Jon Stewart: Discussions Of Israel / Gaza Conflict

 Jon Stewart: Discussions Of Israel / Gaza Conflict

This video captures any discussion of Gaza and Israel.

Jon Stewart demonstrates the impossibility of discussing the Israel-Gaza conflict

Full Story at :  Jon Stewart Perfectly Captures What It’s Like To Talk About Israel/Gaza


In another story, Jon Stewart wants to raise $10 billion to buy CNN using a Kickstarter Campaign. I want to support his efforts.

If you donate $5 billion to the cause, I will co-host  with Jon Stewart (he doesn’t know yet and he doesn’t know me either  :D)

Jon Stewart launches $10 billion ‘Kickstarter’ to buy CNN

The Zakaria night out will cost you $25,000. However, for just $10,000, you can be in a “signature CNN mass shooting coverage 6-box.”

If you have $1 million rattling around an old pantsuit, that will allow you to host “a CNN anchor Hunger Games fight to the death.”

If you happen to have $5 million handy to contribute to this cause, CNN will run a two-week, 24-7 hunt for your missing car keys.

Jon Stewart Perfectly Captures What It’s Like To Talk About Israel/Gaza


  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

14 thoughts on “Jon Stewart: Discussions Of Israel / Gaza Conflict

  1. This man preys on the misery of others. Without it he would starve. Making fun of current horrible situations makes it even worse. That he’s applauded by many tells me something about these people as well.

    I wonder what the real reason is that he changed his name. Leibowitz is way more appropriate for a self proclaimed comedian like this Jon, because “witz” is the German word for “joke”.

    New show: Jolly Jon Acid, a sad clown feeding a sad audience.

    1. Does anyone have a sense of humor anymore?

      Can you entertain other points of view without demolishing the person?

      Here I volunteered to co-host w/ Jolly Job Acid to assist with his Kickstarter takeover of CNN— for a 5 billion dollar donation.

      1. I see no humor, only making fun of people in a mega dire situation.

        Give me 5 minutes alone in a room with this character and I promise you he will never make fun of Palestinians, Syrians, or Ukrainians again. As for the Jewish people? They don’t need me. They can take care of themselves.

        1. He is not making fun of the Palestinians they are the ones in a mega dire situation..he is making fun of Israel who put them there.

          And you and Angela proved his point.

          1. “And you and Angela proved his point.”? By Allah, you must be very desperate to come up with a cliché remark like that. Admit it, he’s just an attention whore in need of an audience, and will do anything to get their attention, no matter what. Well….um…… long as he feels safe eh?

          2. I don;t think I proved his point Angela. What is proven is that you misunderstood what I wrote and seem to misunderstand everything I write with respect to the conflict in Gaza. It is hard to change a biased mind–and this works both way apparently. I do not see your point and you do not see mine. It is OK to disagree.

            1. eek… curry makes me sick…. I’ll add other spices. 🙂 Being biased is not possible to achieve. I am not on anyone’s side per se–or was not until Palestine started the fight and they hid their weapons in schools and hospitals. That is brutal and needs no bias to hate it. Israel has no chance; what else they will fight? A tree is the desert? If you are faced with a killer on the street pointing a gun at you, will you pull you gun and shoot a bird? Because that is what you are suggesting: that Israel should not fight back. Why not?

              Why should Israel not fight back? Is that what you hope for?

  2. This video captures nothing about Israel or Gaza. It captures feelings about children being killed Angela, which was your motto to start with. I agree with Roald. This video has no humor in it only laughs at human weakness, which is nothing to joke about. I would like to see this guy being in Gaza take sides and fight for one or the other… it is easy to behind the camera in a plush chair and make fun of the suffering of others by telling confused lies… It is a shame that America has sunken to the level where a so called comedy must be used to point out political stupidity and then point it from the wrong perspective… Israel started by launching an attack? really??? Is this guy passed 2 years old pointing fingers yet to blame someone other than himself for knocking the ice cream over? Really?

    1. Yes it’s high time for Mr. Jon Leibowitz (oh sorry…..I mean Stewart of course) to get his sorry ass out of that plush chair and over to IS country, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL (yep these fiery fighters of Allah occasionally change their name too, hehe), and start some standup comedy in the desert. Topic: The fatwa announced by these fine creators of the new Caliphate that as of this day on all women between 11 and 46 years must undergo circumcision. And who knows, whilst he’s joking around with them and having fun, maybe Mr. Jon would have the balls to tell these creeps about UN Resolution A/RES/67/146 which emphasizes on zero tolerance for FGM/C (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting).

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