The Time is Now that We All Come Together and Take A Stand

Forced Treatment? Who is making these policies? Patients still have rights! Government forgot and medicine stinks…very badly!

Emily Elizabeth Pierce

Early Last week I spoke with one of Congressman Barbers Senior Aide’s about the collaboration of the Murphy/Barber bill. I got off the phone very pleased with the conversation. I raised a few concerns and all were addressed with detail and too my surprise his aide was very well educated in the realm of mental health. I want to make this clear up front I don’t believe a thing I hear until I see it actually happen. My dad always told me growing up Actions speak louder than words.
The first concern I raised was why in the legislation proposed was there all forced treatment and no protections for people with mental illness? I said I understand this is not part of Ron Barbers bill but he did have a meeting with Rep Tim Murphy.
The response I was given was that Representative Ron Barber will not and does not…

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2 thoughts on “The Time is Now that We All Come Together and Take A Stand”

  1. Yes, stand your ground, all of you!

    Seems to me a whole lot of your so called Representatives should undergo a psychiatric assessment, and then, no matter the outcome, locked up behind bars. To kill time they should be forced alternately writing lines (“I shall never write any legislation proposal again”) and standing in the corner.

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    1. I like it when we agree. This story reminds me of Tufts Medical Center, one hospital whose doors should be permanently closed. I cried while reading her blog….the tears just would not stop. And the police prey on these people.

      Do you know with Eric Garner, the asthmatic man murdered by the NYPD, the NYPD was known to harrass the community.

      FYI: That particular cop had at least 3 offenses on record. One where he stripped search two men in public and fondled their genitals. He took the men to the precinct where they were stripped naked to allow police officers to touch the young men genitals who were each paid $15,000 to settle a suit.

      What kind of animals or sick FUCKS are police officers?


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