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  1. Angela,

    Let me know if I can help.

    Also, I wonder if the policy’s use of the word people means not just individual persons, but also group references such as ‘whites.’

    1. Hi Carleton, You have a point because I was called a black sloth, complained to LI who did absolutely Nothing. There is prostitution on LI, women and men selling their bodies and LI does nothing. But talk about Harvard or Affluenza immediately my account is frozen. Of course being black only makes me more guilty in the eyes of white america.

      I cannot log into my paid account. Something this serious should involve human interaction and service. Linkedin does not offer customer support…..what a business model? Let us see how long this lasts.

      I do not think I will sign….I do not want to be on a site with such corrupt ethics.

      Do you want to start a boycott? 🙂

  2. Remember the endless discussions we had in (now decomposed) BOC about flagging, censoring, etc? This is just yet another example of a rather lame Li-algorithm. If you go online and google such events, you’ll see a zillion of them (including paid subscriptions) all over the virtual place. Sometimes the problem is solved within a few days, sometimes not. It’s like roulette. As soon as it’s rien ne va plus, your fate depends on dark forces lurking in the background to get you, hehe. What baffles me is, that there still are people, like you for instance, who get so mad about this.

    Um……..and here I thought you loved Anonymous 😉

    1. Yes, I notice there are people who can’t wait to get back in…I am not like that.. I am annoyed that I was not consulted beforehand. They made my point about discrimination.

      Furthermore, is that ANYWAY to run a business?… Such activities produce stress in the workforce; stress kills and is the leading cause of disability.

      Yes, I do not like to be treated as a child for service already paid.

      So You are jealous of Anonymous. hehehe……so which one are you pretending to be?

      1. Remember your friend Chip? Didn’t he teach you that Li couldn’t care less if you get annoyed and fed up by their way of doing business?

        I’ll let you in on a secret: Services like Li are based on mainstream “philosophies”, fostering the established protocols, norms and values of society. To safeguard the support of the worshippers of same, they made available a tool to let them anonymously complain about people who are trying to rock the boat. It’s the easiest way to keep things as they are, to satisfy the “majority”, and to get rid of, or tame, “revolutionaries” like yourself.

        Um……the way you jump to conclusions is hilarious, babe.

        1. Well since I am a minority I do not belong there as LI is a group of majority. If LI keeps this up another group will take its place.

          Actually, I like google+ seems everyone is privileged to be obnoxious unlike LI where only the majority can be obnoxious.

          It is more frustrating for me to stay than to leave. I desire a life of inner peace with my children and hopefully a man ….someday.

          Btw, I am always pleased to amuse…

          1. “Btw, I am always pleased to amuse…” No you are NOT!

            You know what’s really amusing? To beat assholes with their own weapons. You should try it sometime.

            Um…..I see you like quotes. So here’s another one for you to add to your collection: Considering yourself a minority is surrendering to the non-existing views, norms and values of an artificially created majority. (Roald Michel)

            1. Simply speaking the language of the majority to communicate points. I noticed certain words turn me on and certain words turn me off…the feeling of superiority turns white culture on…. and
              As an entrepreneurial activist, I call this strategy.

              In addition, I am not sure what term feels right… I like the term Black minority besides being strategic its sarcasm with inside humor. 😀

            2. Your strategy, as you call it, sucks big time, oh entrepreneurial activist of the Black minority.

              Oh, and to help you to end your dream (nightmare?), there is no such thing as “white culture”. Nor a “black one”, hehe.

            3. Let me get this right. Black minority is succumbing by accepting my labelled place. And there is no white privileged culture. Is that why very little media coverage on corrupt judges and police brutality.

              I love Charlotte, NC. The diversity feels as if I am at home. I could live there…..I like southern hospitality.

  3. Angela, believe it or not I just spent three hours working on a comment here. I’m not kidding. Just as I was about to click Post Comment, it disappeared!!!
    Right now, it’s all I can do not to hurl this laptop right out the window. And I hope a truck just happens to be passing by.

    I do need to let you know that I’m thinking of you, and that I think your end-run around Harvard was brilliant. There is absolutely nothing universities hate more than the kind of publicity you succeeded in achieving – timed perfectly, while protecting yourself from the risks they used to silence you. They will be sweating and answering questions for quite some time.

    Well done, Dr. Grant!

    I also wrote (well I rewrote and cut constantly, so it wasn’t the epic that “three hours” implies) to thank you for your courage in sharing this story. I also explained why I think allowing Harvard (It sure sounds like Harvard) to get you off Linked In is a big mistake. Nothing will thrill Harvard (or whomever is responsible) more than your disappearance from LI, which will cut the potential range of your voice in half. You will need LI in any career transition and will find it a big problem to break into journalism without it. Finally, stuff like that happens on LinkedIn every day and LI really doesn’t know or care who’s right or wrong. It just cares about its insurance policy and practically flips a coin.I think of it as one huge app – it isn’t even people. Just fuck LI and use it as the tool it is: a presentation of a public face that you have reasons to preserve for your own interests. I think most of us are stuck with it, but can use it sparingly, There are other places for our real lives!

    Take good care,


    PS You might want to be a bit careful- everything that was legally protected information before your post is now public information

    1. Claire,…i think you are right about LI. Still it is no way to run a business. But I can’t argue with using it as tool. 😀

      Thank you for caring. You also MBA.


  4. Hi Yall. Yo’re all Black/white albino. Long time proved. I am also kicked off Linkedin by a stalker, today. Linkedin does seem a bit dodgy – did you get account back Angela/ what was the outcome – as for RM – a very strange, and very bad guy.

  5. But but but Angela, you know like they said, “it is not OK to use LinkedIn’s services to” call somebody a white person or call them out for their obvious racism. It offends the sensitivities of white folks, and LinkedIn just can’t have that! lmao
    On second though LinkedIn is just a useless site anyway which serves no purpose as far as I can tell. I had one for a month I think because I was trying to get a job and was informed that the site would be helpful. But the signup process was so long and boring and I never even bothered to fill out all my info or add a pic because I couldn’t stand being on the site for more than 2 minutes. I went ahead and just deleted it.

  6. We gave up with them, and wrote our own article about it instead. Not going to use this comment to link spam it though 😉

    Suffice to say, we are presently looking forward to LinkedIn going out of business and the wailing and teeth gnashing of its members when they realise their precious profiles are lost for ever.

  7. I have the same I have no idea what is going on I asked LinkedIn I get no response. After 2 days of trying to get an answer, my account is still restricted. I lost numerous important contacts, and loads of content I made. On top of that I have groups on LinkedIn they suddenly disappeared, and now I get emails from countless people asking why my account is gone and where my groups have gone.

    This happened after a weekend of inactivity so I’m sure I have nothing to do with it…

    But LinkedIn does not respond.

    I had a premium account, and it is high restricted now. Are they trying to lose customers?

    1. Who knows what happened? But I can tell you LI has some vindictive idiots manning the controls.

      In my case, I went on Twitter and tweeted to Reid Hoffman. Within hours my account was back on line and accessible but there was a glitch. The incident soured my enthusiasm for LinkedIn.

      Was your account hacked?

  8. Country of Residence: Other

    Please explain why you believe that the account restriction is in error.: I got this mail from one of my Section 21 members, who tried to complain on my behalf:

    This seems like someone made a request or bribed to take down the Section 21, this ridiculous accusations about Pornographic content that’s obviously insane and obviously fake accusation.

    I’m really sorry i have no idea what to do about this other than contacting customer support and now it’s useless too.

    i’have seen this type of responses when they need to ignore the issue, mainly start from the same first time response just like that one at some point to exhaust and make us give up.

    Do you have any additional information to add?: Pornographic content?!
    I post things like Ronald Reagan!
    I’m a Christian a anti-communist with good old American values, you people are worse than JUDAS!

    Who payed you people to do this? I will not rest until the last stone is turned!
    Why are you trying to destroy anti-communist network Section 21? No patriot would ever do that! WE DESERVE YOU FULL AND UNDIVIDED SUPPORT!

    1. Doesn’t it feel like the Twlight Zone dealing with LI support. If you tweet your problem to their Twitter support @LinkedInHelp and include the LI hashtag plus #customersupport and #customerexperience you are more likely to get a response as well as the problem resolved. Public scrutiny seems to knock some sense of responsibility into their customer support.

    2. Btw, you should not have to go through such drama to get customer support but I have found it to be the fastest way to get problems resolved without the passive aggressive bullshit.

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