Police Harassment: Are Police Officers Fabricating Crimes to Justify Discrimination?

Miami Gardens told by their Chief to target black males between ages of 15-30

Police arrested a man 56 times at work for trespassing.

Earl Sampson picked up by Miami Gardens Police 256 times– the equivalent of an once a week for the last 4 years and arrested 56 times  for trespassing at his place of employment where he still works.  None of the arrests resulted in  convictions and all were dismissed or  thrown out.  He has  no criminal record except minor marijuana possession.

As crime is low,  Are  police departments fabricating crimes and criminals for stats and money by  targeting black males between the ages of 15 to 30 years old.


Miami Gardens Sued Over Racial Profiling, Police Abuse!!


Miami Gardens Police Chief Mathew Boyd


What will be done about the injustices of police officers?  Thus far no one has sought to criminalize police officer’s brutality, violence, molestation and MURDERS.  They should be tried by the community and if convicted placed in same facility as those they arrested.   Now that would be justice as they reach for the soap.


5 thoughts on “Police Harassment: Are Police Officers Fabricating Crimes to Justify Discrimination?

  1. It hard to imagine this. But when the statistics are presented, you will know without any doubt this fact in truth. One remedy is too put cameras in all police cars. All arrests are then put in front of the camera so there will be little doubt left on a persons word. For an example, if an officer claims a knife, it better be on the hood of the car for the camera to pick up, I just couldn’t imagine be setup by the people that are there to protect us, singled out to help pay for a prison and for a trumped up charge.

    Yes, this is really happening in the USA. Why is the real reason the whites walk away and the blacks are pick on, again, again and again.

  2. How disgusting. They would’ve NEVER tried that with the majority of Americans. I’m glad they’re getting sued since no one should ever be harassed like that and no one should just make up crimes just to meet quotas.

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