3 thoughts on “I Can’t Breathe

  1. I saw the video, disgusting is all I can say, he was having trouble breathing and the 4 Officers still held him down, I know many will not agree with me but if you really watch the tape, there was necessary roughness and he did have him in a choke-hold, that cannot be denied and it caused a human being to die, I am shocked nothing was done about it.

  2. I spent over two decades in the law enforcement field and I can tell you that there IS training on ‘positional asphyxia’ in most departments. The officers should have known that kneeling on the back of an obese person who is face down on the ground is dangerous enough to result in death. I’m for cops, but like the Rodney king incident, as soon as I saw this video I knew the officers were doing something wrong. I’m sure it was ‘in the heat of battle’, but these guys should know that they are held to a higher standard than those used in a street brawl.

    “Protect and serve” is a great departmental motto, but it needs to be reflected the actions of individual police officers or it means nothing.

    Are minorities discriminated against by police in general? I don’t believe so, but certainly there officers on any street and in any jail that have those biases and routinely act on them. That’s who needs to be weeded out.

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