Ferguson PD: FUCK AMERICANS Mercenaries Deployed To Trample Our Rights

Ferguson PD: FUCK AMERICANS Mercenaries Deployed To Trample Our Rights

Mercenaries are here….along with the bed linen white boys and men.  New York ignored Eric Garner’s murder while Ferguson showed its might as well as its  close ties to the KKK.    In both cases, justice has yet to be served.
Americans have been told to Fuck-Off by both NYC and Ferguson Police Departments.   Our  Bad Ass State governments–big, white and racist–could give a shit about the Constitution or the rights of Black and Brown people and many others as observed.

[Why is the KKK not on the USA Terrorist list alongside Al Qaeda?]

Breaking: Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson

The Blackwater-esque military contracting company ‘Asymmetrical Solutions’ announced on Twitter yesterday that they are deploying special ops to Ferguson.
They refused to give the public necessary details about why they are capitalizing off of this civil unrest, saying“we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”

The company is comprised of tactical, deadly individuals hired for military operations, such as Navy SEALS, SEAL Team 6, Special Operations Forces, Army Green Berets, and more.

They say they are deploying a “high threat team in (their) own city”, as they are ironically headquartered in St. Louis.

For full Story:

Breaking: Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson


Basics of Tactical Shooting Course at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri

supporters of Killercops
supporters of Killercops

Author: Angela Grant

I am a first generation Jamaican immigrant whose experiences and accomplishments were made possible by the courage, sacrifices and the heroic acts of many whose bodies have rotted away in unmarked graves. Those are my heroes. Their sacrifices and death paved the way for my children and I. Failure to Listen is a token of my eternal gratitude. Failure to Listen is a tribute those generations of unmarked graves occupied by people of all races whose ultimate sacrifice of life opened the door for me and others, THANK YOU. Failure to Listen https://failuretolisten.wordpress.com/ uses cultural lenses to appreciate and understand the relationships between current events and our values, beliefs and attitudes. Culture is everything without it we are nothing. Failure to Listen will take you on a journey to recognize the beauty of our differences as the seeds to creativity, innovation and resolving disparities. By sharing my personal and professional experiences, I hope to do justice to the perspectives of those who are rarely heard or listened to. This site is not to incite anger but rather to provoke thought. It is my hope that Failure to Listen will work to foster intergroup dialogues and motivate readers to step outside the box and get to know ALL PEOPLE. In the spirit of Martin Luther King, let's join hands and remember his famous speech about a dream... A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

6 thoughts on “Ferguson PD: FUCK AMERICANS Mercenaries Deployed To Trample Our Rights”

  1. They cleared much of this up on their facebook page. It sounded as though they were escorting press into the area. They were there at an individual’s request, not the state, city, or federal government. I don’t believe the picture above is even them. I think it’d be a fair shake to read their post. They didn’t sound especially supportive of the governor, the city police department, or looters.

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    1. Thank you Dan, …I thought the images looked edited and not by me. Glad you provided this information. I believe in the people’s news… you added clarity…to a murky picture. Good….why is Ferguson PD afraid of transparency?

      My appreciation.-Angela


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