The ABCs of Crowd Control

History and Research show police attitudes directly responsible for violence among protestors. Established protocols to guide crowd management is part of police training, why was that not employed? Or was it?
Ferguson residents want justice and Americans DEMAND justice.
The right to protest is one of the many fundamental rights referred to as unalienable rights, Natural Rights of liberty and freedom as stated in the Declaration of Independence. These rights cannot be surrendered or taken away. All individuals have unalienable rights.
Ferguson PD violated many of those rights. The wrong approach and attitude  escalated an already tense racially-charged environment. Ferguson PDs display of open hostility and violence toward residents,  non-credentialed media and organizations for humanitarian aide only escalated without listening to American and International  requests for justice while trampling human rights

What is the goal or endpoint?

Now is the time to defuse. Change from  a model of what not to do, to a model of what should be done to assist peaceful protestors.


What can Ferguson PD do to restore normalcy?


  1. First, calm the crowd…

Hard tacs and bearcats with heavy weaponry do not calm crowds.

Change the outfits…Americans want to see police officers in regular uniforms, providing service to ALL PEOPLE, not SWAT teams pointing weapons.

Friendly officers monitoring protestors from a distance is the American way.

  1. Work with the #MikeBrown ‘s community in Ferguson, find designated leaders and Faith-based organizations willing to coordinate protest activities through a designed representative of the PD.
  2. Clear communication crucial with involvement of organizers and community members in disseminating information,  will ensure safe and peaceful protests.

Communicate Guidelines to protestors, media and police officers charged with monitoring protestors from a distance. Clearly communicated designated areas, times for protest and clean-up are  more effective than curfews.

  1. If looting occurs, do not over react…think about the cost of life vs. the items stolen. Looters should be charged, not shot, tasered or choked to death.

Hiring mercenaries to control peaceful protesters is overkill and costly. Where is the money? Who will pay?


The above is a start to defuse tensions and start the process of justice.  They are basic rules that  work well because underlying each is respect for individual or unalienable rights.