Police Brutality: An Unstoppable Epidemic


Cops Beat This Father of Three to the Point of Hospitalization. ‘Oh Sorry Wrong Guy’


“I could understand taking somebody down hard. I can understand the need for that and securing them, but that’s not what happened. I got on the ground, I was no threat to anybody, I was fully compliant,” said Carlos, who has no criminal history.

The three officers who beat him, claim that Carlos had his hands underneath his body during the beating.

When KENS 5 news interviewed SAPD police chief William McManus, he stated that “Clearly it was a case of mistaken identity. From the report that I’ve read, from the photo that I saw and from your description, I’ve not seen anything at this point that would indicate to me that anything out of order happened.”

Just to recap, the chief of police [William McManus} thinks that an innocent man being beaten to the point of hospitalization by incompetent police officers mistaking him for another man, indicates that nothing “out of order happened.”


Full Story:  Cops Beat This Father of Three to the Point of Hospitalization. ‘Oh Sorry Wrong Guy’

Cops Beat This Father of Three to the Point of Hospitalization. ‘Oh Sorry Wrong Guy’



Contrast Jon Stewart’s brief clip showing a disorderly white man resisting arrest.   Notice the difference in the Police Officer’s attitude.


Police Brutality Epidemic Goes Mainstream: The Daily Show, “This Sh*t’s Gotta Stop Already”



Pregnant Woman Allegedly Put in Choke Hold by NYPD Officer  




This woman was put in a chokehold and  family members arrested because they were grilling for a barbecue?  When did that become a crime? Another case of police harassment leading to police violence and brutality culminating in false arrests.   Law enforcement gets money for each arrest–even unlawful arrests– explaining motive and the epidemic rise of arrests in communities of color, patients with mental illnesses, patients with autism and homeless people.


The question remains what is being done to correct these crimes against humanity and genocide on the part of police officers who are instructed by their Chiefs to target for arrests and brutality black males between the ages of 15-30.  Also of concern are signs that police officers may be engaged in pedophilia and molestation of prisoners. Reports that  NYPD Officer David Pantaleo did a public strip search on two young black males and  fondled their genitalias  then took the victims back to the precinct  only to be stripped naked again to pose and  perform acts for the officers to document with cameras.   Seems as if these officers are working part time for the pornography industry.

Internal Investigations invariable  free the officers unless the officer happens to be black, what is up with that?    Why do we need criminals as police officers? Clearly these officers are not trained to serve or protect the public but rather to do harm to humanity.   When will ALL Americans get justice?  Police officers deserve no less than their victims.

The videos show law enforcement  has the wrong attitude.   Isn’t it  time law enforcement pays for the harm done to society and the communities they serve?


  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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  1. I guess they are so used to their take down method that they won’t even consider the situation, they go full bore “just in case” and as long as they follow official procedure they can claim they did nothing wrong.

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