Police tasered a handcuffed boy….


Police Abuse? Cops Shoot 14-Year-Old In The Face With A Taser

 Police Brutality PA: Police Officers Tasered HANDCUFFED UNARMED Black Teenager in FACE?

Police officers tasered a HANDCUFFED , unarmed14 YEAR OLD kid, Joseph Williams, in the face.   There was no video only pictures to suggest otherwise. How many times was Joseph Williams tasered? And for how long?  What intensity?   Again, Are police officers trained? Rather than a chase the officers tasered  Joseph’s face while he was running.   For a moving target  running away, his injuries  are oddly  localized to the entire face, don’t you find that odd?  I guess we should be thankful they did not use their guns.

PA District Attorney David Heckler defended the officers.  Attorney Heckler felt aiming a taser at a child’s face was appropriate and  doesn’t warrant further investigation.   Does this shock anyone?  

Was this pure police incompetence coupled with a penchant for brutality? Or is there some contagious mental disorder infecting our serve and protect uniformed officers?  Personally, I am petrified!

What is appropriate retribution for police brutality.  Should we consider disarming the police? Should we enact unalterable penal codes to address police brutalities? Penal codes akin to what we have for everyone else.   Murder on the job is still murder!   In cases of clear police brutality,  stiff punishment and removal from the force should be automatic.   Police brutality resulting in Murder should be tried in a court of law not in bed with partners…The DEATH penalty used for the most egregious abuses.

What do you think?   Or are you okay with police brutality?    Should we send:

Lawyers, Guns and Money