In the dark of night, nimbly and so very quietly we scaled the walls of the hallway downstairs from the bedrooms.  We needed to maintain a height of greater than 6 feet as to past the door to the kitchen and about 14 steps that would creak and give away the heightened shadowed cover.  At the bottom you could grasp the top of the door jam leading into the adjacent room containing the cherished prize and open the door then swing gingerly unto the floor. We knew the cement floor would bear no sound.  

With little time to recuperate are eyes needed to focus now with only the moonlight visibility, we came with little to no gear or tools, there was always many obstacles to overcome.  Clearly you could hear 4 to 6 people in the next room.  In the dark your senses seem acute to the surroundings, it was just like they were right besides you but you know you must complete this mission tethered free.

My decoder butter knife was a preferred choice.  Opening a locked deep freeze for my Moms baking was an art because you would have to lock it after too.  If you creak going up, at least your gone.  Even though you may never get caught, even putting cookies in your sisters pockets, they knew you did it.    

Do beget crumbs rise further successes despite whats thrown against you?  Injustice for an example, always has its hand in the cookie jar, difficult to capture, if left over time it may become common place, like gender and race equality fractions. You don’t have to wait until the last warrior dies to walk into the promise land.  Or to stay on a vengeful path of ‘honor amongest’ despite the wrongful deceptions you grew up with.  At least give it a petty theft so can be far more forgivable.  

Beget crumbs do rise.







Author: toadink

If you're looking down seeing the reflection on your polished shoe of yourself, I am only suggesting asking it a different way. Dog shit and cigarettes begin and end with butts.

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