Excellent, well-written article on what I call the Black Experience. “I am trapped by Blackness”

Privilege  (syn.): “honor, freedom, favor, pleasure, right, benefit, advantage, opportunity, license, joy, treat”

Disadvantage (syn.): hindrance, inconvenience, drawback, difficulty, demerit, weakness, shortcoming, trouble, burden, hardship, nuisance, minus, handicap”

Though shared at family gatherings along with secrets for surviving it, detailed in personal narratives and recorded in historical renderings of the hardships of believing in the social coloring of skin and consequently, being bound to its social covenant and conditions,  I have not come across a list detailing the particular difficulties, the weight, the obvious baggage of assuming the socially constructed identity of black, comparable to what Peggy McIntosh does for white privilege in her essay, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”.  This is one such attempt.

1.  I am America’s (only) victim. 

As children, African Americans are often taught a history that situates the beginning of African people in America as opposed to the continent of Africa or its many countries.  Consequently, their narrative begins with words like stolen…

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