Donald Sterling : Does Not Associate With Blacks Publicly | Updated 6-3-14

Donald Sterling’s Gal Pal V Stiviano Brutally Beaten Up In New York City, Her Lawyer Claims — Called The ‘N Word’ By Group Of Assailants

“Around 7pm, as Stiviano was leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, “two white men descended on her,” attorney Mac Nehorary said.”

“They were about 5’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N word.

“Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.”

After a recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks was released in April 2014, he was fined and banned from NBA games for life. But he’s not the only well-known figure who has served as a lighting rod for discussion on race and identity.


Rancher Cliven Bundy made news in 2014 for his battle with the federal government and his comments that implied blacks would have been better off in slavery. In an interview with CNN’s “New Day,” he said he is not a racist.
TV personality and chef Paula Deen lost her sponsors and her Food Network show in 2013 after she admitted to use of the “n-word” and botched an apology. A racial discrimination charge against her was later dropped, and she is in the midst of a comeback, as she continues to spur controversy with her comments.
Miley Cyrus made twerking a household term after her controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with Robin Thicke. Critics accused her of appropriating hip-hop culture and outraged parents whose children once knew her for her kid-friendly Hannah Montana character.
In July 2013, George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin, sparking outrage in response to the verdict and later for a juror getting a book deal to discuss the case. After backlash, the book offer was revoked.

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Full Story:  V. Stiviano assaulted in New York City, lawyer says


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