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  1. There still something to fall back on this story. We know for sure the shooting at the end. We also know he or a look alike obtained a cigar looking package leaving a convenience store pushing someone out of the way. I did not see a weapon there and that was the only footage not including the front desk.

    Something propelled that too its ending. At first glance it’s unreal, to shoot someone over a box of something. Yes, he might of been a robber, but it set the scene between there and where he died. Was he really a cop killer and a robber? If he had a weapon, where did he drop it? Did someone say he did or did the police see a weapon on him somewhere between? It’s hard stuff to choke down ascertaining the truths and facts.

    So what is there to fall back on? The next time it happens there will be more than one town.

    1. Claude, he was unarmed–a fact.

      He had his hands in the air and said do not shoot.

      How does one surrender?

      To a KKK Ferguson cop like Darren Wilson, blacks do not have that liberty. Officer Wilson fired SIX SHOTS all front entry wounds, two of which lodged in his brain. Interesting the bullets travelled and re-entered several times. How often do bullets do that?

      Michael Brown died of multiple gun shot wounds inflicted by a trained veteran police officer. Shoplifting is not punishable by death; further, who gave Officer Darren Wilson the authority to be judge and jury? He then determined Michael Brown’s sentence was death. I wish the same for him no court, just a hanging.

      Ferguson PD are unprofessional. Look at how they treated the protesters, even the media and their own white people.

      Yesterday, I realized this fight is one to regain Americans unalienable rights under the Constitution.

  2. Time will pass before this is settled. Yes Angela bullets do travel.

    There must be a kind of adrenalin rush after being shot or shock. Apparently a shot was fired before. Maybe it makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do. Both the policeman and the suspect have a blank background.

  3. Angela I have this crazy idea. Actually I’m serious, everyone take heart.

    Since everyone and the police are out and on the street. They should practise what to do. The people are free, cops are being paid for. We will all learn from it. In harmony.

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