“Despite what we are taught to believe in college, the world of work does not treat us as individuals with a unique combination of talents and experience.
Sadly, nonprofits are no different. Nonprofits will take a certain number of volunteers, but what they really want is money. “

The Fly

Janey was nice. Janey was patient. But in the end, she–or rather, her nonprofit organization–just didn’t want me.

I think I handled it pretty well.

Moreover, it taught me something about the nature of institutional organizations. It was, as they say, a learning experience.walking-through-the-door-2

Here’s what happened: Last year, I set out to find an opportunity to get involved with something I deeply care about. Nature and the environment has always been of interest to me, as well as work in the public interest, which led me to the Maryland Public Interest Research Group, or Maryland PIRG.

I inquired about opportunities to volunteer, hoping to fulfill a need within the organization. While I didn’t explicitly say it, writing needed to be a key component of this arrangement. The dispassionate writing I do for a living can dull the creative edge, and I think my best writing is done when the…

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