbarism is nuanced….I guess we are classy barbarians.

      Look around…don’t you will see the handiwork of Christians nuts and fanatics who do worse things than the judge above. However, evil is evil and evil lurks everywhere.

      I believe most Muslims are not fanatics, but rather decent law abiding people with values. We broad brush the entire culture when we ASSume otherwise..


      1. I don´t broad brush the entire culture I saw a survey out by CNN that 10% of muslims believe in radical Islam, that meaning girls not able to go to school, gays obviously have to be killed, basically all fundamental right like the right of free speech is a no no for all of these people, and the not so radical muslims I should add. So these radical muslims the 10% is about 100+million people who hate western values. There´s roughly 1,2 billion of muslims, so If you ask me 100+million of those are quite a number and a threat. I do see christian nut jobs, but I don´t see a broad meaning in the millions of christians who blow up people, who commit suicide acts to kill western people or anyother people, there are isolated instances that´s for sure. So we do have to say things as they are. Stop with so much political correctness and call them out. And I already did my job with these nut jobs in two screwed up countries some while ago. So I saw experienced first hand how these freaks work, not only against us but towards their own people. I always find it curious why people are so afraid and think that by not saying anything against those type of people like that wacko judge who sentenced to death a young mother just for the fact that she stood by her principles and decided that she wasn´t going to convert from Christianity to Muslim because others told them, and she´s now on her long walk to the noose. Plus it´s been quite a few years now that muslim extremist have been killing on a systematic scales christians. But you don´t see it on the new right? All for that political correctness bullshit that I hate. It just empowers them, and I and quite a few thousand like me didn´t fight these nut jobs for nothing. And I also don´t see modern muslims denouncing these extremist. Look what´s happening now in Nigeria with the school girls being kidnapped, over a couple hundred of them and guess what? they where christian girls and going to school. I remember Afghanistan and how we actually had to patrol little fucked up towns so girls would be able to safely go to school and these where muslims young kids we (Spanish Army) was sent there to protect and protect meant in more than one ocassion having to take care of those muslim extremist that didn´t tolerate muslim girls get a basic education. And some of my guys died as a consequence of defending that. I can see Christianity is not a perfect religion, but Christian people and the Church have evolved with the years, there are sex abuse scandals and all that, but don´t compare me with 100+ muslim extremist idiots who just hate the way of western ideals or christainity and would kill us and they have killed us by the thousands. And if moderate muslims don´t speak up, they are part of the problem. Like a drunk who refuses to say that he does have a disease has a problem. Unless you don´t first point out that there is a problem inside you a.k.a muslims, then is quite difficult to then go and work on it slowly. Pakistan now comes to mind as another place where muslim extremist have systematically going after christians.

        I see mistakes and bad mistakes in what you call our barbarism, if you are meaning our way of life that is. But nothing near the scale of what I have personally witness in two I might add screwed up countries over there. Not against us only(we are volunteers it´s our job), but against they´re own people. So you civilians with your taxes where paying us, to take care of the bad guys and let those muslim girls be able to go to school. It is a systematic problem in islam. Those are just facts. I´m not making out these things or making hypothesis.

          1. You can write whatever you want, it´s a free country. And free expression of the internet. About the other comment about why they hate us? I don´t even care about it. You can think all you want about what they hate us, my guess is that you can argue that they are pissed off because the evil Americans got into they´re own affairs years back and now Americans are paying for it now. Which I can counter argue that comment quite easily but don´t have time to do so. Plus if you do, you sort of validate their own philosophy. To me they are a bunch of nut cases, that hate us the western world for what we stand, and they see this as a crusade to change countries into fundamentalist islamic countries. Those two things are a fact. I don´t say it, they say so if you watch a bit of the news.

            If you would be kind enough to send my by email the post first so I could read it, that would be great, if my name is going to there, I´d appreciate if you would first let me read it.

            Have a good day!

        1. I share some of your views; however, I also don’t know enough about Islam culture, except what’s fed to me by our biased media–at least, until blogs like mine came along, and people like you share.

          Why do you think those 100+ million Islam fanatics hate us? How does his hate relate to the Sharia? Or does it?

        2. “So we do have to say things as they are.” Exactly! I second that 100% and more. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me………..(Roald desperately looking for his incredibly wise and sexy cohort. Ah ………there she is…..Lilith).

          “I can see Christianity is not a perfect religion, but Christian people and the Church have evolved with the years…………” Oh yes, that’s for sure.

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