Videos of American Justice: Part 3 | CA Police Pummelled A Confused Shoeless Women Senseless

White California Highway Patrol Officer attacks and pummelled a black woman in the face

VIDEO – California Highway Patrol Officer Beating Woman in the Head on Side of Road



Tuesday, July 1, 2014, California Highway Patrol officer sits on top of a woman,  punches her in the face allegedly at least 11 times–no clear reason– then she is arrested.

Witnesses were stunned  by this display of violence against a middle-aged black woman.   Another  brazen  display of white power and privilege by police officers.

These videos show a pattern of abuse and the same narrative repeatedly and successfully used by white police officers to continue their violence against black people.

In addition,  these videos suggests those imprisoned are innocent victims.

Three question:

1.  Are police departments hiring members of the klu klux klan?

2.  What action has the United States government taken to protect its citizens against terror by police officers?

3.  What is the name of the CHP  officer?



6 thoughts on “Videos of American Justice: Part 3 | CA Police Pummelled A Confused Shoeless Women Senseless

  1. That video is horrifying! It’s scary the things we see with technology these days that were largely hidden before, but I am so glad that technology is in some ways bridging the gap of accountability and showing people the truth even if technology is sometimes detrimental in other ways.

      1. Now you’re getting somewhere! And thus…….training etc won’t make a difference!

        Um…….I explained this to you many times already, but you failed to listen, hehe.

  2. And people ask us why we moved from California. It isn’t the first time, and sadly, it won’t be the last. It is a pressure cooker living in SoCal, and it is a PTSD producing job to be in law enforcement there to be sure,but there is no excuse for this. NONE.

    1. Hi Lynda,

      Absolutely no excuse!!! When I worked in the ER we did not have guns to shoot belligerent, combative patients spitting and throwing punches while we attempted to start IV’s and get blood to figure out the reason for their aggressive behaviors. WE did not ASSume or pre-judge.. And Somehow we found ways to get the job done without violence or escalation.

      I visited Charlotte, NC last weekend and was amazed at the diversity and the hospitality. Service was great from all races. No strange looks and people looked into my eyes as they spoke to me. Wow, ,,,the food was great. I felt at home…To think all these years I feared the south then again N.C. is like the bridge between the north and south. My short stay in Charlotte had The amenities without the harsh realities of arrogance and hypocrisy of the North.

      Good to see you stop by….this is getting worse.

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