Jennings ingested 60 pills in a suicide attempt, but was taken by police to a local hospital and survived. Only three hours after checking out of the hospital on Saturday, Jennings walked to the hardware store. [ where police shot at 16 bullets at him, shortly after, pronounced dead at the local hospital.]


They knew him,” Smith told the Kansas City Star. “They dealt with him the day before. He was suicidal. He had only been out of the [psychiatric] hospital for three hours when they shot him. I was screaming at the top by lungs, ‘That’s Joseph Jennings! You know him, don’t shoot him!'”


For Full Story:  Kansas Police Kill Suicidal Teen, Stopped Family From Helping (Video)


This is in the midst of Mike Brown and daily occurrences  of police violence yet no justice. Where is justice? No arrests…what is going to happen to those residents once the press leaves #Ferguson?


Judgment is impaired…something is wrong!   This makes no sense.   I believe the victims!

There are too many to ignore… WE NEED INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY. Sanctions against our government until they #HandsUp and surrender to the will of the  people.


Kansas Police Shoot, Kill Suicidal Teen