White Ferguson PD MURDERED Acutely Suicidal Kajieme Powell | Edited on 10/27/2014

[Kajieme] Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

White Ferguson Cops MURDERED,  Kajieme Powell

Military Police treatment of acutely suicidal patients is poor healthcare.  This man, Kajieme Powell, frustrated said shoot me  in front of the Ferguson cops… and they did without question or Miranda rights.   He stole a soda and was unarmed. Is that crime worth a life?  How long did it take  from time of arrival for the cops to  empty their guns into his body?  Not long….

No arrests because even the President Obama does not give a shit.

What would a normal person do in such a situation?   Take  Kajieme to the hospital to be evaluated.  However, in the USA suicide is outsourced to the cops who target practice and kill acutely suicidal patients.  such patients to the cops to kill.

If you are considering suicide go to Ferguson or NYC or CA or Florida or anywhere in the states…cops will make sure you are DEAD, courtesy of American tax payers

Ferguson PD Handcuffed and ?Booked A Dead Man after executing him.   Kajieme Powell was an unarmed black man who stole two sodas.   He was NOT  Michael Brown.  Another black man dead– the media melded both stories as Michael Brown; thereby,  creating and adding confusion that will only benefit  Officer Darren Wilson.

Interesting Ferguson PD handcuffed a dead man.  I believe  if not for the video,  Ferguson PD would book  and imprison a dead man.   It’s overtime and money for Ferguson PD’s  highly lucrative municipal court and criminal justice system.   International investigation should start here and in NYC as  our government  and traditional media are complicit.

Officer Wilson is on paid witness protection–ALL PAID FOR BY THE COMMUNITY OF FERGUSON. A community,  #Ferguson PD seems  bent on exterminating while Americans watch in SHOCK and AWE (and nothing else) with little compassion and a slew of rationalizations for crimes against humanity.

Updates on Police Killing of Kajieme Powell





Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

8 thoughts on “White Ferguson PD MURDERED Acutely Suicidal Kajieme Powell | Edited on 10/27/2014

  1. They shot him. I think he said too, ‘shot me’ and they did. I know using handcuffs before he was alive would have been harder but he would still be around with a petty theft charge instead. Is ‘gang and drug violence’ so bad that the police have too resort to this? Everyone cleared the area before as if they knew it was going to happen.

    A Tazer gun seems more appropriate.

    Everyone keep sending in your video’s. It’s outright cruel.

    1. Claude, he only said shoot me in a challenging manner…think about the context….#Michael/brown….And even without WTF!

      I believe there is a fundamental lack of cultural understanding leading to misperceptions and dissemination of misinformation.

      The police did not attempt to talk the man down. We prevent people from harming themselves.

      As a matter, the police, remember I mentioned the weaponry, were going to KILL ME to prevent me from harming myself (when someone told a lie.)

      Think about the madness of what happened to me…and think about the madness of madness of Ferguson police. How many lives will it take for anglo-values to understand the concept of equality?

      Btw Do police powers extend to medical decisions, decisions to execute black and brown people for suicidal ideations and plans, i.e. “Shoot Me?” What far-reaching implications for mental illness, suicidal ideations or attempts, as well as the delivery of medical care.

      Claude,thank you for that comment…which generated an interesting persepective.

      1. A Taser gun..With the logic used, the police can murder anyone with impunity who is ASSumed to be arme…even scissors are considered weapons.

        ..why use anything but a F*cking baton? (not directed at you)

        There were three well-trained officers and a mentally ill man who was noted to have a “knife” by police. Amazing how the police version sticks, becoming a point of reference or fact. He was not waving anything..

        In the ER, we handled similar and worse patients all the time without guns. WTF is wrong with officers of the law meant to SERVE and PROTECT ALL Americans. This is genocide more sinister than the holcaust.

        What will it take to have people understand what is going on here?

        There are clear monetary and administrative incentives…. (They laugh at us come paytime) Remove the incentive and penalize police violent more severely because of their duty. They signed up for the job.

        What we saw was murder, not police concerned for the public’s safety or in fear of their lives. They did not even surveil the area to make sure children and innocent citizens were not harmed while they fired a barage of shots.

        Amazing how great and authentic a liar the Chief of Police.

        1. The smallest of objects can be perceived has a weapon. Wonder what he was carrying in his right hand hoodie pocket? He kept his hand inside it often.

          1. Why focus on the mentally ill…how about the paid trained officers –3 of them

            So Claude, that small suspicioun would leave Three Trained and heavily armed COPS to shoot a man multiple times even when dead… pause and continue to shoot. Did you not notice?

            Did any of the cops attempt to assess the situation? NO! No talk just took guns out and fired.

            They did not even read him his MIRANDA RIGHTS.

            I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH INCOMPETENCE OR KKK OPERATION IN FUCking plain sight in my life…

            And our system is so Fucked that the JUDGE IS the only one with authority to stop this nonsense. Why does the judge allow this to happen? MONEY

            The database would detect range of patterns from macro to micro perspectives.

            A positive deviant approach would work. There were great cops…I knew some and still think I do so what makes them great compared to the average? I believe there must be great cops in #Ferguson.

            Before we get there …we have to understand the culture on both sides.

            We also know that not all black people are thugs. Ferguson must have some lawabiding black males who avoided arrest. How did they accomplish this feat?

            What are things they do vs the things those who get arrested?

            Personal interviews, surveys, etc cannot replace observation–feet on the ground–in detecting subtle nuances.

            What do you think?

            Claude, people buy into the need for excessive force without questioning the crime. This man did not just murder children in a school…he stole 2 sodas.

            …so what…even if he had fucking keys in his pockets

            1. You are right Angela. I still can’t believe what I saw. It looked like it was over 2 sodas. Looking at the video again I would say the cops had more than enough time to assess the situation. I just doesn’t seem fair.

              I am sure there are plenty of good people in Ferguson including the police.

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