Please Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Wholesale Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!

Israel commits genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN and US turn blind eyes. And why not when the United States slaughters black males, children and the mentally ill for profit, sex and experimentation. The enforcers of these atrocities the United States government.

In the United States, genocide and crimes against humanity are condoned, encouraged and rewarded.

Why would the United States care about Palestinians when the it doesn’t give a sh*t about its own citizens?

United States Hypocrisy



10513459_1444534255807899_5053076136496287146_nThe videos you are about to see are incredibly sickening and disturbing to watch. They should NOT be viewed in the presence of small children. I URGE YOU NOT TO LOOK AWAY, for as difficult as it might be for you to watch it, it pales in comparison to the 1.8 million people who are living through this hell in Gaza at the very moment. It is the American tax payers who have been footing the bills for this illegal occupation, along with the slaughtering of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants that goes along with it. Every single member of the U.S. Senate and House voted to continue shelling out at least $3 billion…

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Author: Angela Grant

I am a first generation Jamaican immigrant whose experiences and accomplishments were made possible by the courage, sacrifices and the heroic acts of many whose bodies have rotted away in unmarked graves. Those are my heroes. Their sacrifices and death paved the way for my children and I. Failure to Listen is a token of my eternal gratitude. Failure to Listen is a tribute those generations of unmarked graves occupied by people of all races whose ultimate sacrifice of life opened the door for me and others, THANK YOU. Failure to Listen uses cultural lenses to appreciate and understand the relationships between current events and our values, beliefs and attitudes. Culture is everything without it we are nothing. Failure to Listen will take you on a journey to recognize the beauty of our differences as the seeds to creativity, innovation and resolving disparities. By sharing my personal and professional experiences, I hope to do justice to the perspectives of those who are rarely heard or listened to. This site is not to incite anger but rather to provoke thought. It is my hope that Failure to Listen will work to foster intergroup dialogues and motivate readers to step outside the box and get to know ALL PEOPLE. In the spirit of Martin Luther King, let's join hands and remember his famous speech about a dream... A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

277 thoughts on “Please Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Wholesale Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!”

  1. .”now let me groom myself a bit under the touch of that fine gentle breeze to get these fucking human fleas out of my manly fur…….grrrrr!**”

    MBA, what are fleas doing in your “manly fur”? How will you get rid of them? LOL

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        1. hehehehe lol… me neither and have no intention to be! 😀 But I must say I gained a HUGE victory today–under gag so cannot say much more but one HUGE fish was caught in the net in the wrong… So 2 down and 2 more to go but these 2 already provide enough for legal action. I am dancing in the “sun” albeit I wish it were rain… lol

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            1. I have not talked to him since Angela… I see he keeps on posting to LinkedIn but he is a group all to himself and no one is joining. He is moody and also talks “down” to people in general, which was tolerable to some level by me but I think it has grown a bit too arrogant. At the beginning he allowed room for others to be whoever they were but he changed at some point to be “the best thing man has ever known” and at that point there may not be a return (for me at least).. not sure about you. You do of course as you wish.

              I have enough on my plate already. I enrolled at as a scientist and am also helping people there. I get a lot more satisfaction out of helping people in need of knowledge than a philosophical fight with Roald.

              I am also quite a bit concerned about ISIS and the terrible things they do. I think WWIII is going to happen in our lifetime unfortunately! 😦

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                1. He is talking to me in his group? I have not visited just getting the emails that he is posting… he can always “really” talk to me if he wished… I am not very good at reading between the lines if you know what I mean when it comes to apologizing for inappropriate language… I prefer to face the person. But that is just me. 😀


  2. “So I want to treat you differently because I think you are worth way more than what you give yourself credit for. I will take the beating when you are not prepared. 🙂 I am fine with that.”

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you, that is very sweet, I don’t usually have too many people who come to my defence….come to think about it I am usually pounded for my opinions as is the case for most-strong women. 😀

    And you are correct I do hate to get into the ring and put on the boxing gloves.

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    1. Yes Angela, I too used to take the beating more often than not but I have come to accept that and I no longer care who likes it or doesn’t like it. I used to care but that always hurt me at the end… I got smarter and I no longer care.. and now I no longer get hurt. It is counter intuitive since “assertive” women are called a bitch… But I call myself a bitch up front and then I just become assertive in the eye of others. 🙂

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  3. I have to add to all of this Angela that this is an awesome conversation!!! We need to arrange for a meeting–say in Aruba?–with our buddy here and have a few drinks with funky hats on and discuss knitting or bowling or chase birds… I think it may be relaxing and I swear to not run away! ❤

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    1. It is an awesome conversation. We went from the Palestinian Israeli conflict in Gaza to children to war/ terrorism to cultures and everything in between. And we disagreed, ranted and raved. This thread is a model for discussing thorny issues.

      That would be nice to meet in Aruba….I love funky hats and exotic drinks. With a ratio of 9 men to one woman it may become home. hehehe

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  4. Two things for your blog, dearest:

    1) Finally an article regarding the ongoing turmoil I can relate to.

    2) Huh? How come THIS is not breaking front page/prime time news? And what about those children, eh? Only 50,000? No media frenzy in this case? Oh my!

    Oh and here is a third one for y’all. This time from the Institute for Palestine Studies. It’s about the famous Gaza tunnels. Come, since y’all lack some crucial info about issues like this, but think y’all know it all, don’t miss this opportunity and educate yourselves a bit.

    And because it’s such a lengthy one, y’all are so extremely busy with other important stuff, and children are so often placed in the limelight of this thread, here’s a little part of the article where the little rascals are mentioned as well:

    “During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies. At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials.”

    Whaaaaaat?! And this never reached the news? Tsss……Tsskkkk!

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    1. I agree with NY times article (first one). Did you read it? I expected both you and Angela would disagree.

      The second article is sad and dire in South Sudan.

      For some reason I thought about the Godfather, perhaps the contrast between Michael(youngest) and his father. Then again times were different. I think killing his brother revealed Michael’s hidden dark side..

      The same dark cruelties occur in prolonged wars where generations of children witness, suffer losses and incur severe disabilities. The overlay of mental illness on family dynamics is underappreciated along with fears. Children are particularly susceptible that is why ALL children are targets of abuse even in war on both sides.

      Most African countries especially Nigeria are corrupt. Foreign Aide flows without hindrance into senior gov’t officials’ pockets with only pittance going to sustainable infrastructures.

      Our evidence-based procedures are predictable and easily gamed.

      IMO the strategy of using predictable patterns works and, allow senior gov’t officials to dicker around bickering while their people die of treatable diseases.

      And the third link led nowhere.

      MBA, Thank You. I appreciated the articles. I missed your regular contributions. Last night, I read an old post with a few comments that made me laugh uncontrollably. We should go on the road. hehehe

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      1. I totally agree to Angela’s comment on corruption of the governments–all government, including the US but some of the governments, such as African and Asian and Russian of course, are worse than most. How does the world help hungry children when the aid doesn’t get them? Do we bring the children out and feed them here? Then we have wht we now have from South America where parents send they babies over without any parental supervision just so the kids can survive but yes, they are all abused already and will suffer its consequences for the rest of their lives. I do not see a solution. The climate change is everywhere–it doesn’t matter if it is nature caused or human caused because the outcome is the same: the earth gives us no food because it changed its weather for whatever reason.

        I can see this on a very small scale obviously in my yard; I can see this on a bit more enlarged scale in the supermarkets where fresh food is only fresh for 1 hour and then it starts to rot. It is the marker that our earth is sick and we care nothing about that. Without a healthy earth, we will have sick earth and everything on it will also be sick and dying. The priorities are messed up.

        From a purely scientific and non-compassionate view: put 1 bacterium in a Petri dish and watch it multiply until its own toxins will kill it all. Humans are not bacteria of course but we multiply beyond the capability of the Petri dish called Earth… the consequences are the same as for the bacteria in the Petri dish. Why do we not see this? I guess we don;t because we have compassion and believe that “all we need is love” but the Beatles lied… it just rhymed and sounded good. It means nothing for like.

        I cannot comment on the Israeli article since I am really not a political animal and I only picked up on the CNN news the other days because the US Constitution was broken.

        I understand that the Jewish people were placed into a territory to have their own nation and thus the Palestinians had to give up “their” land. But if I recall correctly from history and some readings, “that” land originally also belonged to the people of Jewish Faith only they were kicked out of there before. So who does that land belong to today? Earth.. that we know for sure. The rest I cannot answer without bias so I will not address much, only say this.

        In watching the news today where the UN moved into Gaza to inspect the peace, they have discovered many rockets and weapons in schools, near hospitals, etc. I am not a military man but if I get fired at from rocket X, and if I have the technology to destroy rocket X, I will. Its location to me is irrelevant. Hamas knows this, hence they place them in places where I will cause the most human damage so they can blame me.

        To Hamas it is “human shield” in which they protect their weapons because they know that the only way to destroy the weapons is by also killing innocent people, which then makes the Israeli army look bad. I cannot help but be biased so I stay out of the political side of the discussion and only try to point out the emotional differences: Hamas’ purpose it to kill; Israel’s purpose is to protect. The outcome maybe the same on the short run. On the long run–if it can go on for the long run–the purpose would change. Only few see the purpose from the immediate action. It is like a toothache from needing a root-canal. We know we must endure the pain of the root canal yet we still blame to painful tooth even though we know that teeth don’t hurt. Food for thought…


        1. You know Angela, I think it is a combination of factors and at the core is culture; look at the history. When you believe angels have no choice and always do the will of God while the devil,was the only angel to exercise free choice….I think you can preach anything hence the reason for so many factions, sects, and followers.



      2. “Did you read it?” Asking me that question makes me think that you must be one who posts links to articles without reading them first. I’m not like that. Furthermore, that you expected me to disagree with it, shows me that the picture you have from me is more based on your own thoughts and a desire to make it fit into your world, than on my contributions to your blog and the chats we had.

        The second link was just my way of ridiculing the current uproar among the masses triggered by the same news outlets they normally criticize to no end and help to boost the ratings of same nevertheless. Soon these masses will fall asleep again, to be awakened later on to again spit their lame and ignorant venom and creepy righteousness related to yet another case brought to them. These people accuse others of hidden agendas, of atrocities, and lies, while all they do themselves is venting their frustration with the “world” because the “world” did them wrong and because for having failed in their own miserable life. I can’t take them seriously, and can only hope they will rot in hell someday. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the children in Gaza, the current casualties in Armenia and Azerbaijan, the danger the people of Bagdad are in now IS caught a major dam, etc. Fuck all these appalling upset ones!

        The third one is one of the few which I consider is based on facts and not propaganda. The part I took from it (deliberately letting 160 Gaza children die while doing hard labor for Hamas’ “cause”) was to directly show the hypocrisy of Hamas as well as (again) the ignorance of those who constantly are spreading their “wisdom” about the conflict.


        1. ” shows me that the picture you have from me is more based on your own thoughts and a desire to make it fit into your world, than on my contributions to your blog and the chats we had.”

          Did I hurt your feelings?

          Of course, I knew you read the article. Hmmm….that tells me you think I am dumb despite all our intelligent conversations. Well! 😀


          1. Angela, I don’t think Roald is (or can be) hurt. Pissed maybe but not hurt. His world is very different from ours and thus the glasses through which he sees the world is different. And that’s OK. There is nothing you (or I) can do to convince him that he does not see what we see and so his judgments is based on what he sees and not what we see. This argument is circular and also refers to the Gaza/Israeli issues. Sometimes people are just so different that they cannot see the point of the other! And that’s OK.. The world is made of different opinions; otherwise it would be a very boring place. The problem is when one tries to force the other into seeing the world the same way or by one trying to make the other feel stupid for not seeing the world the same way.. hence the statement of another stupid question… Differences of opinions are great but getting personal is not. It is just simply against my personal preference and don’t like it when such is present on your blog for stranger (particularly your stalkers) reading that. But this is just my take.

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            1. People do this all the time when some unexpected friction or disagreement pops up, get irritated by same, and can’t stand that their views are not shared by those they expected to share them, namely, telling, if not accusing, belittling, and lecturing, the other party: “You totally missed the point.” No matter what this other party does at that time, they stubbornly stick to the belief that he/she didn’t understand crap and missed their point completely, even when the other party tells them they don’t give rat’s ass about the point in question. I think this is some kind of safety valve, some kind of protection, helplessness, as well as a tool to safe face. Oh, and another funny thing is that they, like you did just now Angela of the West, often try to find and come up with an “explanation” why the other party couldn’t catch their point.

              Here’s one fine gentleman reporter who thought he had a point as well, and thus made it his quest to make others understand his point too. His point in question was that Israel was doing bad things against the Gazans, and boy would he show the world that he was right. So, among other things, he began broadcasting from the strip. And while he was busy doing so…………….hahahahaha.

              And here’s the follow up to that event. Lmfao! Point taken?

              Hmmm, maybe all this was (again) not to the point, ladies? Well, if that would be the case in the eyes of the beholders, I trust at least you enjoyed the cruel change of heart imposed on the shocked reporter. 😀

              Now get that Constitution of yours in order and working, dammit. Um, not that I found it a great one, eh? But since you “have” to live under American politics…………


              1. Roald I do live under the American constitution by choice and do not take it lightly when it is challenged by outsiders since the constitution means nothing to them but everything to us; it is ours, it represents us. I would never have cared much about the fight in Gaza and Israel since I go out of my way to not watch the news… It was totally by accident that the program reflected upon the misuse of the constitution and hence I got involved with that.

                We all have our opinions and believe it or not your opinions are not any better than ours.

                And I certainly do not think it is gentlemanly to tell a woman that her questions was dumb.

                I think you are crossing a line and I am not sure I like that. You have not crossed East Coast Angela’s line based on her response but the West Coast one has less tolerance perhaps for needless and useless personal attacks based on opinions that are subjective. If you say she is dumb for saying that 2+2 = 5 and indeed it is the wrong answer, it is still wrong to call her–or anyone–dumb; it is not constructive and hurtful. There is no need for that and particularly not with people you find interesting enough or important enough to have a conversation with.

                I may think you are dumb but I will not tell you that out of being kind. I also find many of your statements downright wrong but I usually let it go because it does not matter. Like on Harris; I personally find you totally wrong but again, it is subjective, so I am not fighting you. You think what you think and I think what I think and that is fine. But personal attacks show disrespect plus weakness and lack of other subjects to attack. I do not let that go.


                  • When the wind blows, some run outside, screaming, “hurricane!” Others relax on the porch, whispering, “ah, nice breeze”. You call it attack, I call it tease. And yes………it’s all subjective. So what? Is objective (whatever subjective meaning is attached to it) that great?

                  • Reading back this conversation I think making it personally came from you. Again, ad hominem as it is called by some people ,I don’t care much about because to me everything is personal.

                  • Re dumb: East Coast Angela: “Hmmm….that tells me you think I am dumb despite all our intelligent conversations. Well! :D”. Aruba Ro: “Oh, by Allah and his prophet’s lame legacy, another dumb question?” Guess if I would have added 😀 you would have get that one as it was intended to get.

                  • I could address other parts of your personal attack on me, but I won’t, as I’m way too kind for that. Oh, and before I forget this time…. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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                  1. The only thing personal Roald I ever said was that you see a different point of view.

                    I never said you were dumb even though I may consider you as such even if I add 🙂 which is irrelevant but cute. Your “strength” is in “overpower” by strong statements (I see the silver-back drumming his chest), many of which have little meaning and we all know the convention: “When the wind blows, some run outside, screaming, “hurricane!” Others relax on the porch, whispering, “ah, nice breeze”. You call it attack, I call it tease…”

                    For your information, if someone calls it an attack and you a breeze it will not make you 1) right and 2) give you the right to demean the other.

                    And yes, when the subject is objective (can be said “you are wrong” and prove it) versus subjective (this is how I feel, how do you?) makes a huge difference in whether it strengthens an argument or weakens it, respectively. Your two videos that came after the “comment” were much more meaningful than you calling Angela dumb. It was rude and out of context. I am standing up for her because she is too kind to swallow you whole but I am not! You are talking to people here, emotional women to be precise, and you are not in the boys’ club. Please adjust your language accordingly since Angela’s blog here has a function and purpose that is definitely not to be called dumb. Be considerate.


                    1. To paraphrase you: Again you are totally missing the point Angela! Please read it again..

                      Proof? You mean evidence? Yes? Well, maybe it could have some value within a certain context, and especially in what is called science. It’s highly overrated though. But it’s a nice tool to mislead people, and make them belief what’s presented to them by the gurus of objectivity, is the truth and nothing but the truth. Your friend Harris is a champion in that. I on the other hand look at science/proof/evidence for what it is: One of the ways I can approach “the world”. And more importantly, taking care it (science, objectivity, proof) doesn’t overwhelm and bury all my other possibilities to understand and enjoy life. And I certainly resist the trend that what is not accepted as proof by the acolytes of the church of Science and/or the worshippers of Deity Objectivity, is inferior, not true, or subjective.

                      As for the rest of your lecture: Please refrain from projecting your own personality traits onto me.

                      ** Gorilla-Ro talking to himself now: Grrrrr…… let me groom myself a bit under the touch of that fine gentle breeze to get these fucking human fleas out of my manly fur…….grrrrr!**


                    2. Lol Angela; I think you are right. That is why I came to your defense. You are also not accustomed to verbally stand up to meet the challenge on the same level as the one comes your way. I also feel responsible to protect a friend who has different and softer style than I have, for whatever reason. I do believe that you “let it go” as you do in general because you fell less than others by the way you are treated. So I want to treat you differently because I think you are worth way more than what you give yourself credit for. I will take the beating when you are not prepared. 🙂 I am fine with that.

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  5. Thank You Caleb for a brilliant article that stimulated more discussion than police brutality and racial profiling both killing Americans now denied a race based on this discussion….

    We learned race is non-existent as there is no such thing as race and that we are all the same ….Palestinians and Jews….so why are they fighting if they are the SAME?

    If I am not black what am I? Brown so does that make me better than black or does that confuse me, dividing communities of color further? I say the latter because I am black and proud to belong to the black race.


    1. Guess I will never understand how a person can be proud of something of which that person had no say in from the beginning. I do understand though that it can lead to in-group/out-group thinking, loss of personal identity/responsibility, discrimination, hate, and fanaticism. From there it’s only a small step to actually going after the ones not considered belonging to the in-group. The rest is history, or hers.

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      1. I do not consider myself above or below anyone. However, I am proud of being black just as you are proud of your accomplishments.

        What about those evening jaunts with friends you enjoy so much? There is a certain camaraderie that too is a culture. It takes a while for a new person to fit the culture of the group, wouldn’t you agree?


        1. Can’t say pride is high on my list. As a matter of fact, pride can go and fuck itself. And besides, your comparison is not correct. As I said, you had no say in the color of your skin, while I had at least something to do with my “accomplishments”. And to make it perfectly clear: I’m not proud of being “White”, a “Jew”, a “Dutchman”, or a “Gypsy”.

          There is no group. We occasionally just sit together, drink, talk, and watch women passing by. Anybody can join us, stranger or not, and there’s no need to “fit in”.

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          1. Totally agree Roald. And Angela if you do not agree to this one, you are missing a very important point: if you are proud of being black that means YOU create a category (label, class, race, whatever you name it) that others do not. You had some complaining about racism and categorization and labels earlier yet you are the only one (among us three here) who uses it and embraces it. I see a crooked picture on the wall here that needs straightening. I think you need to have a chat with your many inner Angelas.


          2. That is the kind of culture I like. Yes I had no say and you had no say in being dutch and white. However, Black evolved to mean an entire host of attributes so the comparison is fair.

            You not feeling that way does not negate the feelings of others

            “Can’t say pride is high on my list. As a matter of fact, pride can go and fuck itself.” I am not talking about just pride.

            You acknowledge the various groups– such as Dutch, Jew, Gypsy and White– so you acknowledge culture. ;D


            1. Excuse my interruption of your and Roald’s chat but you said Angela

              “You acknowledge the various groups– such as Dutch, Jew, Gypsy and White– so you acknowledge culture”

              and what you said is not true.

              There is no such as Jew as culture. Jew is a religion. When will people ever understand that? There are no Jewish people! There are people of the Jewish Faith as there are of Christian Faith and so forth.

              Are you of “Black Faith” and me of “White Faith” or what the heck is this all about?

              Being Dutch is not a culture either.. it is a geographic location. The Dutch people have some culture. It is not Dutch culture… it is not the country that has the culture but the people within that country. The short hand of “American culture” I wrote earlier I hoped you understood was a shorthand else it is meaningless. I am American and I consider whatever culture people have here to be mine–including East Indian, American Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, whatever as long as they are also American citizens or legal residents.

              Collectively the people of America have “a culture” that represents them as Americans. Countries have no cultures, people do. Counties have no religions, people do. And a group of people who carry the Jewish religion are not Jews.. they are people who may be American, Dutch, Israeli, whatever… A Muslim need not be coming from an Arab country either… being of a Muslim faith does not make you a Muslim in your country–in fact there is no country called Muslim or Jew or Christian… it makes you a Muslim in Faith.

              Gosh.. get that right please!

              You are confusing elements of race, religion, culture, geography, and those are all meaningless. There is no race; people have religions and countries do not, culture belong to people, and country simply means geography.


              1. You are confusing elements of race, religion, culture, geography, and those are all meaningless. There is no race;

                Tell the Palestinians and Israelis who fight over land. 😀


            2. You’re just twisting my words again. No problem though, as it probably was done unintentionally. I’m used to that. It seems too hard for many people, including you, to get rid of paradigms they don’t even like themselves.

              You feelings? I would never deny you those! Feel your feelings, babe, feel them hard.

              Um… the meantime, care to join us?

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    2. Do fights between nations only come about as a result of race? What about fights over the centuries for more land, more wealth, more of more… including religion… Race is a concept that is artificially injected here all through and it has absolutely nothing to do with it. A person of Muslim faith will never think of a person of Buddhist faith to be of a different race.. only a different religion. What has race got to do with it? (Twisted Tina Turner) 🙂


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