911 The New Number to Call For Revenge – Part 2


Yesterday, four heavily armed WHITE cops came to my house attacked my son and I because of a WHITE accuser’s concern for my health.

What did I say to generate such concern:   I can’t think well….I am going to rest.     Does that statement warrant cops invading my home with assault rifles, others guns and weapons– enough ammmunition to kill platoon?  Does it justify cops attacking me  and my son?

The four cops would not listen but handcuffed me, knowing I was hypoglycemic.    They did not call EMTs for backup as they should have given this was medical. Did they check my blood sugar? NO However, their actions certainly aggravated,  exacerbated and they almost killed a hypoglycemic person because of the accusations of a white person.

When did 911 become the number for revenge or concern because one is not eating. Perhaps accusers should be questioned more.

The accuser ran to her husband for protection…wondering why I would be upset? *#$%**

911 is the new number to call for Revenge.


Will I always need a WHITE PERSON to advocate whenever I encounter the boys in blue uniforms?

What a world we live! As a black person I am not free. Any white idiot can accuse a black person or call the police on a black person for any stupid reason.   The police (not being paid to think) will ignore the words of the black person and believe the white person. I am guilty until a WHITE person says I am not. Is that justice? Separate and unequal?  And Isn’t abuse of police power and police brutality?  Also abuse of 911?  The police didn’t seem to mind;  they showed off their weapons and were itching for the opportunity to use them.

Folks, when in need of revenge, CALL 911 to get your local police to do the job of revenge for FREE.

911 The New Number to Call For Revenge


Black Life

Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

13 thoughts on “911 The New Number to Call For Revenge – Part 2

  1. Although I have no clue why that 911 call was placed, what happened after gives you a great opportunity to file a complaint and go after these people. Use your anger to get them, and not only to blow off some steam in this blog. This is the time to exploit the system you hate so much and make it work for you.

    1. MBA, I have no clue either. I know now 911 is another option for revenge.

      I met with the Chief this morning. . He provided the necessary evidence to show anyone can call 911 and state ANYTHING and the police act upon it. Had they ( the cops) exercised their full power they could have taken me anywhere in handcuffs on the word of anyone? Imagine that…I asked had the caller provided documentation of identity, : NO. He felt that because the officers removed the cuffs shortly after and left my home eventually that they exercised due diligence given the circumstance. My strained scapula and interscapular muscles…..side effect….of a very screwed up system.

      The caller still hides…claims now I am threatening,.. I guess I should bend over and ask for more because normal response to bullshit is now threatening.

      MBA, I do not have the money to retain a reluctant attorney in NH. You see in the US people have to die before reaction is taken. Reaction that is motivated by greed and power.

    2. Roald , I have no clue why the call was placed either…..The police should be trained to do mental status exams on such concerned citizens….

  2. I am beginning to realize the laws in the U.S. are designed for criminals : corrupt law enforcement, judges and attorneys who refuse to go against the establish corruption, injustices and unlawful practices.

  3. Fuck the police. Over and over again they prove they simply will not protect Black lives. In fact they are, if anything, an occupying force akin to a military power treating inhabitants as an occupied enemy as opposed to a citizen population they are sworn to protect.

    1. I agree…it was unreal. and the police wonder why they aren;t the first to be called in any emergency. However, I was fortunate to be familiar with some of the officers so the handcuffs were removed and they eventually left. But the amount of weaponry was frightening. I wondered would they have killed me had I been ‘uncooperative’ (whatever that means) given they had no business in my homel

      1. As dangerous as it is to paint people with one big brush, it is my gut feeling that when it comes to the police in America they react the same way to what they see as “noncompliance” or “resistance”. And that reaction is usually using brutal and deadly force. It’s like they actively recruit the most sadistically brutal, violent and racist members of society they can find and give them the guns and the badges to act as society’s “protectors”. That’s not to say that their racist sentiments aren’t held by a large swath of white society at large, but those who you could imagine as being the most vile vigilante citizens end up being the ones given the title of “Officer”.

    2. Caleb, time showed the caller misinformed. I never went to any ER and my doctor (I saw the following day) wanted to know what I was doing at her office. She repeated the 3 indications for involuntary hospital admission…

      Many doctors appear to have forgotten those indications. The public has no clue.

      And cops now have honorary MDs to make medical decisions. 🙂

      What a world we live in!

      1. You mean like they were trying to say you were crazy huh?!. It’s like cops think they are competent enough to be diagnosing ppl too now. Smdh

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