28 thoughts on “Anonymous Idiots Tell Linkedin – Account High Restricted”

  1. Country of Residence: Other

    Please explain why you believe that the account restriction is in error.: I got this mail from one of my Section 21 members, who tried to complain on my behalf:

    This seems like someone made a request or bribed to take down the Section 21, this ridiculous accusations about Pornographic content that’s obviously insane and obviously fake accusation.

    I’m really sorry i have no idea what to do about this other than contacting customer support and now it’s useless too.

    i’have seen this type of responses when they need to ignore the issue, mainly start from the same first time response just like that one at some point to exhaust and make us give up.

    Do you have any additional information to add?: Pornographic content?!
    I post things like Ronald Reagan!
    I’m a Christian a anti-communist with good old American values, you people are worse than JUDAS!

    Who payed you people to do this? I will not rest until the last stone is turned!
    Why are you trying to destroy anti-communist network Section 21? No patriot would ever do that! WE DESERVE YOU FULL AND UNDIVIDED SUPPORT!

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    1. Doesn’t it feel like the Twlight Zone dealing with LI support. If you tweet your problem to their Twitter support @LinkedInHelp and include the LI hashtag plus #customersupport and #customerexperience you are more likely to get a response as well as the problem resolved. Public scrutiny seems to knock some sense of responsibility into their customer support.


    2. Btw, you should not have to go through such drama to get customer support but I have found it to be the fastest way to get problems resolved without the passive aggressive bullshit.


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