Food For Thought: Why Do White Police Officers Hate Black and Brown People?

Why Do White Police Officers Hate Black and Brown People?

IDNK and wish some answers.   It is a fallacy that black and brown people are more violent than white people.  Look to history for the truth.

Why are  Anglo-Saxon standards used as normal?   Are   white  people normal and everyone else not? 

Moreover most of the world is not white.  Why then do we let one group dictate our behaviors?

Two questions that


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

31 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Why Do White Police Officers Hate Black and Brown People?

  1. I think it goes even deeper….in a world where conquer, abuse and inhumanity dictated the world, and how ‘black’ people were treated, without any dignity at all, why were marginalized people constructed as violent in the first place?

    I think there are a combination of things which happen…Phillip Zimbardo has written the Lucifer Effect, which looks at the power of authority, a badge, a situation, to determine whether abuse will occur or not. But there is the problem of power, of dominant narratives, the continual construction and reconstruction of myth, through media, tv shows, social beliefs and discriminatory discourse (which needs to be untied or unpacked continually).

    I remember a documentary on school shooting, which looked at police shows on tv, and a media person explaining the need for action, ‘black’ men as criminals, running away, drama, and the resultant paranoia which sometimes happens in communities.

    When any group of people are constructed as a threat, less than human, as happened with Jewish people in Germany, then society reacts viciously, and tries to contain the threat. The real work is to undo the constructions, stories and myths that get told, over and over again, and to keep unraveling them.

    It’s also important to break down the way the myths intertwine. Eg poor and ‘black’ and how this decreases a person’s value in the eyes of dominant discourse (conversation).

    I don’t know if this article will help?

    1. Wow…Nic….TY….I have to really think about what you said. Your question, ” how ‘black’ people were treated, without any dignity at all, why were marginalized people constructed as violent in the first place” is an excellent one as well as your comments. I have to think before I respond.

    2. Jews never resorted to violence in any community, no matter how badly treated. The only instance they took up arms was when Israel was established and we had to defend ourselves.

        1. Here are some interesting thoughts on why violence can occur in communities continually facing oppression or degradation…these are on Ferguson, but they could be about any event where people are dehumanized. It explains (in case anybody really does need to try and understand) what the limits are, when people face struggle over and over again.

          Riots are things that human beings do because human beings have limits. We don’t all have the same limits. For some of us, our human limit is when our favorite team loses a game. For some of us, it’s when our favorite team wins a game. The people of Ferguson had a different limit than that. For the people of Ferguson, a lifetime of neglect and defacto segregation and incompetence and mistreatment by every level of government was not their limit. When that malign neglect set the stage for one of their children to be shot down and left in the street like a piece of trash… that was not their limit. For the people of Ferguson, spending one hundred days almost entirely peacefully protesting for some measure of justice for that child and having their desire for justice treated like a joke by every local authority… was not their limit. And then after those 100 days, when the so-called prosecutor waited till the dead of night to twist that knife one last time. When he came out and confirmed once and for all that Michael Brown’s life didn’t matter… Only then did the people of Ferguson reach their limit. So when you look at what happened Monday night, the question you should be asking is how did these human beings last that long before they reached their human limit? How do black people in America retain such a deep well of humanity that they can be pushed so far again and again without reaching their human limit? That is what happens when you treat human beings that way. (Emphasis mine.)

      1. However, as you mentioned Jews and Israel only using VIOLENCE in SELF-DEFENSE, I believe the Palestinian people vehemently Disagree. Have you discounted the innocent Palestinian children tortured and murdered by Israeli soldiers? Palestinian land invaded and now occupied by Israel….

        1. In 1947 there was a UN resolution on the Partition of Palestine (same year that it happened for India and Pakistan). We accepted it, Arabs refused, thinking they would demolish us. They were wrong. There was an opportunity for peace in 1967, Palestinians rejected it. 6 years ago there was a Saudi Peace plan for the region, which proposed a comprehensive solution including recognition of Israel and normalisation with all the surrounding countries. We agreed, guess who rejected it. Again.

          Israeli soldiers never torture Palestinian children. Actually, many of them are post trauma having had t encounter kids as soldiers or human shields. Israeli army is considered to be the most ethical army in the world. Much above the American one. We are a society at war for 66 years. Mostly, because it’s forced on us. Yes the pictures of dead Palestinian kids are horrible. This happens because their society idolises death and not life. Holocaust, when we went like sheep to slaughter, will never happen in Israel;. No matter how bad it looks to the outside world.

          BTW, I never read your opinion about female circumcision in Africa and Muslim countries. Has nothing to do with bad whites or Jews.

          I would strongly advise you to get out of the media sensations and check all facts thoroughly. Jews, blacks, bad white men…..

          P.S. – I don’t think i will relate to this subject anymore. I am following your posts on LI and often they seem rather biased. Life is beyond black and white – it’s more like 50 shades of grey 🙂

          1. Vickie, I enjoy your comments. However you should practice what you preach and understand your biases in your comments.

            I Believe in what I say and while it may not fit your truths of what I should say that is your problem and not mine.

            I can’t be brainwashed into thinking like you or a blanket belief in anyone’s truth.

            I hope you will continue to comment…however I understand if you do otherwise.

            But there is too much human suffering at the hands of western culture, for me to turn a blind eye and start blaming victims of a rigged system.

            A system defined by western culture ; a culture above laws of humanity, morality and Justice.

            1. Couple of things Angela:

              1. I do practice what I preach. I do live by my beliefs (and my friends and acquaintances can vouch I am not a fanatic) to the fullest extent possible.Some say too much.
              2. I am a historian by education, so the history is the only final judge that will pass the verdict of who’s right or wrong.

              3. Have to disappoint you – the Western culture will survive, even if in its weaker version. If it will be surpassed, be sure it won’t by the Africans/Blacks. It will be by Asians. Something tells me that in that case, Blacks will miss whites sorely. Again, check what’s going in places dominated by them already.

              And on this happy note….:)

            2. Vickie , you are a defender of standards based on history…written by whom?

              I sense in your mind, Black ppl are inferior, you look down on us. Asians are the only ones on par with whites in your mind. That is the history put out by western cultures sold by the media and our educational system.

              As a historian you should know better.

              With 50 shades of gray I see a totally different future….and it will not be dominated by Whites Or Asians.

              This quote sticks in my mind…and keeps me fighting to be a part of the present.
              Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.
              George Orwell, 1984

            3. Again Angela, inferiority is a temporary state, based on many factors, personal and collective will and resolution. Empires rise and fall. The civilsation as we know it, exists for thousands of years. There were Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Christian Empire, Muslim Empire, Chinese Empire, Japanese….There was never a Jewish or Black ones. But representatives of both races integrated from time to time into the ruling ones.

              We as a race, don’t feel the need to be an Empire. Enough to have our tiny sliver of land and sustain it.

              But if you inspire to be one, do the soul searching first and clean up your house. Blaming others for your misfortunes won’t get you there.

              Again, history will tell.

            4. sorry typo – and i can’t edit here. I meant ‘aspire’, of course, not inspire.

            5. Vickie,

              You do not know me so do not pretend that you know anything about me or what what’s in my house I suggest you look into your house , okay.

              Vicky I can regurgitate the history books also I can also look it up on the Internet it’s all meaningless and worthless to me as i an excluded.

              History will not repeat itself….can’t you see the world is different

            6. History never repeats itself identically. The progress is a Hegelian spiral: thesis, antithesis and synthesis. 🙂

            7. Black ppl are waking ; and many are breaking shackles…it is scary for white folks to lose their slaves, scapegoats, sources of energy and creativity .

          2. Excuse Me ? You came from all over the world from different countries and origins and different languages base on your god promise to palestine and start your gangs fighting the british army there and killing the disarmed Palestinians (The owners of the land) and you ACCEPTED the UN resolution to divide Palestine and give you the bigger share while you where less than 5% of its population 1930’s !!!!! and the mass killing of civilians over 60 years, blockhead Gaza strip for years and years making Gaza a hell as Israelis them selves say (They say go to Gaza now instead of go to hell) stealing the land , killing children in Palestine, Lebanon.
            99% of Israelis people parents were born outside palestine and many many of its young people not only seniors and the new immigrants you collect them from Africa by attracting them for a better income, healthcare , life style etc.. and still you treat them as a second class jewish citizens.
            Do you think that you can repeat what your grand parents did in America by killing red Indians (red skins) and established the modern USA ? do you think that you can keep killing Palestinians till you get your pure Jewish stat established ???
            I really could not even finish reading your lies .. many years of stealing palestine, land, peoples lives, heritage even traditional food and children’s smiles.
            For god sake , ask someone else to talk about white people point of view or even about jewish people , because Israelis in my opinion do not represent white people or jewish people ,, they are only Israeli’s .
            Do you know the (FLASHA) ??? those are the Black Jewish people migrated from Africa, They are treated as second class citizens even worse, they are not welcomed in the public occupations and jobs you never see a single black person in any important position or even high position in Israeli gov entities.
            Now I understand what you are defending ,,,

    1. Why don’t you ask why whites don’t hate yellow people – they are the majority after all. Sorry Angela, a correction: why don’t white people hate Asians in general (including Indians, who are brown)?

    2. Lets go back and ask why Asians both in the West and their countries of origin try to better their lives and don’t scream “white imperialism, chauvinism and discrimination” 24/7? The bad white man colonised them as well, you know. An during WWII japanese were in the concentration camps in America. BTW, you can throw in Asian muslims as well, because they are very different from the Middle Eastern and African ones.

    3. Why nobody talks about the fact that American indigenous population (aka Indians) owned slaves? Ask any person from Oklahoma. I didn’t know that – they told me.

    4. Why you never write a post of how blacks and browns themselves try to change the gang culture and get out of the ghettos? After, all God helps those who help themselves…..

    5. Why you never write about black community leaders and politicians who thrive on the misery of their brothers and perpetuate their depravity as a ground to climb up.

    6. Why you never pose the basic question of a sim game: lets imagine that there is no single white man left in America, will blacks be better off?

    7. Why you never look at the South Africa, 20 years after the collapse of the Apartheid regime and check how much better off the country is now, and what black community thinks of their leaders.

    1. Vickie we can ask all sorts of questions. Such as why doesn’t anyone point out the fact that most mass killings are performed by white males. Most civilizations were destroyed by white people. White people commit the most heinous crimes.

      But You have a point: black people should to stop being peaceful waiting for God to deliever

      1. Angela, I strongly advise you to travel to Africa. Maybe it will open your eyes to the condition of the blacks in US. I can only say, that 5 or 6 years ago there was a series of articles in the British press, penned by UN officials responsible for different humanitarian projects there. The gist of things was how Africans are doomed due to the political correctness. You see, as long as UN and different pharma companies supplied the cheap medication for the infected and sick (I am talking HIV) everything was fine. In parallel, UN started different educational preventive campaigns trying to stem the spread of the disease. Then, the Africans screamed foul “western cultural chauvinism and imperialism” “patronising approach to the indigenous culture” which is actually on a par with the Western one. Why all that? Because UN staff tried to wean them off polygamy and ‘virgin cure’. After being accused of PC wrongs, they stopped and just supplied the medication, in practice sending them to hell, but not wishing to be branded white chauvinists. Off the record saying the continent is doomed. SA prime minister declaring that HIV can be stopped by garlic and – yes again – virgin sex has nothing to do with the white man.

        I would advise you to look at Thailand and how whites actually helped to preserve nature and save the corals there.

        If you, for a moment, decide to leave your idealisation of the black community and look at it soberly, maybe you will see how TOGETHER with the whites you can change the situation.

        For the moment, there are demographers who predict Africa to be empty of people in about 50 years. Has nothing to do with the whites. They are successfully bringing their doom themselves. The ones who will step in (because there is never a vacuum) will be Chinese, who practically own already some of the countries, like Tanzania.

  2. Problems are not solved by ignorance but rather through understanding and development of multi-cultural frameworks to facilitate authentic and meaningful collaboration.

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