Police Brutality: Two Police Officers Shoot Unarmed Hispanic Man in Cold Blood

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words

Officer Involved Shooting – Salinas, CA 05/20/2014

Warning:  Video is Graphic…left me speechless!

This is what the officers claim:

Officers found the suspect walking down Elkington Avenue, as captured on a witnesses cell phone camera. The police allege that the suspect had gardening shears in his backpack.

Subsequently the officers demanded that the man get on the ground but he refused, said police. The police claim they attempted to use a Taser on the suspect but that it was ineffective and he simply kept walking away.

Officers said that the man eventually pulled the garden shears from the backpack and began swinging it at them, although from the footage this is unclear.

Fearing being stabbed, the two officers fired on the man, according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


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Please look at the video again just to make sure….Did those Police Officers LIE?

The officers murdered a man in cold blood. He looked homeless, confused and perhaps afraid from the video but not a threat. The Police had guns pointed at him.  What would you do?

People with mental illness might not respond by holding completely still and they get shot or arrested after getting the sh*t kicked out of them.   Now even if this man was under the influence, he was unarmed  and not threatening. Would anyone say he presented a danger to armed police officers?  He appeared more in fear of them…and he was correct.

Are police officers trained?   Two armed police officers could not subdue an unarmed man without murder.   Frankly, it appeared the officers killed this man because it was the path of least resistance….And probably less paperwork.   How many extra rounds did police  officers pump into that unarmed dead man?   Again this was TOTALLY PREVENTABLE and another Failure to Listen on the part of the police.

BTW, I ditto the yelling lady!……


A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words
Looks like he is  cornered...The officers did not have to kill this man
Looks like he is cornered…The officers did not have to kill this man

John Barry “Born Free”

Born Free

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As free as the grass grows
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Each time you look at a star

*Stay free, where no walls divide you
You’re free as a roaring tide
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Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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