Yesterday, four heavily armed WHITE cops came to my house attacked my son and I because of a WHITE accuser’s concern for my health.

What did I say to generate such concern:   I can’t think well….I am going to rest.     Does that statement warrant cops invading my home with assault rifles, others guns and weapons– enough ammmunition to kill platoon?  Does it justify cops attacking me  and my son?

The four cops would not listen but handcuffed me, knowing I was hypoglycemic.    They did not call EMTs for backup as they should have given this was medical. Did they check my blood sugar? NO However, their actions certainly aggravated,  exacerbated and they almost killed a hypoglycemic person because of the accusations of a white person.

When did 911 become the number for revenge or concern because one is not eating. Perhaps accusers should be questioned more.

The accuser ran to her husband for protection…wondering why I would be upset? *#$%**

911 is the new number to call for Revenge.


Will I always need a WHITE PERSON to advocate whenever I encounter the boys in blue uniforms?

What a world we live! As a black person I am not free. Any white idiot can accuse a black person or call the police on a black person for any stupid reason.   The police (not being paid to think) will ignore the words of the black person and believe the white person. I am guilty until a WHITE person says I am not. Is that justice? Separate and unequal?  And Isn’t abuse of police power and police brutality?  Also abuse of 911?  The police didn’t seem to mind;  they showed off their weapons and were itching for the opportunity to use them.

Folks, when in need of revenge, CALL 911 to get your local police to do the job of revenge for FREE.

911 The New Number to Call For Revenge


Black Life