Jeff Weiner sounds like a leader, does he care about the customer experience at LinkedIn?



LinkedIn Speaker Series: Jeff Weiner, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha



Jeff Weiner is determined to read the letter, even if he’s running a tad late. For more than an hour the chief executive of LinkedIn has been holding forth on everything from management techniques to employee satisfaction, as well as reflecting on his own career path. These topics are particularly germane to his business, of course, and Weiner gets excited talking about them. His company is all about helping people realize their career goals. Its booming website maintains a permanent, real-time résumé for its users and makes money by matching recruiters with job seekers. But for each minute that Weiner extends the discussion, his packed schedule gets more and more backed up: He’s due to leave later in the day to speak at an advertising conference in Cannes, and at the moment a highly rated engineer who is considering leaving the company waits outside his office to tell the CEO…

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