2 thoughts on “American Slaughterhouse

    1. Hi Claire, This is a powerful post…when you regain your standing please change journalism so real news is covered.

      What amazes me is how compartmentalized our thinking became.

      Today, my son and I were out … saw a group setting up for a rally so I stopped to ask the cause. Was told about recent murders of Palestinian including children…., the group hoped to raise awareness….to tell their story about atrocities in the middle east.

      I could have said this is America we have our own problems, essentially minimize their cause, devalue their voices…instead I actively listened then replied I understood and wished them well.

      I did nothing but noted the smiles because I stopped and listened. As tumultous as life gets….I plan to make time for people in need of help…….because others helped me. Without their trust and confidence in me, I would not be here…some were absolute strangers who I never thanked.

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