BEER: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

BEER: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

And remember it is alcohol abuse to spill a drop.

I named my dog ‘Herpes’ because he won’t heel.

He’s the kind of friend who will always be there when he needs you.

Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not.

We lie about everything else why not sincerity?

The shortest distance between two points is always under construction.

I could retire nicely if I could sell my experience for what it cost me.

But there are no buyers. Demand is low for experience.

Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference.

There is a village some where missing it’s idiot.

But there are no buyers. Demand is low for experience.







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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

4 thoughts on “BEER: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

  1. Dear Angy,

    I tried to start writing you twice, but it “floops” out of my computer, so forgive me repetitions;

    Try nòt to mix-up a cocktail of thoughts in one “letter”, ’cause it let them loose there individual worth and don’t
    “fit each other”, .
    It’s rather late, perhaps I will / can write you tomorrow,
    Don’t forget that I love you still and should really like to meet you “live”.(Next year nov. I’m busy to organize a “Linkedin-congress”, for which it’s perhaps possible to invite Reid Hoffman, founder of Li.-din via an ex-employee of R.H.: “The history of communication”.(Should be a nice moment / reason for your vacation / our meeting !!

    Love and all kind of goodness for you and the yours, as usual !


    1. Hello Bart, I hate when that happens also.

      I miss you….admonishing me….hehehe Good you still love me and I you.

      The conference sounds interesting. Will my invitation come with airfare and hotel? 🙂

  2. Dear Angy,

    I wrote already something, but it slipped away, so I don’t know if you did receive it.
    But dón’t try to mention / discuss hundreds of different thoughts / impressions /judgements in ONE “letter” / notification, ’cause it makes it chaotic and destroys their individual worth.
    I will not go argue. by mail ; I should really like to be with you, nòt trying to create another Angela, but to meet, to discuss, to enjoy being together.
    Isn’t there a chance for you to come to Curaçao( november is climatological pleasant and cheap(low season).
    Don’t forget your bikini !!
    And don’t forget either your bikini !!
    I’m busy to organize a Linkedin-“congress”/ -symposium / -give-it-a-name”(nov.’15 ?)

    1. Hi Bart, can you ask Linkedin to unrestrict my acct so I may log in and delete my account. LinkedIn locked me out of my account without warning or notice. After 2-3 letters to them I received a rather cold letter ordering me to sign on the dotted line if I want to play.

      I do not want to play with them anymore. I get solicitations and emails from connections to which I cannot respond.

      If you have any pull please let them allow me to erase my account. And my fingerprints.

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