How will we protect the frontlines of freedom from retaliation?

How do we protect those with distinct voices? That is a question worthy of careful thought. Police are powerful branches of government and retaliation can come in different forms , when it is least expected  and can be fatal.  How do we protect those on the frontline?



Let’s figure out:

1.  Ways to help avert retaliation —TRAINING & EDUCATION

2.  Offer  technical assistance—LEGAL SERVICES

3.  Offer monetary assistance to families for legal defense —CROWDSOURCING


Valuing the  inalienable rights of ALL people, means helping those fight  when necessary.  Need varies with context so finding ways to communicate and identify safety needs.   How do we help spread the fight and increase support for Individual Rights?  


Too many “Recognized”  well-funded organizations for human rights do not do their jobs well.   Many lost opportunities  because of  pre-occupation with busy.   


Ramsey Orta and Calvin Bryant, I believe are still imprisoned.   Are they still imprisoned? How are they? They  and the protestors in #Ferguson are  soldiers  of  the infantry of freedom, fighting on the frontlines.  


So, how do we protect the distinct voices of freedom from American tyranny?


Create an infrastructure of protection capable of  tracking  data and detecting corruption….. Let us brainstorm….




1.  Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household


2.  Ramsey Orta “100% Sure” Cops Arrested Him As Revenge For Filming Fatal Chokehold

3.  FBI investigating ‘Anonymous’ for attacks against Ferguson police home computers