Please Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Wholesale Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!

Israel commits genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN and US turn blind eyes. And why not when the United States slaughters black males, children and the mentally ill for profit, sex and experimentation. The enforcers of these atrocities the United States government.

In the United States, genocide and crimes against humanity are condoned, encouraged and rewarded.

Why would the United States care about Palestinians when the it doesn’t give a sh*t about its own citizens?


  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

277 thoughts on “Please Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Wholesale Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!

  1. Yes, don’t look away ever! Observe what’s going on, eyes wide open, no warnings whatsoever, and then take action for whatever side you decide to side with, without compromising or leaning back after your evening meal in the cushions of your sofa, looking at yourself with satisfaction for having stand your ground again, and having made your case with words. Come on, let’s go, tough cookies!

    Oh yes, them damned American taxpayers, always on the forefront to support and murder the wrong people, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Chile. El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, and………oh well, enough of that, it’s high time to get rid of those creeps in Congress and the White House, and replace them with true humans who understand what it means to fight for justice and freedom. Yes you people of the land of the free and the home of the brave, get off your lazy asses and finally make sure that your tax money is handed over to Hamas, Hezbollah, IS, Boko Haram, Taliban, and……..oh well, enough of that. Get to it already, dammit! Finally put your money where your mouth is! Oh, and whilst you’re to it, don’t forget to punish those Jews yourselves, eh? Hmmmm, come to think of it…….. why not launch a few rockets yourselves tater tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and the day after? Y’all have plenty of experience doing so, no? Um…… don’t get mad when the favor is returned, eh?

    Question: How proportionate was your answer after 9/11?

      1. We may Angela.. they do not. It is the Palestinians who want to wipe Israel off the map… ask the Palestinians… will ya? The answer you’ll get from them will not be the one you want to hear.

        Chit-chat political discussion over a cup of coffee only works with like-minded people… give me one other participant in the world who is like-minded to Hamas. I will buy them coffee to chit-chat.

          1. Peace is not fighting, to have freedom of thought and action, to be able to reach for an apple and eat it if you want. As long as you have to wear a burka, you cannot eat the apple… This is my addition to peace Angela and Roald.

          2. In short………..

            Personally: Playing a game of chess in Netanya with a Jihadist who came to the same conclusion as I: No religion, no nation, no cause, and no leader, could be reason to leave our game and go into battle.

            On a broader scope: A place without nations, governments, and leaders.

            1. MBA you are needed to stop the atrocities. Please tell Netanyahu to share power with the Palestinians. Be a country respected by its people and neighbors and not feared by them.

              As this war continues with more casualties, Israel will lose support as is happening and trickling to the United States.

              Strategically I think the United States should become Dutch and neutral.

            2. lol… joining you… but we cannot land in Israel… let’s meet in Paris.. all of us: Israel and Palestine will be glad to join us for a cup a…

            3. Then do so and end this war. Remember, one state shared by both………are you stuck on dogma or is dogma stuck on you? 😀

            4. I think Roald is not stuck on anything but is trying to point reality out to you. Emotions in a world of Allah will get you nowhere… killed perhaps…

            5. Angela, please tell the Palestinians to share power with the Israelis. Netanyahu is very happy to share and had agreed to a sharing many years ago.. guess who fired first all the time.. you got your directions wrong. And let Israel be a country respected by its people and neighbors and not feared by them…. see what I mean? Who exactly is fighting who and why? Read up on the history a bit Angela.. you got this backwards…

    1. Bravo Roald!!! Took the words right out of my mouth. I must add more to your story to Angela and to those who read it under a calmer voice–somewhat calmer…

      Angela: Hamas is placing rockets on tanks into classrooms of children and shoots to Israel from there. Why is Israel the evil? Israel does not use its children and it population as weapon storage and the front! Why is it that we Americans only see the suffering Palestinians and not that they make themselves to be the sufferers? If Hamas had guts–which it obviously has none–it would put its military weapons into areas of no people so the fight could be justified as an honest one.

      I personally have enough of their sneaky tactics of setting up their own people to die and when they do, they blame the Israelis who had no choice but to defend themselves.

      If you always take the side of those who are the underdogs, then I suppose you are blaming Malaysian flight 17 for flying over Ukraine and not the militants who shut it down? If you do that, then you are consistent. Otherwise your response is very confused and you clearly do not see (or have not seen or understood) how Hamas fights. There is no support, excuse, or even any explanation to rockets in a classroom! None! Ever!

      1. For the Malaysian flight 17, I blame Russia…the militants are Russian government-sponsored. Where is Mr Snowden residing? Mr Putin must know we are incapable of fighting another war without massive casualties.

        Angela and MBA, I get what you say about Hamas, a terrorist group, and the horrific things done….by BOTH sides.

        I do not think Hamas represents the Palestinian people; however, they have closer ties thanks to Israel. Who are the Palestinian people now? Kids….Israel is at war with kids, and Israel is kicking butt.

        One in 3 Palestinians (in that area) is less than 15 years old may explain why the casualties are mostly children.

        Moreover, Palestinians fight with stones in contrast to Israel’s wealth, technology and sophisticated weaponry. How fair is it that Israel is given aid and weapons to use against Palestinian children?

        Yes, their tactics are dirty but so are ours, and the Israelis plus we hide and deceive. They don’t ; they are all labeled terrorists.

        What do you think about the lopsided casualties, mostly children?

        Unlike Native Americans and Africans, Palestinians did not rolling over, and I do not think they will; that presents an issue moving forward for Israel, who wants all the land and has the upper-hand.

        The soil will be of their (Palestinians) bodies and the rain will of their souls. Is that okay?

        I am a bleeding heart because it is usually the little people that get screwed.

        I look at Gaza as history repeating; what if the Palestinians are willing to share (even Hamas)? Peaceful co-existence with no borders, one country with different states, shared government. Is that possible?

        1. Angela, who are the Palestinians? Children, so forth you ask? Let me ask: who are the Israelis? Children, people? It is the same thing.. isn’t it. Hamas attacked from Palestine with weapons to Israel. Israel did not attack. Israel is defending its kids and people, which it has the right to do. Where do the Israelis hide their weapons and where Hamas hides its weapons ifs the moral question and now who dies as a consequence. You are looking at the wrong information.

        2. Oh Angela! How can you say that Israelis are fighting children who throw stones??? Honestly? Do you know the history of this? First of all, Israel is getting rockets it did not fire against Palestine but Palestine got rockets from Sudan and it fired them against Israel into the heart of main cities full of people. Do you not see that as an important part?

          As for children throwing stones.. are they children of Palestine or children of Hamas??? Are all children treated equal when it comes to war? Hamas children learn 2 things in school: the Quoran and how to blow themselves up/use weapons. They do not learn math, science, biology, history, etc., they learn to kill. You call these kids the children of Palestine and you honestly feel sorry for them? In that case you must feel sorry also for the kids who blow schools up and kill other kids… Do you?

          You cannot be compassionate without logic when it comes to war. There is nothing compassionate about war and it does not belong there. War is brutal. If you save the kids of Hamas, the next thing you will have is a 9-11 in bigger size and perhaps in 10 years you too will wear a burka. Have you given a thought of the consequence of what you are feeling?

          You need to stop. This is a religious war and not a racial one. You are sympathizing with the weaker as a result of the discussions we otherwise have about racial injustice. This is different. There are no races at war here. These are the same people, same race, nearly the same religion, only different god. The god of one says that all who do not believe in that god must die… you too! You are an infidel unless you are a Muslim and if you are, you have a choice of 2 colors for your burka.. and oh by the way the female circumcision–a bit lat–but will still happen… stand in line please!

          1. What is the difference between a racial war and a religious war?

            Angela over 50% of Palestinians are under 25 years old with a third under age 15. Over 55% of the population is under 24 years old.

            0–14 years: 33.7% (male 472,476/female 448,078)

            15–24 years: 21.7% (male 303,578/female 289,119)

            25–54 years: 36.4% (male 511,443/female 483,276)

            55–64 years: 3.8% (male 59,762/female 59,372)

            65 years and over: 3.8% (male 43,629/female 60,315) (2014 est.) [21]

            Median age[edit]
            Total: 29.7
            Jewish: 31.6
            Arab: 21.1


          2. Angela, There are 4.5 million Palestinians with a median age of 19-21. One third of whom are less than 15 years old –teenagers.

            They are innocent children growing up in a world full of violence. They are the victims in this on BOTH SIDES..

            Surprisingly about 15-20 % are of Jewish faith and the same for Israelis where 15-20% are Muslims.

            Btw, Not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims wear burqas

            The use of fear to create hate is most successful during times of strife. Both sides play that game.

            1. Yup, and to think that Muslims are also at each other’s throat because some run behind a guy called Ali (dead for centuries now) while the rest wants to kill them for that. Um……would you call this a racial war as well?

              Prophet Ro, Leader of the BA-religion says: Behold, soon there will only be baby Muslims.

            2. And the Muslim Brotherhood wants what? Burkas, no education for girls.. etc.. Angela.. you need to change your perspective! Not only is Ali and Mohamed dead–if they ever lived–but whatever is written in the Quoran has nothing to do with what they may have said since every person you ask will give a different version. The entire Muslim religion is up for interpretations. The ones who interpret it the most radically will always win… so what color burka would you like? Black or blue? The netting over the eyes as per the Muslim Brotherhood quite suffocating in heat so you need to make sure you stay indoors in air conditioned room and have a MAN to drive you to a store… as a woman you are not good enough to even drive…

              Have I mentioned that the default in nature is female and male have only one purpose on earth? Did that get lost here somewhere in the big muscles full of testosterone wanna-be’s of the Muslims back under the Brotherhood? I am obviously not talking about those Muslims that live civilized Western lives–but even many of those have harems.. so how many women do you share your man with? Honestly? What exactly are you supporting?

              Because kids grow up to be just like their parents!

            3. Angela, I’m gonna point this out.

              You are doing what people do when they desperately want to discredit another race.

              Kids do not grow up to be just like their parents…thank god for that…..

              I would be calling you Masta like the Israelis want of the Palestinians. 🙂

            4. Angela, there is only one race: human. As a black woman talking to a white one considering each other completely equal in every respect as I do and I thought you did too, you should know better than to state that either a Muslim or Jew is a race different from us!

              Are they different form you or I? Location, looks, cultural variations are not race but evolutionary adaptation. And kids do grow up like their parents… that is the evolutionary path and hence we all have 2 ears and 2 legs, etc, and oour hearts beat similarly for the most part. There are always exceptions of course but outliers do not drive any statistics about what it means to be the human race.

              I talked some time ago with a very Jewish person and he said “being a Jew is a race” and I asked why. He said “because being a Jew means different diseases, etc”… but but this means not a race but inbreeding within a culture and that does not make a race.

              Is a Great Dane a different race of canine from a little winnie? Are they not the race of “animal kingdom: canine”?

              What exactly were you thinking of when you thought I was trying to discredit a “race”? What race? Do we have aliens here from another planet? As far as I know we all are humans that separated into two groups, one neanderthal and the other’s name I forgot–the ones who went to Europe and they in-bread and we are today a mix of those too, all humans as one race with different geographical adaptations and values according to culture.

              I see no race. You do? That would be very interesting!

            5. Yes I do believe we are different and that is what makes us unique and special.

              Race is a subculture. Ethnicity defines our cultural heritage. Religion is a part of culture.

              We are multi-cultural beings.

              Race is a social construct used to categorize groups of people…however, it is not a useful construct and the lines blurred.

            6. Putting down their religion does not elevate Israel or justify Israel’s murder of innocent children.

              As Hamas is a terrorist group, then United States and Israel are terrorists nations?

            7. No one is putting down their (the Muslim) religion. I am and we all are putting down their enforcement of their religion on others. You are missing a huge point here.

              You honestly don’t see that Hamas is a terrorist group? Is that real? It almost sounds as if I were talking to a Hamas group member… are you?

              Because no one I know in the US would ever say what you just said unless they supported or were member of Hamas!

            8. Race is a subculture? I have never ever heard that one. Is this some new expression? Do you honestly believe the word race really exists? If you do, you by definition must be a racist (those who believe in different races by whatever values are called racists). I do not share your views in this one. The word “race” itself is non-existent. It was some time ago, but now that science has caught on with what is what, it is clear that there is no race.

              “Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, in the 17th century, people began to use the term to relate to observable physical traits. Such use promoted hierarchies favorable to differing ethnic groups. Starting from the 19th century, the term was often used, in a taxonomic sense, to denote genetically differentiated human populations defined by phenotype.[1][2][3]

              Social conceptions and groupings of races vary over time, involving folk taxonomies[4] that define essential types of individuals based on perceived traits. Scientists consider biological essentialism obsolete,[5] and generally discourage racial explanations for collective differentiation in both physical and behavioral traits.[6][7][8][9][10]

              Even though there is a broad scientific agreement that essentialist and typological conceptualizations of race are untenable, scientists around the world continue to conceptualize race in widely differing ways, some of which have essentialist implications.[11] While some researchers sometimes use the concept of race to make distinctions among fuzzy sets of traits, others in the scientific community suggest that the idea of race often is used in a naive[6] or simplistic way,[12] and argue that, among humans, race has no taxonomic significance by pointing out that all living humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens, and subspecies, Homo sapiens sapiens.[13][14]

              Since the second half of the 20th century, the associations of race with the ideologies and theories that grew out of the work of 19th-century anthropologists and physiologists has led to the use of the word “race” itself becoming problematic. Although still used in general contexts, race has often been replaced by other words which are less ambiguous and emotionally charged, such as populations, people(s), ethnic groups, or communities, depending on context.[15][16]” from

            9. “Race is a subculture? I have never ever heard that one. Is this some new expression? Do you honestly believe the word race really exists? If you do, you by definition must be a racist (those who believe in different races by whatever values are called racists). I do not share your views in this one. The word “race” itself is non-existent. It was some time ago, but now that science has caught on with what is what, it is clear that there is no race.”

              Angela, I am delighted to enlighten and shall. Yes race is a subculture—This a well-established fact.

              Denial of differences stunts cultural awareness as well as devalues outside cultures. Yes different races exist based on the social construct of race, which is used to categorize groups of people.

              Agree ! There is no genetic basis for race. Race is a man-made social construct used to categorize groups of people.

            10. Race no longer exists in the taxonomy of science. It is a social construct to hide behind. It is about as real as God. You either believe it is or you don;t. It will not make any difference though if you believe in God or not but it will make a amazing difference if you believe that race exists. I cited Wikipedia on the fact that race in not a subculture at all. So what you are saying is your personal belief and not what the population at large believes.. so you do believe that race exists… I do not in any shape or form. All humans are humans regardless what group they belong to. The racial subculture you refer to is called–in science–the in or out group. In group is the “race” you belong to but that can be a church a school or a very small town where everyone is friends. Out group is one that is filled with people from whom you differ either by looks like color or slant eyes or red hair or height or weight or by church or school. It is not a race.. it is just a group you do not belong to. All same race, different group.

            11. Angela, you are quoting my definition of race–it does not have a genetic basis, it is purely a social construct used to categorize groups of people so scientists can label groups.

              For instance white people have labels with social capital while black people have labels with negative social capital.

            12. ” I do not in any shape or form. All humans are humans regardless what group they belong to. ”

              What kind of human beings are Palestinians? What kind of human beings justify killing children?

            13. innocent children who throw stones? Really? In the US they go to juvenile hall for that, You talk about these little saints as though they were. May I remind you that in the territory of Gaza they VOTED Hamas in… Hamas did not just move in or take over.. they were voted in.. Do not ever think that kids who learn to kill in school from age 5 are innocent. They are no innocent kids… you cannot place yourself into Gaza from your plush place in the US. You have to live there to see who they are…

            14. That’s right, Cluelessdoctors why don’t you go to Gaza and live there for a month or 2. I think you’ll find out there is no future and no where to go, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t know what the answer is, but regurgitating the propaganda doesn’t help. BTW, not every place in the U.S. is like one of them plush gay-ted communities in Aspen, Boca or West Palm Beach, most of it is a rat race. In the U.S. you can lose $100,000 just because your neighbor can’t pay their mortgage, plush huh?

            15. Not quite sure what you are talking about onnovocks since you are talking to a communist escapee who put her life to escape the rules of communism. I also recall my father coming home with a bullet hole in his hat–luckily above his head. Are you in Gaza? Because it is the people in Gaza who had the right to vote and they wanted Hamas. They also received money and cement to build roads and new schools and hospitals.. and they used the money to buy weapons. Hiding rockets in schools and hospitals is definitely the way to go to get your citizens killed! Yeah! Full force ahead to those who try to look the other way.

              I listened to an interview the other way when the prime minister of Palestine was interviewed and he could not answer a single question asked. The interviewer asked if he knew that the rockets were found in schools. Answer “the Israelis are killing innocent people” .. you bet.. take those darn rockets out of the schools and your innocent citizens will not die.

              And everyone is complaining about Israel not losing any civilians.. yes of course! They have the iron dome! As many of not more Israelis would be dead if the iron dome did not exist. But it is sooooooooooooooo convenient to blame the the one who wins… Go ahead and support Hamas. In fact go and join them! Enjoy the virgins afterlife!

            16. I agree with Onno. It is like shooting fish in a barrel because they have no place to go–they are surrounded.

              As for the US being the greatest place to live, most of us struggle….just to get barely get by, and some get overwhelmed. Unlike big companies, ordinary citizens don’t have access to billions of dollars as big companies often do when they have too much debt or mismanaged.

              I do not think any remedy should exclude Hamas.

            17. Indeed, they are fish in the bowl.. but guess who put them there and once they were there, guess whom they elected to be their leaders. It is not my fault or your fault or the fault of the Israelis that the people in Gaza made the wrong decision. They did so they now are fish in a bowl. Like they say… spilled milk… Israel is also a fish in a bowl.. except it was smart enough to create an iron dome.. how come Hamas did not create one with the money they got? Huh? Oh yeah.. they had to buy all those rockets and had to dig all those tunnels.. of course.. they have no money left.. I feel so sorry for them!

            18. Fish do not see head shaking in a bowl. 🙂 You can go there and change it… will you? ‘Cuz head shaking is easy.. I can do that too.

            19. Innocent children do not deserve to die any more than innocent adults. They weigh the same in terms of human beings. Don’t you think? A human for a human.. or is it 2 adults for a child? Or 3, or 100? Why is a child worth more than an adult?

              If a 5-year old holds a gun and is strapped with explosives to kill hundreds of innocent others and is proud of that, he is not an innocent child.

              There is no other way to put this Angela: children and adults on both sides die for the same unreasonable cause. Age is only a number. It is not the age but the severity of the crime that matters. If a 5-year old kills hundreds of people because he strapped himself with explosives and yells for Allah as the word to set the explosives off, he is exactly as innocent as his parent who proudly knew he wrapped himself in explosives and let him.

            20. Angela that is total BS and you know that. You are kidding, aren’t you?

              Age is more than a number in regards to children. Children do not have fully developed brains at birth and children grow adults do not. Children lack experience. Children undergo rapid development during the first 5 years of life .. Children have hormonal changes that adults do not. etc etc etc.

              Angela there is a big difference between adults and children. It is time adults realize..

            21. I know that there are Angela in a country of peace. But when a child kills, that is no longer an innocent child. This is the point I wanted to make. Not all children are treated equal!

            22. no, just capture him alive.. that is punishment enough for them.. and take them to custody and foster homes.. perhaps to a Jewish couple? That would be interesting…

            23. Angela For the record 5 y/o Palestinians are not dangerous criminals. Is that the story Israel tells to Stand Its Ground and justify killing innocent children?

              I am disappointed to not hear a drop of compassion from you in regards to children.

            24. I have a lot of compassion toward the children but it is their parents who voted Hamas in and it is their parents who set up their own kids by letting Hamas put rockets into schools. I do not have compassion for their parents and while I feel sorry for their children, my disgust over the parents overrides my pain for their children.

  2. Ok you two, I suggest for all child soldiers to be rounded up, brought to trial, and sentenced for life in Kindergarten (without possibility of parole) under the supervision of 2 bickering Warrior Mums, teaching them about dogmas and pocket travel! There! No go and set this into motion already.

    Here, lemme help y’all a bit:

    1. Divine Dogma what’s done on earth will be done in heaven….MBA then I want hell! I am not walking thru an arch to be microwaved into believing I am in heaven when in fact I am still on earth.

      Have you considered that hell and heaven start with ‘he?’

      Btw, a lifetime of Kindergarden is cruel and unusual punishment ….for the bickering Mums. 😀

      1. Actually Angela both Hell and Heaven start and end with our imagination and our believes…

        “He” only “created” humans in “his image” and thus neither “hell” not “heaven” was created if you believe in God. On the other hand, interestingly (if you also believe in evolution and religion says nothing about “do not believe in evolution” under God’s eyes) then you know that female is the start and the default (think bacterium that divide)… no males (there are still plenty of animals that create new animals without males).. thus if there is a God who made us “his” image then “he” is a “she”…

      2. That arch eh? That arch, baby, was a marketing tool of some deranged Catholic cleric, meant to lure people back into his church.

        Juicy detail: Alanis Morissette, the one from the vid the bickering mums couldn’t watch, played God in that movie 😉

  3. Just in: UNRWA again discovered a bunch of rockets in one of their school in Gaza. Juicy detail this time, and I quote: “The rockets were being stored in a facility within close proximity of roughly 3,000 displaced Palestinians.”

    I’m sure there will be massive protest demonstrations again now in Amsterdam, Paris, NYC, and many other metropolitan areas all over the globe, harsh condemnation from the United Nations, as well as severe boycott threats, etc. Um……. er…….I mean, against the state of Israel eh, because hadn’t that one been established in 1948, those rockets would never have been placed in that school, nor would there have been any displaced Palestinian. Yeah, those goddamn Zionists are to blame! It’s all their fault! Yeah!

    Hmmmm, come to think of it……..actually the Germans are to blame. Had they done a better job, none of this would have happened! Yeah, those damned Germans caused all this. It’s all their fault. Yeah!

    1. Imagine! And we are talking about changing diapers? Well actually pretty simple.. we got a rocket to take the old off and put a new one on in one step… sorry.. getting mad here from seeing why we are where we are and what people think and say… No wonder America is hated all across the world.

      1. Angela, the Palestinians and their children are human beings and part of humanity.

        I wil tell you a secret Israel is hated more than America is hated. People are just afraid of being labelled anti-semitic to admit as much in public.

        1. Yup, Jew haters belong to the club of Adorno’s “authoritarian personality”, mainly characterized by ego-weakness, pissing their pants and panties when standing alone (especially when thugs like yours truly are hanging around in their neighborhood) and hiding behind their mummies rear ends, unless they can operate in large groups.

          A columnist of the Chicago Sun-Times recently wrote that you don’t have to be a anti-Semitic to hate Israel but it sure helps, hehe. And I would add, these are great times for anti-Semitics to crawl out of their sewers and to be allowed, and applauded by all the other outraged ones, to publicly show their disgust with the Jews again. Sieg Heil! Oh sorry, I mean, Namaste.

          1. I see people unwittingly hating themselves…it will not take much to start WWIII there is too much turmoil and confusion mixed with misinformation..

            Let calm heads prevail.


            1. Calm heads develop weapons, like for instance your country’s new rail gun. Calm heads sell arms to unstable regions, to make them even more unstable, so they can enjoy long time profits. Calm heads side with corporations to lower their employee costs, so they can rake in even more dough. Calm heads calmly exploit others till they rot, and, although they go to church and fund charities, don’t give a rat’s ass about their so called brothers and sisters. Calm heads are the scum of the Earth.

              What we need is a legion of passionate risk takers uniting with impatient adventurers and emotionally driven outcasts of society who make it their quest to destroy all weaponry on the planet, to get rid of the employer-employee plague, to preach the end of competition, and who eliminate the word “enemy” from the vocabulary of all languages. Well….um…….for starters, eh?

            2. Did you call me Roald? I think in your last few sentences you just described me–albeit I fight within and for health not against weaponry because I know nothing about that. But yes, there are some gutsy risk taker leaders here who can achieve fearlessly–namely me. Not enough unfortunately.. but at least as a start… you accept? 🙂

            3. I forgot to repeat: “And get rid of the goddamn leadership!” That’s, apart from goofing off and pestering a few lowlifes, my area of action.

            4. No no Roald.. One has to lead.. people herd… Dictatorships are the most stable political systems. There has to be a leader. Democracy is falling apart because it has no leaders. There has to be one leader–only one–who knows it all. But there is no such that I know…

            5. Yeah right! But you go on dear, change your “systems”, bring the light to your herds, become that supreme leader, and keep guiding your ignorant vassals toward the next utopian darkness, like so many leaders did before you. Glory, glory, hallelujah!

            6. Nah Roald you are missing a point. One can do nothing and feel nothing or do something and feel good about it. It is a selfish act. I feel good. 🙂 I am doing something about it. Whether I can or not is another questions.. But at least I try!

            7. Bow to me? Yuck, I’m not Allah baby! Just sit with me. We’re equals, no? Black and White united, travelling vast and foggy wastelands in a rusty Greyhound. Of course, we also could be the next Bonny and Clyde. Or Thelma and Louise in their Thunderbird, with me in drag as Thelma, hehe.

            8. MBA, I do bow to you because that is what society expect me to do…bow to the will and wishes of white people…nothing wrong with bowing to the wishes of others you respect,

              However, there are many I do not respect nor trust.

            9. As much as you are right Angela, it is too late for that… I just hope it won’t start while I am still alive but I doubt I have such luck!

    2. MBA, you are a reasonable man except on this topic. I have friends on both sides. When I look at the conflict I can’t help but be reminded of colonialism: treatment of slaves as sub-humans and destroying the Native American communities and culture.

      I see parallels w/ Jews embracing similar Hitler’s sentiments and behaviors by discriminating and slaughtering Palestinians…. I will not discuss Israel’s treatment of African refugees or how Israel used Black Jews for labor then discarded. The lopsided death toll suggest the Palestinians are in need of help.

      Putting bombs in a school is a sign of desperation. They defend themselves the only way they can.

      I love you and Angela both. Glad we can disagree, get mad and still continue the discussion. I recognize this is dear to your heart. What kind of friend would I be if I stayed silent when I disagree and see wrong?

      1. Huh? I’m a reasonable man? Oh shit! Does that mean I’m normal? Wtf? Oh my, how can I continue living having been insulted like that? And all those guilt feelings now! Unbearable! Damn, where is that pastor? I need a fucking confession. Grrrrrr. See what you have done? It’s all your fault, Angela!

        “Putting bombs in a school is a sign of desperation.”? But of course. And because their altruistic mind can’t bear the sight of all their people suffering so much, they put 3000 of them near those bombs, for them to travel to green acres as soon as Israel blows up the place. See? Even in war time Hamas can’t stop cooperating with Israel. It’s in their genes. It’s just that the world doesn’t understand. Yeah!

  4. Change their diapers? You mean the explosives? Not in my lifetime… I think you are still missing the point. The war is not about people; it is about 2 religions clashing and there are people stuck in the middle. Who will change the diaper on a kid is not any relevance in any war. Who changed the diapers of the kids in Auschwitz?

    1. Angela, I am relieved you would not approve execution of a child so you agree children are different from adults.

      I do not think the Palestinian were involved w/ Auschwitz. When I bring up slavery and discrimination I am told : 1. Stop Whining 2. I am ASSumed a thug, drug addict and sloth on welfare. 3. Then Whites bring up black on black crime as if one crime negates the other.

      However, Gaza does seem like Auschwitz, is that what you mean? 🙂

      1. Angela you wrote “…the Palestinians and their children are human beings and part of humanity. I will tell you a secret Israel is hated more than America” which I cannot find here anywhere… but here is my response: those who are successful are always hated. I have a feeling the Israelis are more successful than the US at what they are doing and hence everyone hates them. They are more educated than the general public (even in the US), have more money in general (even in the US), and so the hatred all over the world is well understood and hormonally speaking, as I am a specialist of that, this is a natural evolutionary mechanism to try to take the lead down and become the leader–all testosterone and adrenaline.

        It is a mistake to think that there is anything to hate about Israel if what you said was true. A true statement makes sense backwards: “…the Israelis and their children are human beings and part of humanity. I will tell you a secret Hamas is hated more than America.” here I replaced some words for you so you can see what you wrote did not touch me at all nor did it have any impact on my logic or on anyone else’s for that matter.

        Israel was put into that place in 1948 because they were kicked out of that place hundreds of years ago so they have been granted the right to reclaim part of their territory that was theirs to start with. In the meantime others have built there and now the fight is on getting them out of there and hand back the land.

        There is a reason why the Israelis fight with sophisticated weapons and the Palestinians with stones… if I recall.. there was a time when Israel gave to Palestine a booming orchard and buildings full of high tech only to be demolished into microns in 1 hour. Do the Palestinians know how to live civilized and make paradise out of the desert? No? Interesting… so what exactly are we talking about?

        It would be easier for Palestine to ask Israel to show how to do what they do and partner and make that place into an oasis for all… instead they destroy it for all, including for themselves and in the process they hate Israel.

        Allah may have been great but his people are not… sorry.

          1. You know Angela I have some very good friends who are Allah’s people. It is not about the people of Muslim faith in the US. It is about people of the Muslim faith coming to the US and be able to continue their traditions, be it a hair cover, no kiss in public or a burka. But if I go to a Muslim country, I have no such rights. And this is my problem.

            I was very much supportive of France when they proposed the law to prohibit Muslim wear at work in France. I do believe that if I enter a Muslim country and I must take on their values, then if I enter a non-Muslim country I must take on their values. This would mean the removal of all clothing that represents being Muslim in the US. They are the only non-US culture that insists on its values to be held up everywhere and denies the right to values of other countries everywhere they are the majority. I can go anywhere in the world in a mini skirt with high heals and long blond hair with red lipstick and not be raped or teared apart and then stoned to death.

            Do you still like “all” people of Allah? I do not think that this part of Allah and the people who follow this particular extreme are nice people. They are the people because of whom the world is at war.

            They have the right to enforce whatever they wish in their countries so when they come here, off with the long gowns and shawls over the head and off with the Burkas in the US and the rest of Europe. If that is not possible, we are not playing on an equal plain.

            Do I accept that? Not until I am alive! Sorry! I believe in human rights to believe in whatever a human wants to believe, including walking naked with stick on their private parts as some human tribes and body paint if they wish and huge neck support bands and lip decor the size of their heads if that is what makes then happy. I honestly believe in freedom of expression and any faith.

            The Muslim faith does not agree with that. They must kill everyone who is not like them. I do not like that, I despise that, and will never accept it even if some of my closest friends happen to have the Muslim faith.

            1. Angela said, “They must kill everyone who is not like them.”

              I am still alive and so are you. Should we be concerned? Or do we exaggerate?

              What is interesting is none of us live in Israel or Gaza yet hold such strong feelings about the Palestinians and Israelis. I think outside interference prolonged this conflict. It is easy to be dogmatic and ignore necessity.

              In any negotiation, ALL stakeholders should be at the table and that includes Hamas. The US attached a label to Hamas before knowing anything about them…. Now I am not sure that label applies because Hamas are Palestinians, fighting for their people and land.

              While we debate, Hamas helps the Palestinians ….I don’t think the Palestinians consider Hamas terrorists and neither should we given the daily terrorists activities of our military police on communities of color.

              Israel’s recent actions could be interpreted from terrorists lenses.

              Who determines terrorism? Amazing are the changes over time…..I believe Israel is beginning to lose the public debate.

            2. You are still alive because you are in the US. Go visit an Muslim country without a cover and see how long before you are stoned to death. And I am alive because Ia m not about to go near any country where my freedom is not guaranteed.

            3. We have limited choices and options in the US. I do not want to live in a country without freedom that is why I considered leaving the US.

            4. And you think you will find greater freedom in other countries? How many countries have you visited in your lifetime Angela? I lived in 5 (Hungary, France, Canada, US, Germany), visited over 20. I chose to live in the US for my freedom. This is the only place you can find it, as well as female equality in its truer sense only exists in the US and some northern European countries but nowhere else. But in those countries you have no true freedom otherwise… so the US is the best.

            5. Hahahaha! Yeah right. Wishful thinking without a self-fulfilling prophecy, that’s what it is. And btw, it’s Aruba you should have mentioned as the best. And you know why? Because most of us here are pissing on any authority should we feel to do so. Women? Fuck equality. On Aruba all women are put on a pedestal and treated like goddesses. Yes, I know, sometimes that’s a problem, because some of the deities believe they’re feminist broads. Hmmmm, probably imported by visiting tourists from America. I have to check in on that.

            6. Lol Roald.. I need to head to Aruba then. 🙂 Although I already am treated like a goddess in my location so not sure it can be any better. 🙂 But I never say never… one of these days. I have not yet been to Aruba. But in the US at least relative to other countries–subtract Aruba–women actually have more rights than any other place I have every visited. Even in places like Norway and Scandinavia where rights are equal in paper,, every single woman I asked what their job was said “taking care of children in school” in some form… every single one of them. I know one who is taking care of the seniors in a nursing home. I have not met a female engineer, a female scientist, etc. In fact of the many conferences I attended while still active in academia, men outnumbered women 9:1. Women were always home mommies “as their choice”… I think women of any race have way better options in the US than anywhere else but one has to have guts and very few women do.

            7. ‘…… outnumbered women 9:1.” Yes I know this phenomenon. There are two reasons for this:

              1) Men are afraid to get overshadowed by women.

              2) Women are not interested in this.

            8. Oh my, so much BS these days. Too many bulls goofing around, I suppose. And don’t forget all them cows bullying their male counterparts for this. Hurry, call the cleaners. Ah, and who knows, maybe they’ll send over a bunch of women interested in that fine job and not giving a shit about the WEF’s gender gap crap.

            9. Angela, you are married to a wealthy man who treats you like a goddess. You can afford to visit the world.

              I am a single mom struggling to get by so no I have not seen the world. My next world may be a shelter or a spot on under a bridge.

              I can only speak about the world I live in…

            10. Angela, I am not married to a wealthy man! He is married to a wealthy woman!

              I was a VP of Visa and executive at other companies–like Intel–way before my PhD bringing home 6 figure income. My husband also made good money but I am the only one now who has been making money–he retired 5 years ago. So don’t for a second think that “I am married to a wealthy man” type of a girl!

              I actually come from a very wealthy family who lost all its wealth in the war. I married a poor man in my country who became well to do in the US as much as I became.

              I am also the daughter of a famous mechanical engineer without whom you would not be able to play a tape in your “magnetophone” as it was called at the time.. he was one of the inventors and held the patent for it. He was also very famous for his TV antennas, writing in magazines all over the world. I also happen to be a prodigy child who won geometry competitions at the age when in the US they are not even teaching geometry. I was also programming computers in Algol at the age of 10 on the only computer in Hungary.

              But I left all that “good stuff” behind to be free because in my county communism ruled and I was not free.

              I started on the bottom, slept on the floor because we had no bed; I had no dishes to cook with and no chair to sit on–in France where our intermediate location was, I did the dishes in the bathtub since I had no kitchen either. We left Hungary with $50 in our pockets leaving all my wealth behind (I was 21). I did not even speak a word of English.

              So please do not give me this bullshit! I do not deserve that! I started from the bottom like any other ghetto kid who came from another country and with different culture and made my life positive because I believed in me and not because I married a wealthy man! I married a poor man.. combined we had $50 when we arrived to Canada… You got this all wrong because you are trying to find excuses! It will not work. Sorry!

          2. Angela, Israel has kept its word of a ceasefire while Hamas is still firing rockets into its villages. So are you still in support of Israel in the “who done it” question? And Israel has extended the break in war for another 24 hours and Hamas is still picking its nose “umm… not sure we want that”… so what is your take on the current situation? Who is the evil and who is hurting who?

            1. Angela, I suggest disarmament of both sides ….restriction of gun ownership to water and nerf guns–that is what I call a ceasefire.

            2. Not sure I understand you. The Palestinians keep on shooting in the cease fire while the Israelis keep their word and do not fire back. Am I missing something here or do you?

            3. I thought Hamas agreed to a ceasefire today. I take these w/ a grain of self because outside instigators will get both sides killing again.

            4. Yes Hamas agreed and then they continued to shoot during the agreed upon cease fire… That is the whole point. You cannot trust them even to an official agreed upon doctrine for 1 minute. And most importantly, Israel retained its promise and did not fire back. Take that for “how done it” as the principle problem.

  5. I think we need a bit more of this:

    “I’ll be your keeper for life as your guardian
    I’ll be your warrior of care your first warden
    I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand
    The greatest honor of all, as your guardian”

      1. Mama mia, all kind of shit is allowed and not this? No wonder there’s so much violence in this world!

        Anyway, if you can’t get it in your censored place, then try and search for “Alanis Morissette – Guardian”

        Or……..try this 😉

            1. It is the Hollywood peeps that blocked off the content for copyright violations. I suppose it is the same across the US or it could just be that my internet provider is more careful to not be possible to have them sued by the mighty fancy peeps in the movie and music industries

            2. News flash: The video can’t be seen in Colorado, but in Texas it can. Are we still talking about the UNITED states? Lmao!

            3. I have done that Roald… lol… I am really red-blond but too light.. just colored it darker.. so I am technically now not a CA blond.. lol.. on the outside that is… 🙂

        1. She is censored for her extremism. Here in the United States we have quotas on extremism….only the one percent and their minions are allowed extreme opinions and behaviors…similar to Israel who now justifies killing Palestinian children who are allegedly born terrorists.

          I will find another way to view this censored video….shhhhh … 🙂

          1. Here’s some info from the Biased One:

            1) In Gaza schools kids are taught that Israeli people are the scum of the Earth, not ever to be trusted, and only want to kill Palestinians.

            2) Egyptian soldiers, after having lost the war in 1967, and left alone wandering in the Sinai, would rather starve from hunger and thirst, than to show themselves to the Israelis, because they were taught Israeli people were the scum of the Earth with only one quest: To torture and kill Egyptians.

  6. Because of the crappy layout of your blog it’s a complete hotchpotch now in this particular thread. That’s why I’ll address some, not all eh, of your comments here.

    1) “MBA, I do bow to you because that is what society expect me to do…bow to the will and wishes of white people…..”

    That’s what YOU think “society” expect you to do. And……um……..does “society” include other people than what you call “whites” as well?

    2) “………nothing wrong with bowing to the wishes of others you respect,……….” Guess this is a leftover from your religious upbringing. Get rid of such nonsense.

    3) “This is a conversation for the privileged… please continue I learn so much about how great you people are.”

    Like I said, your sarcasm is below par.

    Btw, who told you you’re black? When I look at your pictures, I’d say you’re kind of brownish. Photoshopped perhaps?

    1. First, I hope the full width will make following easier.

      Sarcasm yes ….my default

      You are wiser than most who do not see through the upset they become when I disagree or state a fact relating to their Machiavellian culture.

    2. Point 1) ” That’s what YOU think “society” expect you to do.” Yes I do think that…because that is what the dominant society teaches repeatedly. For instance, take LinkedIn who blocked access to my business account without warning based on my article that they still had up while I was blocked from my account.

      LinkedIn unblocked my account and then removed the article “Please Stand Your Ground,” again without discussion or warning. Some white folks complained and that was enough for LinkedIn….LinkedIn considered me a second class citizen.

      At this point in my life, I will not do business or associate with anyone who looks at me as second class anything; and The reason I will close my LinkedIn account in one month and never return.

      It took work to build my connections and once closed I will not return to LinkedIn to re-build… Yes I am only one person but if each of us did this LinkedIn would be history!

      You see that is the difference between your culture and mine….LinkedIn will be a memory in another month.

      1. Just to interject here, just today (July 30th since the order of things is all messed up here) I received an email note from LinkedIn that a person posted something and I clicked on it to see. This is the white person of double identity who has been kicked out of many groups already, sometimes called Kevin Kind or Kevin K and other times Elmer Rich and whatever else. I clicked on the link and voila! It was gone! Removed so I could not read it.

        You were not chosen as “the one” blocked because you are black since on LinkedIn no one knows what color of your skin is unless you tell them. Your article may have been not of business as usual for them and hence removed but I honestly do not think it had anything to do with you as being black particularly since I was blocked way before you were and noted it so and I am white.

        You are being mislead by personal bias–a very common error in statistics… you just did it.

        1. I did not say Linkedin discriminated because I was black.

          I said LinkedIn did not value my business or me as a customer. If one’s freedom of expression is restricted that should be clarified and reason understood by all parties including the party whose freedom’s restricted. Restricting freedom without warning or discussion is not transparency and I wonder if it violates constitutional rights.
          It would have made more sense to inform me of complaints so I could address them helping me grow professionally.

          My trust was lossed when suddenly I was locked out of my profile. Btw, both profile and article were up the entire time I was locked out. . What disturbed me most was the ability of members I blocked to access my discussions and send emails back to me. That meant LinkedIn read my emails, notes, etc. and changed my controls.

          I met, spoke and interacted with fantastic people on LinkedIn. However, I find it difficult to feel comfortable in a culture that does not support diverse cultures and that resort to draconian methods to settle conflicts.

          Work and home intermix. Workers with family members who are lawmakers or imprisoned are affected along with company productivity. Further, private prisons and law enforcement are big businesses even justice. My article was a launching point for many types of discussions.

          Furthermore, people can unfriend and block if they object. Seems there was more here Whatever the case, LinkedIn did not practice what its founders teach. Or perhaps customers are not as valued as employees who become alliances.

          1. Well LinkedIn is so screwed up that it is not even worthy of a discussion… It is now a money making (trying to be money making) business… not for long I guess… Boy I am washed out today.. I can barely type.. had a 45-minute long MRI. Those magnets do affect me. Good Night! <3

            1. I am OK Angela, thank you–my back is messed up. I have stenosis… I lost my left leg 3.5 years ago when a cyst burst and knocked 3 of my vertebrae south. I got the feeling back after therapy… My head finally returned to no buzz today.. 45-minute MRI… I am fMRI certified (from Harvard, your neck of the woods) and so I can actually feel when the MRI takes its shots–my blood warms up.. lol.. freaked out the technician.. lol.. entertained him as he did the shots and I told him.. ok L2 cross.. etc.. he just laughed his head off..

              But on another tone, I just posted on CNN something that may be of interest to you:

              “I was real mad today in watching a CNN news (August 3, 2014). A gorgeous blond reporter was interviewing a Priest, a Rabbi, and an Imam. She was not allowed to ask questions from the Imam. For that they brought in a male reporter over the screen.

              In the US, on MY land, on the “Land of the Free” a woman is not able to ask a question from an Imam? And this with CNN support?

              Shame on you CNN!

              And shame on the Imam who would not take a question from a gorgeous blond but who stared at her in his response to the male reporter without ever looking at the male reporter! Whose right was broken here? What happened to our freedom? I am not a political person but this really got me angry!

              On this land, until we believe in the land of the free, a woman better have the right of asking a question from an Imam! Because if she doesn’t, we just bowed to Islam and allowed them to take our freedom from us AGAIN on our land!


     It is the top comment now… I hope there is someone there to read their comments because I was mad!

            2. That is besides the point Roald. What matters is that the Imam did not allow the female reporter to ask a question from him on US soil. This is a breach of US right on US soil and the Imam has no rights to deny this Constitutional right from anyone. He basically made a joke of the Constitution and CNN let him do so.

              What CNN allowed today implies that political correctness is now at the detriment of the US rights and security. The US no longer has the power to stand up for its own believes and Constitution. Islam is taking over because we let it. This was yet the strongest demonstration of our powerlessness against the primitive cruel ways of Islam where a female is not even a fly shit.

              I found the CNN report offensive and rude–and as much as they wanted to be politically correct, they became politically incorrect. It is clear now that Islam is watching shows like this and laughs how stupid the American people are; we honor Islam’s rules while they honor none of ours and they don;t give a shit. Well I had enough of that. I had enough of this political correctness; of us letting the people of Islam keep their clothing and customs in the US while they do not let our customs in their countries. I had enough of the inequality they force upon us forcing us into submissive role–which is what we now are in. I would like the US to stand up and tell all of the Islamic followers to take on the values of the American culture and dressing though they may keep their faith but they must live within the US customs. Off with the head covers, off with the long dresses, off with this bullshit of women not being able to talk to men. Just get rid of it all and show them what it means to be an American! Then we talk!

            3. No Roald.. It is not him! It is HER! And CNN for letting the show air such that we acted submissive to Islam! Unacceptable on a public TV! Simply unacceptable.

            4. Oh it’s the blonde you’re mad at? Hmmm, I see that now. Stupid bitch! Grrrrr, pardon me, but I can’t do much about that. You’re all on your own now. Maybe you and Boston Angela can get her and teach her a lesson or 2 she’ll never forget?

            5. I do agree with you on the point of CNN bowing to the Iman’s demands since they do not bow to ours. And Angela I do agree I could never live in a country where my womanhood was scripted. One reason I have problems living where I am. However, I have no problems with others wearing cultural /religious garb.

              CNN is BORING! People look the same….I believed they are cloned…same fake smiles and boring discussions….they can beat the excitment out of any news.

            6. Angela I also have no problem with people wearing religious clothing as long as it is not mandated on those who have nothing to do with that religion… I always get pissed when a reporter heads to the Arab countries and ends up wearing head gear… I would like to go over there and tear that off of her and put her lipstick back! For many years now this has been overlooked and accepted by the Western civilized culture to bow to the Islamic culture when they don;t give a shot about ours and our religious values for obvious reasons: they are supposed to kill us as infidels. So they will never ever let us be us on this planet no matter what we do. And it seems we are “politically speaking” are giving in to that.

              Roald, I think you are not understanding our points here. The US has been a major force in the world against encroaching Islam on other religions. I was shocked to see how many Islam extremest are all over in Scandinavia as well. Because they multiply like rabbits, their goal of taking over and kill all infidels will be a piece of cake since they so outnumber everyone else. Here is an article on this subject: I for one would like to see the US and other nations come down hard on Islamic fundamentalists. I have no problem with Islam as a religion; I do have serious problem with Islam as a political force and a dominating intolerant form of religion. When it comes to the honest (blind and proper) versus the dishonest, it is always the dishonest who wins because the honest one cannot see where the next move of the dishonest will come from. The US is the blind, proper, and honest. I fear its consequences!

            7. No, they are from Arab countries coming over to habitat the Scandinavian countries for the benefits they receive (free education and free medical as long as they work for so many years). They look exactly the same as they look everywhere else so their stereotype is that of “people of Islam” everywhere (I did see some drink alcohol that I found odd).

              I do not think that people gravitate toward Islam–few non-Islam believers if any switch to the Islam faith. I rather think that those who are born into it cannot escape it since from age 5 onward that is all they learn and they do believe it is true–they are also taught to hate the nonbelievers and are taught to call them infidels and to know that it is preferred to kill them. Those who chose to live elsewhere and received influence of modern civilization, seem to interpret the Quran differently from those who are still within its original framework.

              They also are very “prolific” shall we say in terms of population growth of the world and they outnumber pretty soon all other religions by birth and not by choice.

              I have many friends of the Islamic Faith and they completely disagree on what the Quran says… few can actually translate the original–perhaps there are words in it that are no longer in use and people are just guessing of the meaning or perhaps the sentences are ambiguous. I don’t know. I just know that I do not have 2 friends of the Islamic Faith who agree on what the Quran says whereas I have no problem with friends of Jewish or Catholic or any other Faith. They know what means what.

              I find this odd to start with and may be on purpose.. I cannot say.

            8. Funny, I started a reply to you earlier today. It was lengthy so I made a post . Unsure if I will publish. My response picked up where you left off and gave a peak into heresy.

            9. I don’t think I got that Angela… I also find that it is impossible to read and respond to your blog via mobile so if you posted it with that, that would tell you why it did not work.

            10. I think the world laughs at the U.S. The real threats understand the gaping holes in our system and have money to build bridges across the holes that American citizens fall into and subsequently reside. They get what they want.

              On American soil our culture should be respected: no burqas, eh? Actually, you should be yourself whereever you are. Fuck formality! That is my culture.


            11. Oh, I understand your points very well. It’s just that I don’t make such a point out of this.

              Sam Harris? In the article you provided, he delivers one cliché after another, takes a stand and leaves it again, and is uncertain about his own presentation of the reality in that part of the world. Neither fish nor fowl, but yet trying to make it look rational and judicious. In fact, it’s a wishy-washy defense against perceived criticism for not criticizing Israel too much. Seems difficult for him to accept there are people who don’t give him “guru status”.

              Here is what I wrote about him some time ago.

              “As for Sam Harris? A rather controversial individual. Some of his “insights” I can find myself in, but telling me that science (which of course is his science) will be the foundation of morality makes me laugh, and confirms what I said already a few times in this thread: Atheism, including what some call New Atheism, is simply another religion.

              That he (Sam Harris) supported the rather fascist ideas of Geert Wilders shows his true colors to me. Being myself an opponent of anything that even remotely smells of fascism, makes me dump his ideas like he dumped religion, and worse, the possibility of the existence of a higher power than the human kind. Given the fact that humans up till now only know a very small fraction of our universe and what is going on in there, makes his categorical rejection of the latter a violation of his own precious scientific standards. Nonetheless it seems that his ideas resonate with many people, and especially with mainstream media. Looking at the history of mankind this is not surprising, as mankind, from ancient times on, seems to have a tendency to embrace any new golden calf presented to them.”

            12. Now give me some talk about “stereo-typically looking” Christians. From what I read in this thread, I got the impression that one only needs to replace Muslims with Christians in the comments, to get the answer.

              Faith, religion, and all that jazz, is always the same boring cliché crap when it comes to the fundamentalists. Same as it is with atheists.

            13. You are totally missing the point Roald! Please read it again.. Angela and I don’t seem to have a lack of understanding.. It is unusual that you don;t understand what we do… perhaps some bias? No one is talking about Christians or Jews or Ismalists being stereotyped differently. They all are stereotyped equally and with cynicism. CNN messed up by differentiating in the handling of the 3 religions by providing undue political correctness for one. If you did not understand that, then perhaps you should realize that you live under Arubian politics and we are under the American… you need to accept that in some elements we are different from you and that’s OK.

            14. You keep on telling me that I, even totally now, don’t understand your point(s), even after I pointed out that I understood you very well, and added (in different words) that I don’t give a rat’s ass about CNN and the rest of the “muslim fuzz” in America or elsewhere. Then you presented to me an article from Mr. Harris as an example on the subject. Apart from the question if this indeed was an example or not, bringing this fascism supporter (of course he will deny this) and “science above all” preacher (this he won’t deny), into the current discussion to illustrate your point to me even further, was, as you could see from my reply, not your best move. Alas you didn’t get my point 😉

              I should “ live under Arubian politics”? Hahahahaha. Yes, seems we are different indeed.

            15. Actually it was my best move! I learned a few things! One of them is that you like to put people into places they don’t belong because you disagree with them. Go for it. Now I know what this is about!

            16. “……you like to put people into places they don’t belong because you disagree with them.”? Chutzpah! Look into your mirror lady (if you dare) and you will see a woman who’s projecting (damn, I already said that, ugh) onto others her own “nasty” habits. You also will notice a huge lack of humor, and someone inclined to make a mountain out of a molehill.

            17. I look into the mirror every day Roald and like what I see. I see a slightly aged woman with guts who has achieved everything in life she wanted based on her strength and willpower and also by the many failures from which I stood up, blew the dust off and started again.

              I may not be right many times and I do not project my views onto others. I could say the same thing of and to you: look into the mirror and see who you are. I do not know who you are any more than you know who I am. In that respect we are equal–you may think you know me but you don’t. And I think that is where it stops. We both have very different experiences in life and that by nature brings us different perspectives on which we live. I dislike small talk or cutey talk. I am a serious person who does indeed lack some humor of the kind you have, which is cynical. I am a straight forward person and cynicism is not favored by me so jokes of that nature often pass over my head and I let them. I have other objectives in life and I am planning to reach them. And if you watch long enough, you will see me succeed.

    3. Point 2) They are leftovers from my religious upbringing that I chose to keep.

      Point 3) White people do not like to be called out so they refer to themselves in the broadest of terms: men and women. Everyone else is categorized based on race and ethnicity.

      Unlike those white people who attempt to demonize others with differing opinions and cultures, as a black woman I feel You are entitled to your opinions and I have no desire to change it. I just want my opinions heard and respected.

      1. You are definitely entitled to your opinion Angela but that does not make you right. No human I know–other than you–places humans of various cultures into various races.

        I personally find that to be insulting that a woman who complains about being called a different race sets up races for all except for herself. If “black” is not a race than nor is any other culture because being black means you come from another culture and not that you are not part of the human race.

        You may keep your opinion but I consider the Masai in Africa exactly the same race as the Norwegians or Hungarians, or Israelis, or Muslims, or people, who still forage with wood-stick on their penises. All human.. one race, different cultures. There are no sub cultures.. there is only your opinion… but that will not change the world.. it only changes YOUR world and that it has. It affected you and made you into a negative minded person who sees the negative before any positive has a chance to emerge.

        If you were the rich girl in Hungary like I was who dropped it all for freedom, then you would still be in Hungary rotting away. You see no opportunity until it is given to you. It will not be given; you have to take it.

        Many women complain about being single mothers… well.. I have been married for 40 years and so I cannot feel for those who divorce; I feel getting a divorce is a weakness and giving up on hard work and not an excuse for hardship that comes after. There are many very rich single mothers out there.. black and white… one just has to have the right attitude. If you don;t want to change your attitude, that’s your business.

        1. “You are definitely entitled to your opinion Angela but that does not make you right. No human I know–other than you–places humans of various cultures into various races.”

          Race: There is an array of different beliefs about the definition of race and what race means within social, political and biological contexts. The following definitions are representative of these perspectives:

          A tribe, people or nation belonging to the same stock; a division of humankind possessing traits that are transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinctive human type;
          Is a social construct used to separate the world’s peoples. There is only one race, the human race, comprised of individuals with characteristics that are more or less similar to others;
          Evidence from the Human Genome project indicates that the genetic code for all human beings is 99.9% identical; there are more differences within groups (or races) than across groups.
          The IOM (Haynes & Smedley, eds., 1999) states that in all instances race is a social and cultural construct. Specifically a “construct of human variability based on perceived differences in biology, physical appearance, and behavior”. The IOM states that the traditional conception of race rests on the false premise that natural distinctions grounded in significant biological and behavioral differences can be drawn between groups.

          As I keep saying and you keep misquoting: race is a social contruct and considered a subculture.

          1. The first link you sent to me explains the old views of race and how to change that into cultural aspects. The second link takes me to what you believe (and agree to) is race.. but it is bullshit and is not any official definition of race. Even here they say “Evidence from the Human Genome project indicates that the genetic code for all human beings is 99.9% identical; there are more differences within groups (or races) than across groups” thus how can we name different races within a group of people who nearly are genetically identical? Theer is more genetic difference between a blue versus a green eyed person than a black and a white. Race refers to old terminology and you are trying to glorify that and seem to enjoy that you are called a different race. But that is wrong. You are not a different race–even if to some you may be. Those people are simply uneducated bigots. We do not measure the society based on what uneducated bigots think but what new science has shown us… genetics tells us the evolution of all animals including humans and black or white are on the same branch of the evolutionary tree. We are the same one race regardless of color, culture, or geographical location.

            1. It is not whether it agrees with me or not but it is simply too old and views have changed since then. Also, in academia there is a divide–as everywhere–when it comes to immeasurable touchy-feely things. The subject here is of this touchy-feely thing that cannot be measured so it is guaranteed to have as many opinions as people. And there is nothing wrong with that only please understand that one view is exactly as good as the other. There is never going to be an end to this disagreement because in order for me to get you over, I would have to convince your “belief” system to believe in something else and the same for me. As in religion, it is not that possible… so we just have to accept and agree to disagree.

      2. Seems to me you have a few hang-ups with this culture shit, and even want to force that crap onto me as well: “your culture” my ass!

        Listen to me babe: Fuck society, fuck culture, and all the other artifacts created by individuals who wanted to control you by making you believe those were real living things, things that could exist without you, things that could influence you beyond your control, things that could give you an identity and thus would make you want to belong to even if you were appalled by it or felt you were imprisoned by it, and things that would give you the idea, notwithstanding all the misery, sorrow, and failure they brought with them, that it was an honor to be part of it as well as giving you tools for finding scapegoats to blame for not resisting all this (their) shit!

          1. “We are multi-cultural beings.”? Nope, I’m not.

            Facts? Lmfao. Your facts? CNN facts? Al-Jazeera facts? Fox facts. Whites facts? IS facts? Granddaddy’s facts? Scientific facts? Religious facts?

            Um…….remember I once posted “What the (bleep) do we know”?

            1. Yeah, I heard that one before. To me it’s a myth though. But ok………any evidence, can you prove your assessment of me? I mean to keep it in the cultural context at hand eh?

            2. Angela, Roald is right. Culture is what you think culture is. Culture is not a given, you create your own culture. There is no such as American culture or Russian culture.. there are people in America who follow culture X and others who follow culture Y and the same everywhere else. Definition of culture:
              the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
              “20th century popular culture”
              synonyms: the arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement; More
              a refined understanding or appreciation of this.
              “men of culture”
              synonyms: intellectual/artistic awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, discernment, discrimination, good taste, taste, refinement, polish, sophistication More
              the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.
              plural noun: cultures
              “Caribbean culture”
              synonyms: civilization, society, way of life, lifestyle; More
              the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group.
              “the emerging drug culture”
              the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc., in an artificial medium containing nutrients.
              “the cells proliferate readily in culture”
              a preparation of cells obtained from a culture.
              “the bacterium was isolated in two blood cultures”
              the cultivation of plants.
              “this variety of lettuce is popular for its ease of culture”
              synonyms: cultivation, farming; More
              verb: culture; 3rd person present: cultures; past tense: cultured; past participle: cultured; gerund or present participle: culturing
              maintain (tissue cells, bacteria, etc.) in conditions suitable for growth.

              Which culture are you talking about? Do you see race and sub culture in the arts? in a dish of bacteria? Where do you see race?

            3. you know I am beginning to have respect for Fox. I do not agree with them but I respect their honesty and willingness to tackle difficult and thorny issues.

          2. No Angela; you have yet to come to grips with fact. You are still seeing myths. And not only are you seeing it, but doing your best to dig up literature however that old to match your point. You are in the 2st Century. Noting holds you back only you hold back yourself. There are no multi-cultural beings. there are humans who come from different cultures and they sit around the table and chat over coffee or beer… no such as multi cultural.. I cannot be both Muslim and Jewish at the same time; I cannot be both black and white at the same time–I can in color but not in culture. You can force to believe that there is more than one culture in you but then after all you LIVE in only one.. and that is your culture.

            1. well… if you are on Earth it is the 21st Century (Christian)… in Jewish or Muslim it may not be.. no clue.. if you go to Venus it may be the 300th century and on Mars it may just be the 19th… check it out.. which reality do you want? 🙂

            2. By the way my field on PhD is in the hormones of Human Behavior and thus Behavioral Science.. I kind of think I know what I am talking about.

            3. Angela,

              Do you have the same interests, beliefs and mentality of a 10-year-old? No, you have different interests, values and even languages.

              One reason we disagree has more to do with our cultural differences relating to our experiences and coming from different worlds.

              Cultural awareness is the first step to productive multi-cultural interactions with each other.

              A case in point of cultural differences is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, at the heart and soul of this war is ethnocentric culture. If it were money (like our capitalistic culture), the war would be over years ago. 🙂

            4. I never had the mentality of a 10-year old… Like I said earlier: I was winning geometry competitions and was the Hungarian National Bridge champion.. Sorry… I was not your typical kid. I listened to operas and classical music and hated the Beatles. Ia m different. And I just explained that in another long message. Please read that and you will understand me better.

            5. Angela, which culture world do I live in? Hungarian? no. French? no. Canadian? no. German? no. American? yes. Are you American? yes. In that case you and I are in the same culture world. You may have different value systems but we have the same culture. yep. American.

        1. Using your arguments police officers use black people as scapegoats to make ludricious and ridiculous claims believed by the white culture: Black people are violent and criminals.

          What race of people do most of the killing? The White race,

            1. No they are part of a company called police where their boss’ and the boss’ boss’ are all individuals and they make their decisions based on what they believe on. An organization is not one giant being but many little individuals moving in all directions.

            2. Hmmmmm, never listen to your boss, and certainly don’t do what that creep tells you! And if you do, by Allah, I will stone you to death, so help me Yahweh. And I wouldn’t call my act murder, but justice!

            3. Hmmm, same here, as I was bloody fucking serious. Still fyi……….God has a great sense of humor. Last time we sat together she told me she loved me for being such a nuisance to her self proclaimed worshippers as well as a pain in the ass to all the atheists who deny her existence because they fear her so much. And to think she’s really a doll. It’s just that you better not mess with her.

              Btw, I tried to figure out why you engage with these so called stalkers of you, and continue chatting with one who admitted he was a dick and everything. Conclusion: You crave shit like that. Professionals would call this mental masochism or something. Must be a cultural thing or something.

            4. But in war (based on western culture) it is illegal to murder civilians so would you obey such orders without explanation or objection?

            5. In war we do that all the time as do the enemy. 9-11 comes to mind; all civilians and all directly specifically aimed at civilians. I think your basic assumption of “same terra firma” is wrong. When one is in a war, the rules change and ethics goes out the window because you can only die once. YOU CAN DIE ONLY ONCE! There are no rules for how to save your ass.

            6. “When one is in a war, the rules change and ethics goes out the window because you can only die once” Anybody who denies this fundamental truth, either was never engaged in a fight or is a hopeless romantic knight from a fictitious novel.

              Lemme give you an example from my own military era.

              Once our so called superiors taught us about stuff known as law of war (yes, yes, no worries, jus ad bellum as well as jus in bello). Among other things they told us that in no way we were allowed to shoot at humans with an at that time popular weapon to bring down planes. The reason was that a bullet coming from that weapon, once it had made contact with the human body, would burn an ever expanding hole in same. It was explained to us that this law had something to do with keeping wars humane, morally and ethically justified, and…..well I can’t remember all the other noble things. Can you imagine? War, one of the most horrendous, despicable, insane, and objectionable modes of human behavior, was sold to us as something that also had noble ingredients! Lmfao!

              One time my unit was out in the field during a big exercise in France and I was assigned to such a weapon. I also happened to be one of those who had to stay behind waiting for the enemy to arrive while the rest of the battalion was retreating to a safer place. It’s called strategy I think. Um….uh……yes folks, it’s perfectly humane, ethical, and morally justified, to leave a small part of soldiers behind to keep the approaching enemy busy while the rest of the braves goes into hiding. It goes without saying that the left behind ones will be killed or, when they’re “lucky”, end up as POW’s.

              And then the enemy came. And then I aimed that weapon at them and fired. All hell broke loose. And mind you, it was only blanks eh? My so called superiors were yelling at me, accusing me of a war crime, having violated international war laws, and other fucked up stuff. I simply asked: “Are they ‘dead’?” And they replied: “What do YOU think, you asshole? Yes of course they are, you shithead!” And I: “Oh good, and I’m still fucking alive. Can it get any better? Court martial anyone?” (Of course all this was said in flaming Dutch, hehe.)

              I hate war. I hate violence. Stuff like that should be banned from the face of the Earth from here to eternity. But don’t come to me telling me that once I’m in it, I must wage war ethically, humane, or something. If you think that’s crap, then go into battle yourself and don’t send others to do the dirty work for you, you moronic coward! And I tell you what: As long as there are laws of war, there will be war! Now go in fucking peace, preach your war gospel, and continue healing the world, you deranged hypocrite!

              Drinks anyone? 😀

            7. “Now go in fucking peace, preach your war gospel, and continue healing the world, you deranged hypocrite!”


              So if there are no rules in war, why is called war when waged by westerners; and terrorism when waged by Muslims or any other group.?

            8. There is a reason Angela. War is against the enemy in the open–the US launches war in cooperation with other nations and after discussion of all pros and cons. This is war. Terrorism is to attack in secret without any warning and irrespective of where you attack from. Like in 9-11 the terrorists took passenger jets with private innocent people and landed them into private people filled private buildings that then collapsed and killed thousand innocents and also harmed thousands with asthma and other ailments from the dust. The Israelis attack and warn first for the private citizens to leave. Thus they are practicing the rules of war. The Hamas attacks without warning and uses its own people to hide behind and let them die so they live. That is terrorist. The outcome is the same: death. The method is different.

            9. Your question showed me, you either completely missed the point I was trying to make, or a maneuver to change the subject in your favor (mainstream media hungry to boost their ratings and temporarily outraged citizens of the world tend to do this all the time). But since I’m a patient and lenient person by nature (and mind you…..not by culture) I’ll answer your question nonetheless. Here goes.

              Oh wait, first this: Like I already brought forward, there ARE rules in war. It’s just that I, and a few others, don’t abide by them.

              Now finally to your question (sigh):

              Go ask the ones who do that. For me it’s all the same, despicable all the way up to the core, no matter if you call yourself a freedom fighter, a defender of world peace, or whatever other euphemism you found to justify your perverse and foully behavior.

            10. Any organization has its own dynamics and group culture. That group culture often conflicts with individuals motives and cultures.

            11. Yes individuals do that….however, when the system is designed to allow certain individuals belonging to a group get away with murder repeatedly, the system and the privileged individuals form an infrastructure for structural racism–the basis of discrimination and racial profiling etc.

              Burying your head will not change the facts I wish it did….I would bury mine. :

            1. How do you know “where the evidence points”?

              “depends on your definition and your reality” Oh? Really? Ok, let’s try……….reality is a myth.

            2. I think I just made a null hypothesis with the supernova explosion.. and if you are on planet Saturn, will you see the super nova explosion earlier or later and by how much? And if you are on another planet in another arm of the Milky Way and see the super nova explosion in 1 billion light years from tomorrow, which is reality? There is no such as reality Angela. pick up a pencil. It is made of solid wood eh? … it is actually a vibrating piece of equipment made of billions of electrons circling around in their own randomness constantly. There is neither reality nor a minute that can ever be repeated. I call this the failure of the “ceteris paribus” assumption but time is one directional and to see what is real you have to look back to see what WAS real to you. Someone else may have seen that as a different reality. There is no such as reality and nothing is real. Philosophy lecture over.. I am off to sleep to my rich hubby… because he is working so hard to make money–I hear him snore… in reality… well.. never mind..

            3. I went a bit on this road with you, sugah, but the fact is, I’m absolutely not interested in a “discussion” about culture, reality, society, race, facts, myths, etc. I did all that, and done with it. Of course this isn’t new to you, but for one reason or another you keep trying to lure me into senseless crap like that. Which is ok, as I love to be seduced into stuff I don’t really care about sometimes. But for now, it’s enough, and I’ll leave all this to the bickering mums. And that’s a fact!

            4. it does not affect you why should you be interested in culture? I would not not if it did not affect me 24/7. therein lies a Hugh difference between you and I.

            5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww which reality Angela? .. did you know that 400 million light years ago a supernova exploded and we are potentially going to see it this year in the skies? Which is real? The one you did not see 400 million light years ago or the one you will see in the sky this year if we are lucky?

            6. There is no reality with culture because culture is you. and we all are comprised of different cultures. Culture is all your experiences

            7. No it is not Angela. My culture is American. That’s all. I don;t even speak Hungarian any more… never… I am now in the US, live here, made my life here, my children were born here, it is my future that makes my culture and not my past.

            8. Angela

              Being a woman puts you in a special group with different values and beliefs than men, agree? How about being a professional woman vs. non-professional? Don’t you feel a connection to women in your field? Another example is Age. Each age group has its own culture and connection. Those connections are part of the group’s culture.

              Each of us has many connections (cultures) that change over time as we move in and out of jobs, neighborhoods and get older.

            9. I may be the worst possible person to ask since I have traits that are not typical of women. Thus my answer is no, I do not feel “connection to women in [my] field” at all. In fact there are no women in “my field” (defined in this note below!) and if there will be any, they will still not be any closer to me than a man or a child because I do not polish my nails and do not go to hair salon to get my hair done.

              You said “Another example is Age. Each age group has its own culture and connection” and I find that also incorrect. I am over 60 and work 80+ hours a week on projects most 30-year olds would not even understand let alone do. So let me define my field so you understand why I say what I just said–and I must start that by telling you a story.

              When I was getting my doctorate, I pointed things out to my chair that he himself has never seen and I was able to prove every single one so he tested me with a psych test to see if I had a male brain in a female body or what… according to him, I did things the way men do. Luckily for me and for his biggest disappointment, I tested out as female, albeit with a very high IQ. Thus I scare the shit out of all females (and most males) around me. I have 2 very good female friends and we never ever talk about female stuff. I leave the room when women start to chat female way.

              I also scare the shit out of 99% of men. I am a very intimidating person if you have not already figured that out just based on what I was able to do with Kaiser–show me another person who could have them change a medication for the entire company because I proved them wrong and I am just a patient. I do not feel like I am a woman when my brain is on. I am a mathematician who did a thesis in plate tectonics and who in my senior year visited (at UCLA) a department that got my interest called Biomathematics and when the chair heard my accent (I still have some) she nearly yelled at me to “sit down!” and she asked where I was born. I told her “from Hungary, why?” she said “You are accepted into the PhD program”.. I said what? I did not even apply…

              You also need to know that I finished 23 units of classes in one semester in addition to reading 4 classes of mathematics from books alone so I could pass the test and skip classes and finish faster and this with a full time job and 2 young kids.

              I did not get into that PhD program because I was not sure what I wanted and started the master’s program at UCLA in math 3 months before anyone else was accepted but I also got accepted into the PhD program of stats at UCR so I left (UCLA never forgave me for that!). I hated stats so I left and got my MBA there instead. I was swooped up by Intel 6 months into my MBA and was told to call them when I am ready to cherry pick the job I wanted. I finished my MBA in 1.5 years and started a management job at Intel in Silicon Valley. At the same time my older son challenged me and said “nanananana na.. you will never be accepted to Stanford”.. so I applied and got accepted into Management Science and Engineering; got my second master’s. While I did that I was also switching companies, ending up as VP of Visa–your friendly credit card company. My law professor (yep, took constitutional law as well for fun) left to Australia to teach and had the chance to invite one guest student into the PhD program there… guess who he invited but because of family, I did not go.

              But by then I knew that there was a very big problem between what academia thinks people do in companies and what they actually do.

              So I wanted to study human decision making. Hence my PhD in Neuroeconomics, which is the hormones of decision making in economics and finance. I turned economics up side down with my theories because I proved that the economic theories look at people like automatons and computers but they are human beings who are affected by the weather and if they got laid the night before. My dissertation got very famous on the spot and Max Planck Institute offered me a fellowship in Germany. When Max Planck Institute says you are in, you go, so I went. But family here and me in Germany did not look and feel right so I came back. People hated me for my success, they hated me that I got my PhD in my mid 50’s in 3 years that takes 7-10 years for others and 90% of the students don’t make it. And they hated me because I was the first one ever to get that degree and because my chair is always on TV–he is really famous, handsome, and cute.

              So when we are talking about me as a “woman”.. yeah.. I am a woman… in looks–I was even a model at one time and in one movie. But that’s where it stops. I do not have a topic I can discuss with a woman… I open up my mouth and they run away. My older son told me once “mom, you are too smart for your own fucking good” and he is right.

              So no, I do not feel compassion for women any more than men and I think you now understand why. I do know men and women are different quite well; they have different brains, they process and metabolize everything differently and they probably even see the color and shapes differently. I also know that female is the default in nature not male and I don’t give crap about male power and intimidation. I beat all men I have ever met in brains–except Roald.. he seems to have the same kind of head I have. I like that. A man to talk to. You are very different from me and I consider you a friend because you are not threatened by me but I can see that you do not understand me. But you probably know all that already. We are different people. But you are a smart and intelligent woman and I like talking with you. I would like to replace that emotion filled head sometimes with a head of logic and mathematics but I have come to accept that such is not possible.

              So let us permit our differences and stay there. Just as a female cannot convince a male to see the same important parts of a movie (test has shown that an 8 minute little movie watched by men and women alike together ended up being explained by the 2 sexes consistently as if they saw 2 different films!), the same way you and I cannot convince each other to see the coin the same way. And that’s OK. It is OK to disagree. It is not OK to get personal like you did last night about me being married to a rich man. No I am not. I worked my ass off to get to where I am and still doing that quite uncharacteristically for a 60’something.

            1. Did you know there are plenty of people who are into scat? FOS is heaven to them. But you? You are reducing these fine members of humanity to filth! Foei Angela, ga naar je kamer, en schaam je!

        2. No Roald YOU have hangups about culture and that is part of YOUR culture. Why? If one categorizes white culture one will quickly discover many problems originate with white culture.

          No you would rather talk about how a conflict that will not end until Jews are disarmed.

  7. Culture refers to norms and practices of a particular group that are learned and shared and guide thinking, decisions, and actions.

    Cultural values the individual’s desirable or preferred way of acting or knowing something that is sustained over a period of time and which governs actions or decisions.

    Culturally diverse nursing care an optimal mode of health care delivery, refers to the variability of nursing approaches needed to provide culturally appropriate care that incorporates an individuals cultural values, beliefs, and practices including sensitivity to the environment from which the individual comes and to which the individual may ultimately return. (Leininger, 1985)

    Ethnocentrism the perception that one’s own way is best when viewing the world (Geiger & Davidhizar, 1991). Our perspective is the standard by which all other perspectives are measured and held to scrutiny.

    Ethnic relates to large groups of people classified according to common traits or customs .

    Race Though many definitions exist, there appears to be no established agreement on any scientific definition of race. What we do find though, is the general belief among the scientific community that race has no biological or natural basis. For more information click here

    Ethnography is the study of a culture. The methodological approach of ethnographic research central to the nurse’s ability to develop a heightened awareness of culturally diverse needs of individuals, is to define a field for observation for study of the environment and its people, as well as the reciprocal relationship that exists between the two (Tripp-Reimer & Dougherty, 1985).

    1. Are you seriously referring to a 1985 understanding of what culture is in 2014? I hope this is not the same what you expect the rest of the world to follow up on.. after all we all use our iPhones now.. do you still have the corded one in your room? that was about 1985 if I remember correctly… hmm.. maybe not.. maybe that was already gone by then.. not sure… 29 years is a long time back to remember… not to mention how cultural understandings have changed.. Perhaps you should read some books on culture and genetics from 2012 and up…

      1. Angela, are you saying we should ignore past knowledge. Past knowledge have no applicability ? Dirt still has the same basic meaning as it did 100 years ago.

        Read it and you will see what You said and what I said…I am well-read regarding culture and race. Unfortunately, I cannot share certain copyright material. In addition, I have personal proven experience.

        Btw, I still have aT least TWO corded lines for when the power goes out. The corded lines still work unlike my modern cell phones that need electricity to be recharged and are useless at such times.

        Angela I gave you several references and the one you say from 29 years ago still has relevance. I am sorry you cannot see it.

        1. You know Angela, when I got my doctorate, every single person who tried to base his/her new discovery on old dirt failed. I was the only one that year who graduated and I finished my 10-year PhD in 3 starting from new and never cared much about the old–in fact there was not much old ahead of me since my field was new. One cannot forget the past but can ignore to use it as a stepping stone for new stuff…. what was the older version of a computer? Of the iPad? iPhone? Destructive technologies succeed because they dump the past and do not use that as their starting point. We started with 8 inch plastic floppies, we went to A drive little 3.5 MB cards and now I no longer even have an A drive on my computer and forget even what drive the floppy was.. I think B. Neither the CD/DVD/BluRay nor USB and flash cards used the floppy as their base for invention. Sometimes you just need to dump the past and start fresh.

          I personally never build on anything old. I may read some for fun but never use it for anything. The only things I used that are “laws” of physics and mathematics and chemistry. These are facts and not chit-chats and emotions. Using old facts makes sense; using old emotions does not.

        1. Culture influences genetic but it is not genetics in itself. Race originally meant a genetic difference and when it fell apart it became to mean something else to those who wanted to keep it. So just drop it. It is that simple. There is no such as “race as a sub culture” because race has nothing to do with culture. It represented–long time ago–a Darwinian evolutionary biochemical difference… not a cultural one.

      1. Angela race is a social contruct used to identify groups of people. All Groups of people have unique cultures. For example I identify with black people and jamaican cultures. I once identified with the medical cutlure and I was once part of the culture of many organizations.

        Think about it and you will understand….there is much going on about race; it was reclassified to separate the mixed races from the pure Anglo Saxon. It is quite a mess and has no scientific basis similar to most research.

        1. You are talking long time ago Angela… There is no such as race and I showed it to you in most recent scientific terminology we now know that all humans are the same race. Some time ago we did into yet know that so we classified humans into race. We no longer do that. You do because it is a scapegoat. But we do not.

  8. Thank You Caleb for a brilliant article that stimulated more discussion than police brutality and racial profiling both killing Americans now denied a race based on this discussion….

    We learned race is non-existent as there is no such thing as race and that we are all the same ….Palestinians and Jews….so why are they fighting if they are the SAME?

    If I am not black what am I? Brown so does that make me better than black or does that confuse me, dividing communities of color further? I say the latter because I am black and proud to belong to the black race.

    1. Guess I will never understand how a person can be proud of something of which that person had no say in from the beginning. I do understand though that it can lead to in-group/out-group thinking, loss of personal identity/responsibility, discrimination, hate, and fanaticism. From there it’s only a small step to actually going after the ones not considered belonging to the in-group. The rest is history, or hers.

      1. I do not consider myself above or below anyone. However, I am proud of being black just as you are proud of your accomplishments.

        What about those evening jaunts with friends you enjoy so much? There is a certain camaraderie that too is a culture. It takes a while for a new person to fit the culture of the group, wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Can’t say pride is high on my list. As a matter of fact, pride can go and fuck itself. And besides, your comparison is not correct. As I said, you had no say in the color of your skin, while I had at least something to do with my “accomplishments”. And to make it perfectly clear: I’m not proud of being “White”, a “Jew”, a “Dutchman”, or a “Gypsy”.

          There is no group. We occasionally just sit together, drink, talk, and watch women passing by. Anybody can join us, stranger or not, and there’s no need to “fit in”.

          1. Totally agree Roald. And Angela if you do not agree to this one, you are missing a very important point: if you are proud of being black that means YOU create a category (label, class, race, whatever you name it) that others do not. You had some complaining about racism and categorization and labels earlier yet you are the only one (among us three here) who uses it and embraces it. I see a crooked picture on the wall here that needs straightening. I think you need to have a chat with your many inner Angelas.

          2. That is the kind of culture I like. Yes I had no say and you had no say in being dutch and white. However, Black evolved to mean an entire host of attributes so the comparison is fair.

            You not feeling that way does not negate the feelings of others

            “Can’t say pride is high on my list. As a matter of fact, pride can go and fuck itself.” I am not talking about just pride.

            You acknowledge the various groups– such as Dutch, Jew, Gypsy and White– so you acknowledge culture. ;D

            1. Excuse my interruption of your and Roald’s chat but you said Angela

              “You acknowledge the various groups– such as Dutch, Jew, Gypsy and White– so you acknowledge culture”

              and what you said is not true.

              There is no such as Jew as culture. Jew is a religion. When will people ever understand that? There are no Jewish people! There are people of the Jewish Faith as there are of Christian Faith and so forth.

              Are you of “Black Faith” and me of “White Faith” or what the heck is this all about?

              Being Dutch is not a culture either.. it is a geographic location. The Dutch people have some culture. It is not Dutch culture… it is not the country that has the culture but the people within that country. The short hand of “American culture” I wrote earlier I hoped you understood was a shorthand else it is meaningless. I am American and I consider whatever culture people have here to be mine–including East Indian, American Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, whatever as long as they are also American citizens or legal residents.

              Collectively the people of America have “a culture” that represents them as Americans. Countries have no cultures, people do. Counties have no religions, people do. And a group of people who carry the Jewish religion are not Jews.. they are people who may be American, Dutch, Israeli, whatever… A Muslim need not be coming from an Arab country either… being of a Muslim faith does not make you a Muslim in your country–in fact there is no country called Muslim or Jew or Christian… it makes you a Muslim in Faith.

              Gosh.. get that right please!

              You are confusing elements of race, religion, culture, geography, and those are all meaningless. There is no race; people have religions and countries do not, culture belong to people, and country simply means geography.

            2. You are confusing elements of race, religion, culture, geography, and those are all meaningless. There is no race;

              Tell the Palestinians and Israelis who fight over land. 😀

            3. They are not fighting over race; they are fighting over a holy land that they claim belongs to both. There is no race there only religion.

            4. You’re just twisting my words again. No problem though, as it probably was done unintentionally. I’m used to that. It seems too hard for many people, including you, to get rid of paradigms they don’t even like themselves.

              You feelings? I would never deny you those! Feel your feelings, babe, feel them hard.

              Um… the meantime, care to join us?

    2. Do fights between nations only come about as a result of race? What about fights over the centuries for more land, more wealth, more of more… including religion… Race is a concept that is artificially injected here all through and it has absolutely nothing to do with it. A person of Muslim faith will never think of a person of Buddhist faith to be of a different race.. only a different religion. What has race got to do with it? (Twisted Tina Turner) 🙂

  9. Two things for your blog, dearest:

    1) Finally an article regarding the ongoing turmoil I can relate to.

    2) Huh? How come THIS is not breaking front page/prime time news? And what about those children, eh? Only 50,000? No media frenzy in this case? Oh my!

    Oh and here is a third one for y’all. This time from the Institute for Palestine Studies. It’s about the famous Gaza tunnels. Come, since y’all lack some crucial info about issues like this, but think y’all know it all, don’t miss this opportunity and educate yourselves a bit.

    And because it’s such a lengthy one, y’all are so extremely busy with other important stuff, and children are so often placed in the limelight of this thread, here’s a little part of the article where the little rascals are mentioned as well:

    “During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies. At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials.”

    Whaaaaaat?! And this never reached the news? Tsss……Tsskkkk!

    1. I agree with NY times article (first one). Did you read it? I expected both you and Angela would disagree.

      The second article is sad and dire in South Sudan.

      For some reason I thought about the Godfather, perhaps the contrast between Michael(youngest) and his father. Then again times were different. I think killing his brother revealed Michael’s hidden dark side..

      The same dark cruelties occur in prolonged wars where generations of children witness, suffer losses and incur severe disabilities. The overlay of mental illness on family dynamics is underappreciated along with fears. Children are particularly susceptible that is why ALL children are targets of abuse even in war on both sides.

      Most African countries especially Nigeria are corrupt. Foreign Aide flows without hindrance into senior gov’t officials’ pockets with only pittance going to sustainable infrastructures.

      Our evidence-based procedures are predictable and easily gamed.

      IMO the strategy of using predictable patterns works and, allow senior gov’t officials to dicker around bickering while their people die of treatable diseases.

      And the third link led nowhere.

      MBA, Thank You. I appreciated the articles. I missed your regular contributions. Last night, I read an old post with a few comments that made me laugh uncontrollably. We should go on the road. hehehe

      1. I totally agree to Angela’s comment on corruption of the governments–all government, including the US but some of the governments, such as African and Asian and Russian of course, are worse than most. How does the world help hungry children when the aid doesn’t get them? Do we bring the children out and feed them here? Then we have wht we now have from South America where parents send they babies over without any parental supervision just so the kids can survive but yes, they are all abused already and will suffer its consequences for the rest of their lives. I do not see a solution. The climate change is everywhere–it doesn’t matter if it is nature caused or human caused because the outcome is the same: the earth gives us no food because it changed its weather for whatever reason.

        I can see this on a very small scale obviously in my yard; I can see this on a bit more enlarged scale in the supermarkets where fresh food is only fresh for 1 hour and then it starts to rot. It is the marker that our earth is sick and we care nothing about that. Without a healthy earth, we will have sick earth and everything on it will also be sick and dying. The priorities are messed up.

        From a purely scientific and non-compassionate view: put 1 bacterium in a Petri dish and watch it multiply until its own toxins will kill it all. Humans are not bacteria of course but we multiply beyond the capability of the Petri dish called Earth… the consequences are the same as for the bacteria in the Petri dish. Why do we not see this? I guess we don;t because we have compassion and believe that “all we need is love” but the Beatles lied… it just rhymed and sounded good. It means nothing for like.

        I cannot comment on the Israeli article since I am really not a political animal and I only picked up on the CNN news the other days because the US Constitution was broken.

        I understand that the Jewish people were placed into a territory to have their own nation and thus the Palestinians had to give up “their” land. But if I recall correctly from history and some readings, “that” land originally also belonged to the people of Jewish Faith only they were kicked out of there before. So who does that land belong to today? Earth.. that we know for sure. The rest I cannot answer without bias so I will not address much, only say this.

        In watching the news today where the UN moved into Gaza to inspect the peace, they have discovered many rockets and weapons in schools, near hospitals, etc. I am not a military man but if I get fired at from rocket X, and if I have the technology to destroy rocket X, I will. Its location to me is irrelevant. Hamas knows this, hence they place them in places where I will cause the most human damage so they can blame me.

        To Hamas it is “human shield” in which they protect their weapons because they know that the only way to destroy the weapons is by also killing innocent people, which then makes the Israeli army look bad. I cannot help but be biased so I stay out of the political side of the discussion and only try to point out the emotional differences: Hamas’ purpose it to kill; Israel’s purpose is to protect. The outcome maybe the same on the short run. On the long run–if it can go on for the long run–the purpose would change. Only few see the purpose from the immediate action. It is like a toothache from needing a root-canal. We know we must endure the pain of the root canal yet we still blame to painful tooth even though we know that teeth don’t hurt. Food for thought…

        1. You know Angela, I think it is a combination of factors and at the core is culture; look at the history. When you believe angels have no choice and always do the will of God while the devil,was the only angel to exercise free choice….I think you can preach anything hence the reason for so many factions, sects, and followers.


      2. “Did you read it?” Asking me that question makes me think that you must be one who posts links to articles without reading them first. I’m not like that. Furthermore, that you expected me to disagree with it, shows me that the picture you have from me is more based on your own thoughts and a desire to make it fit into your world, than on my contributions to your blog and the chats we had.

        The second link was just my way of ridiculing the current uproar among the masses triggered by the same news outlets they normally criticize to no end and help to boost the ratings of same nevertheless. Soon these masses will fall asleep again, to be awakened later on to again spit their lame and ignorant venom and creepy righteousness related to yet another case brought to them. These people accuse others of hidden agendas, of atrocities, and lies, while all they do themselves is venting their frustration with the “world” because the “world” did them wrong and because for having failed in their own miserable life. I can’t take them seriously, and can only hope they will rot in hell someday. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the children in Gaza, the current casualties in Armenia and Azerbaijan, the danger the people of Bagdad are in now IS caught a major dam, etc. Fuck all these appalling upset ones!

        The third one is one of the few which I consider is based on facts and not propaganda. The part I took from it (deliberately letting 160 Gaza children die while doing hard labor for Hamas’ “cause”) was to directly show the hypocrisy of Hamas as well as (again) the ignorance of those who constantly are spreading their “wisdom” about the conflict.

        1. ” shows me that the picture you have from me is more based on your own thoughts and a desire to make it fit into your world, than on my contributions to your blog and the chats we had.”

          Did I hurt your feelings?

          Of course, I knew you read the article. Hmmm….that tells me you think I am dumb despite all our intelligent conversations. Well! 😀

          1. Angela, I don’t think Roald is (or can be) hurt. Pissed maybe but not hurt. His world is very different from ours and thus the glasses through which he sees the world is different. And that’s OK. There is nothing you (or I) can do to convince him that he does not see what we see and so his judgments is based on what he sees and not what we see. This argument is circular and also refers to the Gaza/Israeli issues. Sometimes people are just so different that they cannot see the point of the other! And that’s OK.. The world is made of different opinions; otherwise it would be a very boring place. The problem is when one tries to force the other into seeing the world the same way or by one trying to make the other feel stupid for not seeing the world the same way.. hence the statement of another stupid question… Differences of opinions are great but getting personal is not. It is just simply against my personal preference and don’t like it when such is present on your blog for stranger (particularly your stalkers) reading that. But this is just my take.

            1. People do this all the time when some unexpected friction or disagreement pops up, get irritated by same, and can’t stand that their views are not shared by those they expected to share them, namely, telling, if not accusing, belittling, and lecturing, the other party: “You totally missed the point.” No matter what this other party does at that time, they stubbornly stick to the belief that he/she didn’t understand crap and missed their point completely, even when the other party tells them they don’t give rat’s ass about the point in question. I think this is some kind of safety valve, some kind of protection, helplessness, as well as a tool to safe face. Oh, and another funny thing is that they, like you did just now Angela of the West, often try to find and come up with an “explanation” why the other party couldn’t catch their point.

              Here’s one fine gentleman reporter who thought he had a point as well, and thus made it his quest to make others understand his point too. His point in question was that Israel was doing bad things against the Gazans, and boy would he show the world that he was right. So, among other things, he began broadcasting from the strip. And while he was busy doing so…………….hahahahaha.

              And here’s the follow up to that event. Lmfao! Point taken?

              Hmmm, maybe all this was (again) not to the point, ladies? Well, if that would be the case in the eyes of the beholders, I trust at least you enjoyed the cruel change of heart imposed on the shocked reporter. 😀

              Now get that Constitution of yours in order and working, dammit. Um, not that I found it a great one, eh? But since you “have” to live under American politics…………

            2. Roald I do live under the American constitution by choice and do not take it lightly when it is challenged by outsiders since the constitution means nothing to them but everything to us; it is ours, it represents us. I would never have cared much about the fight in Gaza and Israel since I go out of my way to not watch the news… It was totally by accident that the program reflected upon the misuse of the constitution and hence I got involved with that.

              We all have our opinions and believe it or not your opinions are not any better than ours.

              And I certainly do not think it is gentlemanly to tell a woman that her questions was dumb.

              I think you are crossing a line and I am not sure I like that. You have not crossed East Coast Angela’s line based on her response but the West Coast one has less tolerance perhaps for needless and useless personal attacks based on opinions that are subjective. If you say she is dumb for saying that 2+2 = 5 and indeed it is the wrong answer, it is still wrong to call her–or anyone–dumb; it is not constructive and hurtful. There is no need for that and particularly not with people you find interesting enough or important enough to have a conversation with.

              I may think you are dumb but I will not tell you that out of being kind. I also find many of your statements downright wrong but I usually let it go because it does not matter. Like on Harris; I personally find you totally wrong but again, it is subjective, so I am not fighting you. You think what you think and I think what I think and that is fine. But personal attacks show disrespect plus weakness and lack of other subjects to attack. I do not let that go.

              • When the wind blows, some run outside, screaming, “hurricane!” Others relax on the porch, whispering, “ah, nice breeze”. You call it attack, I call it tease. And yes………it’s all subjective. So what? Is objective (whatever subjective meaning is attached to it) that great?

              • Reading back this conversation I think making it personally came from you. Again, ad hominem as it is called by some people ,I don’t care much about because to me everything is personal.

              • Re dumb: East Coast Angela: “Hmmm….that tells me you think I am dumb despite all our intelligent conversations. Well! :D”. Aruba Ro: “Oh, by Allah and his prophet’s lame legacy, another dumb question?” Guess if I would have added 😀 you would have get that one as it was intended to get.

              • I could address other parts of your personal attack on me, but I won’t, as I’m way too kind for that. Oh, and before I forget this time…. 😀 😀 😀 😀

            3. The only thing personal Roald I ever said was that you see a different point of view.

              I never said you were dumb even though I may consider you as such even if I add 🙂 which is irrelevant but cute. Your “strength” is in “overpower” by strong statements (I see the silver-back drumming his chest), many of which have little meaning and we all know the convention: “When the wind blows, some run outside, screaming, “hurricane!” Others relax on the porch, whispering, “ah, nice breeze”. You call it attack, I call it tease…”

              For your information, if someone calls it an attack and you a breeze it will not make you 1) right and 2) give you the right to demean the other.

              And yes, when the subject is objective (can be said “you are wrong” and prove it) versus subjective (this is how I feel, how do you?) makes a huge difference in whether it strengthens an argument or weakens it, respectively. Your two videos that came after the “comment” were much more meaningful than you calling Angela dumb. It was rude and out of context. I am standing up for her because she is too kind to swallow you whole but I am not! You are talking to people here, emotional women to be precise, and you are not in the boys’ club. Please adjust your language accordingly since Angela’s blog here has a function and purpose that is definitely not to be called dumb. Be considerate.

            4. To paraphrase you: Again you are totally missing the point Angela! Please read it again..

              Proof? You mean evidence? Yes? Well, maybe it could have some value within a certain context, and especially in what is called science. It’s highly overrated though. But it’s a nice tool to mislead people, and make them belief what’s presented to them by the gurus of objectivity, is the truth and nothing but the truth. Your friend Harris is a champion in that. I on the other hand look at science/proof/evidence for what it is: One of the ways I can approach “the world”. And more importantly, taking care it (science, objectivity, proof) doesn’t overwhelm and bury all my other possibilities to understand and enjoy life. And I certainly resist the trend that what is not accepted as proof by the acolytes of the church of Science and/or the worshippers of Deity Objectivity, is inferior, not true, or subjective.

              As for the rest of your lecture: Please refrain from projecting your own personality traits onto me.

              ** Gorilla-Ro talking to himself now: Grrrrr…… let me groom myself a bit under the touch of that fine gentle breeze to get these fucking human fleas out of my manly fur…….grrrrr!**

            5. Angela, MBA called me worst. You could say I am so accustomed to his demeaning ways I haven’t noticed any changes. hehehehe ;D

            6. Lol Angela; I think you are right. That is why I came to your defense. You are also not accustomed to verbally stand up to meet the challenge on the same level as the one comes your way. I also feel responsible to protect a friend who has different and softer style than I have, for whatever reason. I do believe that you “let it go” as you do in general because you fell less than others by the way you are treated. So I want to treat you differently because I think you are worth way more than what you give yourself credit for. I will take the beating when you are not prepared. 🙂 I am fine with that.

  10. I have to add to all of this Angela that this is an awesome conversation!!! We need to arrange for a meeting–say in Aruba?–with our buddy here and have a few drinks with funky hats on and discuss knitting or bowling or chase birds… I think it may be relaxing and I swear to not run away! <3

    1. It is an awesome conversation. We went from the Palestinian Israeli conflict in Gaza to children to war/ terrorism to cultures and everything in between. And we disagreed, ranted and raved. This thread is a model for discussing thorny issues.

      That would be nice to meet in Aruba….I love funky hats and exotic drinks. With a ratio of 9 men to one woman it may become home. hehehe

  11. “So I want to treat you differently because I think you are worth way more than what you give yourself credit for. I will take the beating when you are not prepared. 🙂 I am fine with that.”

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you, that is very sweet, I don’t usually have too many people who come to my defence….come to think about it I am usually pounded for my opinions as is the case for most-strong women. 😀

    And you are correct I do hate to get into the ring and put on the boxing gloves.

    1. Yes Angela, I too used to take the beating more often than not but I have come to accept that and I no longer care who likes it or doesn’t like it. I used to care but that always hurt me at the end… I got smarter and I no longer care.. and now I no longer get hurt. It is counter intuitive since “assertive” women are called a bitch… But I call myself a bitch up front and then I just become assertive in the eye of others. 🙂

  12. .”now let me groom myself a bit under the touch of that fine gentle breeze to get these fucking human fleas out of my manly fur…….grrrrr!**”

    MBA, what are fleas doing in your “manly fur”? How will you get rid of them? LOL

        1. hehehehe lol… me neither and have no intention to be! 😀 But I must say I gained a HUGE victory today–under gag so cannot say much more but one HUGE fish was caught in the net in the wrong… So 2 down and 2 more to go but these 2 already provide enough for legal action. I am dancing in the “sun” albeit I wish it were rain… lol

          1. Good for you. Glad to hear, Angela.

            How is MBA? I should email him but he can be so moody….probably huffin and puffin and the house still stands. 😀

            1. I have not talked to him since Angela… I see he keeps on posting to LinkedIn but he is a group all to himself and no one is joining. He is moody and also talks “down” to people in general, which was tolerable to some level by me but I think it has grown a bit too arrogant. At the beginning he allowed room for others to be whoever they were but he changed at some point to be “the best thing man has ever known” and at that point there may not be a return (for me at least).. not sure about you. You do of course as you wish.

              I have enough on my plate already. I enrolled at as a scientist and am also helping people there. I get a lot more satisfaction out of helping people in need of knowledge than a philosophical fight with Roald.

              I am also quite a bit concerned about ISIS and the terrible things they do. I think WWIII is going to happen in our lifetime unfortunately! 🙁

            2. How is that going,

              Oh, I think MBA will get over it.

              He seems to be talking to you in his group.

              I agree it does not bode well on a macro or micro level. I am worried also. 🙁

            3. He is talking to me in his group? I have not visited just getting the emails that he is posting… he can always “really” talk to me if he wished… I am not very good at reading between the lines if you know what I mean when it comes to apologizing for inappropriate language… I prefer to face the person. But that is just me. 😀

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