Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by Prison Guards NO CHARGES!

Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida
Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida

Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards

Darren Rainey, 50, died while incarcerated a the Dade Correctional Institution.  He was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime; possession of cocaine.  At the time of his death, he had only one month to go before his release.

Prison guards forced him to stand in a tiny shower stall while being blasted by scalding hot water until his skin began to shrivel away from his body and he died.  Fellow inmates say he begged for his life before collapsing in the shower.

 The Florida’s Department of Corrections often comes up with cruel and imaginative punishments for prisoners — allegedly ranging from starvation diets to forcing prisoners to fight so the guards could place bets.


Full story:     Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards


Former employees of Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead say mentally ill are being abused and mistreated. (Photo by Lonny Paul)
Former employees of Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead say mentally ill are being abused and mistreated. (Photo by Lonny Paul)

The Florida Department of Corrections   did not do an investigation because no autopsy was done at the time of Darren Rainey’s murder.  What about the witnesses?


Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by  Prison Guards No Autopsy NO CHARGES

This man was mentally ill. He was not a criminal and did not deserve to die in this manner.

Simply outrageous in light of increasing publicity of police brutality and profit schemes around private prisons involving the judicial system, and still no justice.  Racial profiling schemes built around the war on drugs, broken windows, etc.  intentionally target  people of color, the homeless and the mentally ill.

Darren Rainey was the perfect target.  A Bullseye written all over him by a corrupt justice system that labelled and condemned him to this fate.  A fate that saw him tortured  and murdered by prison guards  without remorse or respect for a human being.

An oppressive air of slavery  reside at Dade Correctional where innates  are at the cruelty of the masters aka prison guards. The article makes clear this correctional facility is notorious for its torture yet Florida decided no investigation necessary.


What treatments did he receive for his mental illness?

Almost two years at Dade Correctional Institution in Florida, where it appeared Darren Rainey was  abused,  tortured and humiliated regularly by prison guards.    His crime a victimless  one where he allegedly  was in  possession of small amounts of cocaine.   Given the history of  police violence and lying,  one should question the veracity of the charges.

Simply put:  Police officers LIE!

In addition,  one  should  consider his mental diagnosis?  What treatment did he receive?

How  can scalding someone with boiling water rehabilitate?


What Deterrents Are In Place to Prevent Abuse by Prison Guards?

There is the constitution, and they are laws; however there is no one to enforce them as the enforcers are the perpetrators.

Is it time to consider corporal punishment for those who do harm when hired to do otherwise?

Prison guards should be given the death penalty. Instead,  they  faced no charges and their freedom never in jeopardy, unlike Darren Rainey, who murdered no one.

Murders without consequences with paid time off,  is a system of that rewards and perpetuates cruelty.   Those prison guards are now more feared than ever and more abusive.  But as long as their abuse is confined to the prison, society ignores.   However, that is never the case, and we will never know because we never set systems in place to check.

A murderer is a murderer even in uniform, and that person remains dangerous  despite our justification and ignorance.   The home environment and neighborhoods of prison guards who inflict cruel and unusual punishment disproportionately should be surveilled for other acts of cruel and unusual punishments.

Florida has come to symbolize:  Discrimination and  Structural Racism in America

The prison guards locked Darren Rainey in a tiny shower then turned on boiling water at full blast on this older man’s naked body while he begged for them to stop. He was found dead 1-2 hours later with scalding water still blasting.

Eventually, we become what we tolerate. How long will Americans tolerate these targeted injustices? Florida now has its own system of justice that erodes  access to justice by blacks. Clearly, blacks should get the hell out of Florida or stand their ground. There is no justice for black people in Florida ( and elsewhere). With armed white males standing their grounds, survival means sticking together, looking the enemy in the eyes and by all means fight THE ENEMY but never each other.



This case highlights the greed of cruelty in privatizing  and providing monetary incentives to incarcerate people.

A culture  of violence and cruelty is deeply contagious if not contained. An environment filled with people who take pleasure in violence and  beast like activities is not healthy nor safe.    When these violent people are police officers and prison guards, are innocent citizens safe?    Are we paying criminals to create crime for profit?

As a black mother with sons, what should I tell them?  Can they dream the impossible dream just like their white friends?

The Impossible Dream – Jackie Evancho

Darren Rainey
Darren Rainey


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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

57 thoughts on “Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by Prison Guards NO CHARGES!

    1. And who will respond the perpetrators. Would you advise a rape victim to call her rapist to complain?

      Because that is what you just suggested…

            1. Roald ….as much as I do not like violence I do believe those security guards should be STONED if not put to death! We should have their faces plastered all over the internet so Americans who come in contact with those beasts will know to AVOID. In addition, those they have tortured in the past may gain the courage to come forth.

              These males have no integrity…..It is more probably than not that there is serious domestic violence and other types of abuses in their personal lives. If our systems utilized data generated to prevent problems, the families of the prison guards should be evaluated for signs of abuse.

            2. If this happened as it was described, the man or men who participated in it, has/have no right to continue living and should die the same way as his/their victim.

            3. It did happen and the state of florida is going to do NOTHING except have those bastards continue in their jobs at tax payers expense. I guess as long as these murders are contained within targeted groups Americans have the option of not believing with the media barely reporting these injustices as such.

              America is guilty of genocide! How dare we accuse any nation of killing ethnic groups when we pay our law enforcement to do so on a daily basis?

            4. ouch.. and we are discussing democracy when they are still stoning women in Pakistan.. I think we should just sit back and reflect.

            5. At least there is some judicial process after the fact….unlike the U.S. where 1%, their friends, and paramilitary forces (the police) are above the law and do as they please with impunity. I guess corruption is part of the US evolutionary process….The future lies with those who embrace Corruption…Come to the United States of America

              Of note: India is instituting the death penalty for rape.

              We should for these officers and others like them.

  1. The state of Florida is guilty of structural genocide. Can you imagine the intimidation of those brutes called prison guards? They tortured and got away, what do you think they tell prisoners and those they want to intimidate? They murder with impunity.

    1. I think Americans should hit the streets, revolt, and demand justice! Alas, from what I see, most rather worry about gas prices, the right to bear arms, or cattle to roam free.

  2. How different the reaction if this man was white? None of the articles mentioned so I gather all the prison guards were all white,….
    Do we get the real news from traditional news sources? Or do they distract our attention intentionally? The lack of coverage makes the oppression worse. I gather Dade Correction is like being on a southern plantation.

    This is as blatant as Justina Pelletier. I would say States have POWER. US is no longer a republic –the constitution is losing power as rights are taken away not by the Federal government but by State governments.

    1. I am listening to both of your discussions and I think the distance in miles and countries is wildly visible.

      Roald, your solution sounds so simple. If it is that simple, why can’t we achieve it? Perhaps because what you are suggesting is impossible to achieve in a complex large and mixed cultural society like ours. When in a country is mostly homogeneous in culture, things are easy to achieve because everyone sees the shade of red the same shade of red. But when you come to the US, our strength is in that each person coming from a different culture sees a different shade for the same red. This is a richer (culturally) speaking country therefore than those uniform kinds that you seem to fit us within with your arguments. We do not fit that box.

      Angela, states are people. This is the same argument when someone tells me the company did this or that. No, the company doesn’t do anything; the states do not do anything. States are inanimate objects filled with people who are incompetent. It is not the state that brings the rules or breaks the rules but the people do within. It is like someone a couple of days ago brought up all the problems with Obama Care and said “he is the one who drafted the bill and he should know what’s in it”.. no.. he is a person with a staff of thousands, many of whom are incompetent. There is no way in hell a true leader of an organization knows anything about the details of the organization–a true leader is not a details person but a big pictures person: different chemistry and different ways of thinking.

      When I was a vice president at Visa, I had no darn clue what employee number 701 did under my hands because I had 701 people working on the project so I did not have to get into the details…

      The same with the guards… they work for the state and the state works for the country and the country is lead by Obama.. based on your argument then Obama is responsible for the men scolding to death in the hot shower. NO, He is not! We need to accept that we are surrounded by imperfect people–we probably are also imperfect, we just think we are perfect.

      Roald and I had a discussion about democracy earlier today.

      There is one difference between democracy and socialism–and I know that real well since I lived in both.

      Democracy allows the freedom to create; socialism allows the freedom to be equal.

      If you want to live in a place where there is no minority and everyone is equal, get back to the completely incentive-free corrupted world of the socialist… everyone was equal.. yes.. black, white, male, female, all equal, earning the same wage.. for.. doing absolutely nothing all day.. because the incentive of being different and more successful than the rest was removed. This is (was) the cause of the collapse of the true equality. It is not possible, it is counter Darwinian.

      Darwinian evolution tells us that the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST does not mean equality… it means “it is different”!

      Can black guardsmen scold and kill a white men in jail? Yes they can. Will they pay a harsher price for it than if they were white against a black man? Yes they will and not because of Obama or the States.. because the law is clear: equal. But they will because of the people who apply the law wrongly and without a clue. Why? Because we now hire doctors and nurses from the Philippines and provide them with working visas so they are cheaper. And guess what: they do not carry our virtues; they carry theirs. same with guards men, same with heart surgeons.

      In the hospital where my mom was initially misdiagnosed and where she spent her last few days, I have not met a single well-paid employed doctor. Every doctor I met was Asian, working for half the salary and on contract running a full office on the side to make a living. This is our problem. Not the states.

      1. “…………mixed cultural society like ours.” Aruba is culturally more diverse than the US. In my street alone we have at least eight different ones. All with their native language, cultural background, and yet all able and willing to communicate with everyone else. Not paradise, but on our way to realize what I, the dreamer, the non-realist, have in mind. And if you come up again with size, then I’ll say again: Yes that’s why I want small communities.

        “……doing absolutely nothing all day……” Again, ever heard of the Venus Project? According to the realists living in bondage with common sense, yet another dreamer and non-realist at work, lmao.

        Survival of the fittest? Social Darwinism is a pest! The future belongs to cooperation. Competition will die. If not, humanity will vanish from the face of the Earth. Which btw is ok with me.

        1. I was not talking about social Darwinism.. I was talking about evolutionary Darwinism. The survival of the fittest is evolutionary, The social stuff is made up to fit within the box but it does not and there are other agendas. But in terms of evolution, democracy has no chance. Small place is great.. but Angela and I are in a big place. You may have cultural diversity in terms of the variety of people but not in terms of who built the country. And there is a difference. Because here there are expectations.

          1. Evolutionary Darwinism says democracy has no chance? Democracy is an evolutionary thing a la Darwin? I doubt that, but if so, what the heck, then we’ll create something else. The people count, not a system, doctrine, or ideology.

            Your big place is relatively big now. Will it still be big, let’s say 500 years from now?

            “Because here there are expectations.” What does that mean?

            Um…..who built Aruba?

            1. You misunderstood Roald. Darwin never intended his evolutionary theories to be applied to the society and nor do I. What I said was is that according to that theory only the fittest survives and so us as animals in the kingdom are the same as one rat over another… we compete for food, mates, etc., and so democracy that wants to level the playing field cannot work. It works against evolution and by definition a level playing field weakens the system. That is what I meant. To be social meant a lot of evolution is our ability to think but not that much in our ability to survive.. and ant will outlive us by millions or billions of years. That is what I meant.

            2. Yes I know, that’s why I wrote “doubt”. Democracy does what? Really? Well, then to hell with it. Let’s replace it with something that doesn’t bring that awful stuff with it. But then again, that Darwin thingy is just a theory, which could be, as has happened to so many ultimate theories, found to be incorrect. And remember, Roald the Ultimate Prophet said: Competition will die. No competing anymore for your food, mates, etc.in the future. You don’t believe that? Just wait and see, hehe.

        2. I can’t sing but I loved singing this song as a child. I guess I was always a dreamer….dreaming of impossible things. No matter how hopeless

          To fight for the right To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause….

          Always reaching for the unreachable star….

          MY God!

        3. Thank you MBA….that song bought me back to little Dawn(that quiet little girl with the observant beady eyes)….where I just made a connection to Angela (the adult me). Interesting how a song could do that…..

          1. Impossible is just an excuse for laziness and cowardice. It’s the bold dreamers that shape the future. Like I said on my profile: There are no frontiers, only horizons!

            Um…..some mediocre and scared mainstreamers believe and teach that horizons never can be reached. Little do they know. Come, take my hand, and we’ll going to enjoy what’s beyond.

      2. Angela, I see what you are saying… however,.we are suppose to be a republic and unfortunately we are more and more a democracy. Growing up I never thought I would ever say the latter but being a democracy allows us to ignore 49% of Americans. Today, it is 99% of the population that is being ignored because democracy is now defined by wealth and not people.

        BTW, federal or state means govt or elected officials. I recognize systems are manned by people.

        Good discussion. This would be all over the news had the man being white….as Elliot Rodgers and his manifesto become the topic of debate. He is even a hero to some….what a F**kED UP world we live in!

  3. Hi, I am new to this blog…I was trying to find out more details about Darren Rainey. I agree, there is obviously something VERY wrong with this world and the “justice” system. I can’t imagine the horror this poor man experienced as he screamed for help while his skin was literally burned off in the shower.

    He was mentally ill…his sentence wasn’t for harming anybody else and yet, they took his life. I want to cry and scream all at once. So many people have no conscience, no sense of compassion or humanity for their fellow man. He was somebody’s son, somebody’s brother. I’m sure that he was loved by somebody. But this evil society we live in only allows certain people the chance to be seen as human…the rest are viewed as disposable and worthless. I am so sad, so angry, I don’t know what to do.

    I’m from Florida and it is true, people of color are not valued here. It seems like we aren’t really valued anywhere. I still can’t believe that Darren’s story is just now coming out when he has been dead for TWO YEARS. Two years?! This story should have been made public immediately to warn everyone that corruption exists and evil is real. There is a lot of racism in America still and that includes my state of Florida…I’ve experienced it personally. And look at how Zimmerman was allowed to walk free after killing Trayvon Martin. There is no justice.

    1. Darren Rainey, MB, I feel your pain. I was taught my place in an environment I am well familiar with having worked in as an ER doc for 20 years.

      Yes, I never heard of Darren until recently, and it wasn’t from traditional media. No surprise tradional media does not cover the intentionals and possibly planned murders of innocent black innates by prison guards. Darren had one month left– for a crime that most whites commit and never get a arrested even when caught.

      I shudder at the thought of the torture he faced 24/7 for almost 2 years– his death the result of one of thousand’s instances of unimaginable acts of torture. This was not the first death either, was my understanding.

      Without credible investigation these prison guards had the power to prevent Darren Rainey and planned to murder him? Why? Because they could and did. Perfect crime with a room full of oppressed, abused and bullied males, scared because no one will believe them.

      Innocent people are incarcerated daily because the police are dishonest and fabricate and many corrupt judges condone along with prosecutors and public defenders. They all share the spoils of tax payers dollars. We need more jails to house innocent black males, mentally ill young adults and homeless people. When will people wake up to what is going on? I sound like a maniac,

      Listen to this: Some middle aged white man sexually molested and raped a minor was found guilty. The judge sentenced him to probation and community service (probably around minors).

      Another 50 year old , Wayne Arnold Jones murdered by VA police, was shot 23 times by 5 officers. Does that sound similar to target practice? He was unarmed…police claimed he attempted to stab them…no injuries to any of the 5 officers yet it required 5 of them to empty 23 rounds. He was probably dead after the first 5 rounds. So they shot 23 extra wasted ovet 15 extra rounds into a dead human being.. Another way of framing that may be more appealing is that they wasted about 15 rounds of ammunition.

      Pray none of us ever get trapped by our government…it is worst than the enemy.

  4. Support for non-traditional news sources is pivotal to our freedom and ability to holler for help. Without blogs and websites such as mine and others these stories will be suppressed. If the dead man, Darren Rainey’s pigmentation was much lighter, this story would have been front page news when he died last year with ad nauseam CNN news coverage and Obama bashing on FOX.

    1. Indeed the Internet can be a powerful tool to expose the shit caused by the hypocrites in power positions supported and condoned by the indifferent and silent majority.

      The coming World Cup in Brazil for instance will show how modern technology will teach their government, police, and FIFA a lesson they never could have dreamed of ten years ago! The time has come to awake and stay that way. For both sides, hehe.

        1. Take a look at http://www.portalpopulardacopa.org.br/

          A few examples of what’s going on.

          Rafael Vilela: ““We’ll be on the streets, covering all political and cultural movements, the passion for football and this new moment of political unrest”

          Vac Verikaitis: “Midia Ninja and Fora do Eixo (Outside the Axis), a music and cultural collective, have created a community called Cinelandia in downtown Rio, where people can come in, play music, debate, write their blogs, and edit cellphone videos and post them online. There are edit suites mounted on shopping carts, and portable generators to power them. The protests can be seen live on the Internet via Twittercast.”

          Felipe Altenfelder: ““Never before has our generation been more prepared in terms of social technology and social knowledge. What we are doing is totally new in Latin America. The various collectives across Brazil have a structure of sharing food, money, even clothes, so even the poorest people can work within our groups and not just survive—but participate in actions against social injustices 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

          Um ever heard of change.org? Close to 700,000 voices to free that Sudanese woman! Yet another example of the power of the Internet.

          1. Exactly! Hence the reasons for my blog. All work, no monetary gain, no power yet I am satisfied. A few complimentary notes do provide fuel each time I face self-doubt.

            The challenge is ro attract a large and actively engaged base to feel useful.

            1. I use to think awareness was a deterrent. Reading about horrific injustices or murders would make people pause and want to prevent such in the future. Now I see awareness embolden many pale-faced people to commit horrific crimes using precautions to not get caught.

              The rich are above the law, cops are above the law and white men in general are becoming above the law.

              Essentially the law is only being enforced on non-whites who rarely see justice that is reserved only for whites.

            2. Oh yes, many people who are looking to commit crime can read up on past events and then try and perfect their own ‘perfect crime’.

              I also agree that the rich are also above the law.

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