LinkedIn and Some Blocked Members Responses To Police Brutality and Racism

Linked is a business social media site. Shortly after publishing a post about police brutality and Affluenza, I was locked out of MY linkedIn account without the courtesy or professionalism I came to expect from businesses with top notch customer relation management.

Without explanation LinkedIn prevented access to my emails, contact lists and notes. Two to three emails later in which I requested access to my account I received the email below. That email remains the only response from LI.

Over the last year, I went from 30 to over 2000 connections on LinkedIn. Apparently, my profile is still very active only change is: it is no longer my profile is LinkedIn impersonation of my profile.

In addition, people previously blocked from contact now have carte Blanche access to my profile and I do not.

Let us listen to their conversation about police brutality, violence and terrorist activities against black people. This could be a real learning experience.

First, the three white males are responding to following image : Don’t shoot! I want to grow up.


BTW, their  responses are vanilla cloned for those recipients of white privilege–coded responses,  effective labeling and control of cognitive dissonance among privileged white males.

doug arnoldt
Doug Arnoldt ( LION 2,700+ ) commented on your photo:

“Indeed that is so very true , but killing there own , little kids , same color , etc. drive by shootings, guns , gangs, dumbass’s ! The little ones die for the idiot’s that wanna be tough ass holes ! It makes no fricken sense to me ! How can it to anyone else ! They are killing each other is that racism ???? Nope that is fricken Stupidty !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “



Me:  Did he miss the point as do many of his kind?  But note how he feigns concern only to label and insult black children.

Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia


Robert Gracia commented on your photo:

“You would be right Mr. Pinder, the 90% you are referring to are by definition criminals which are classified as such not for their race but rather because they think the laws do not apply to them and there for refuse to follow them. Once again the issue is not about race or guns but about people making excuses and pointing fingers rather then taking responsibility and being productive members of our society”

Me:  I blocked this member from contact. Frankly, I do not like him….he scares me. I would only meet him armed and with bodyguards.  However, LinkedIn, a business social media site is unconcerned about my safety or my individual rights guaranteed under our constitutional republic. LinkedIn is no model for business…it is everything that makes the workplace frustrating, stressful and DANGEROUS!

Me:   This white male has no clue, and I am scared of him. LinkedIn endangered my life as I blocked this person who still stalks.

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams


Jonathan Williams commented on your photo:

“Wow, yeah let’s fight racism with racism. Makes sense. Be the change you wish to see. Funny no matter how educated someone can be, they are still as ignorant as can be. “


Me  A racist can never see any farther than his nose.


Doug Arnoldt
Doug Arnoldt


Doug Arnoldt ( LION 2,700+ ) commented on your photo:

“Considering the homicides in African American Areas ! Who should start first ??”

Me:   Stats are manipulated….I no longer trust any data if it goes against common sense and my observations. Most black people in jails are innocent and as videos keep coming in we get confirmation that this should be investigated further.


This  image with a brief caption generated the above comments from  three LinkedIN  members, one of which I blocked from all contact. Why was he able to contact me?   IMO, these men have no compassion or empathy for people of color,    similiar mindset to abusive police and correctional officers, corrupt judges, prosecutors and public defenders.    These are dangerous people.  And these are the comments LinkedIn sent me.  There are more comments but I can’t see them.


 Claude Boulet

Claude Boulet commented on your photo:

“PLEASE SHOUT, we want all of our children to grow up. I am 100% with you on this Angela. Dogma is a word that comes too mind. Really its time for people to admit the hidden truths, that is the best education and cure. I think the requirement for turn around is too minimize crime itself or a certain type of crime. The law is tainted by race or region, but really how can it be changed? I want to walk with a feeling of security too just like you.”


Me:   Claude Boulet gets it!


Several questions for LinkedIn as this post will form the basis of my official complaint to the appropriate authorities–who will do absolutely nothing.

1. Why did LinkedIn lock my account without warning or explanation?  I suspect a complaint originated from the first three fellows.

2. Does LinkedIn not feel an obligation to honor one’s privacy, especially when I blocked ALL contact with Robert Garcia.
Why are stalkers allowed access to my profile? And why did I receive emails from a male I fear?

As I do not have access to my profile I cannot say with certainly that all three were blocked;  now that LinkedIn hacked my account I will never know.

3. Their remarks are offensive and insulting to people of color.  I am deeply offended.   However, Linked-In allowed someone I fear to continually make offensive comments and terrify me.    Why was I blocked for offensive comments and they were not? Old boys network??? And no concern for my safety from Linked-In.

4. Why hasn’t anyone complained about their offensive remarks? Perhaps those who complained were ignored by Linked-In as I was. I believe LinkedIn and  Donald Sperling are one of a kind.

5.  If LinkedIn wants my business I expect respect and customer service. I do not care if LinkedIn does this to others, it still does not make it right or good business.

6.  Why does  LinkedIn not value my business?


Linked-In Response. — others have access to my profile, people I blocked from viewing my profile or communication contact because of stalking concerns. I wonder are those fellows the ones who complained and what is their relationship with Linked-in

Gmail – Account High Restricted [Incident_ 140630-009702]


Subject: Account High Restricted [140630-009702]


LinkedIn Response (07/01/2014 02:15 CST)
Hi Angela,
We’ve recently received a complaint about some inappropriate content you’ve posted on LinkedIn. Posting content that is meant to harass or abuse another person is in violation of LinkedIn’s Professional Community Guidelines
Further, it is not OK to use LinkedIn’s services to threaten violence or property damage, or for hate speech acts, such as attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition.
Your LinkedIn account has been suspended, pending your response stating that you’ll adhere to LinkedIn policies from this day forward.
LinkedIn Trust & Safety
Member (06/30/2014 13:14 CST)
Why has my account been restricted? What is going on?
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Please Stand Your Ground: Get Armed!

This is the LI post that resulted in a locked account without warning. How inconvenient to not have access to one’s business contacts? I suggest LI users look elsewhere for reliable service. An anonymous idiot could be justification for LI to lock your account and read your emails. Is that okay with YOU?


Please Stand Your Ground: Get Armed!


BTW, prostitution seems to be an acceptable business on LI….maybe Linkedin should investigate further. No I think they like that business.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

8 thoughts on “LinkedIn and Some Blocked Members Responses To Police Brutality and Racism

      1. Can’t you just say, “Fuck them all”, while projecting those little lame minions to the background of your horizon, laugh at them in their new found prison, throw away the key, and forget they ever existed?

  1. So did I. I agree with Claire. Let’s try everyone. At this point Angela. You have 29 comments on LI with this page. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Claude, Thank you so much for your support. And thank you for the update. Are you referring to comments on this post or the image.

    Interesting..LinkedIn has control of my profile. They are now fully in control of Angela RM Crane, MD profile. I can’t comment on my profile or make changes. LinkedIn has no right to my identity.

    LinkedIn still has not unfrozen my account or offered suitable options. I have done nothing wrong and will not sign off on a guilt. LinkedIn seems to be setting me up for future confrontation with the law.

    Stealing my identity is psychologically traumatic. LinkedIn stole my identity, and now uses it to attract more members to its site. Is that legal? Does it matter?
    On my behalf, Did LinkedIn send invitations to connect to members I blocked out of concern for personal safety?

    Isn’t identity theft is a crime?

    Clearly, My profile is valued by LinkedIn– not me but that doesn’t mean LinkedIn owns my profile or my identity.

    In addition, LinkedIn does not want me to erase my profile and break over 23 million 1-3 degree connections from my over 2000 first degree connections. I do not want to do that either, but I will if forced.

    I thank those members who continue to endorse my many skills. 🙂

    How long can LinkedIn continue to impersonate me or steal my identity. And what about my pre-paid membership that I no longer have access to???

    How can this problem be resolved without customer service? Should I walk away and give my identity and profile to LinkedIn to abuse as they have over the last week?

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