2 thoughts on “There Are No “Bad Apples”, Just An Organized Gang of Rotten NYPD Thugs

  1. Perhaps officers should live in the neighborhood they patrol. They should be members of that community.

    Or citizen members of the community should accompany on all calls. Civilian control should extended to every aspect of policing.

    1. Carleton, those are excellent suggestions that should be routine. Part of police brutality and racial profiling are tied to cultural incompetence: lack of cultural awareness of the community served.

      I read an article in the Washington Post poking fun at our President (Obama) for using the word “folks” in different contexts. Unbeknownst to the author of the article, the term folks is often an endearing term used by black people and other cultures. I use the term ‘folks’ quite often, and for me, it indicates familiarity..

      Many cultures are surprisingly ignorant of black culture. Some cultures want to eliminate black culture altogether. That is just silly, what about their entertainment? No new dance moves or colorful fashion….I guess when one is fed only stereotypes and myths it is difficult to re-adjust or adapt to the truth.

      Police Officers face that challenge–their internal biases become uncontrollable in stressful situations. Most learn self-regulation, part of emotional intelligence…. police officers score very low on EQ is my guess.

      Police departments need an overhaul of their culture, policies and personnel.

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