4 thoughts on “USA Justice or Human Rights Abuse

  1. I know the road seems long and hard, but it’s not impossible. Yes, it will take more than for just you to believe that change is possible. If you don’t think its happening, take a look a social sites everywhere and see where it is heading to, the demand is large, but not quite enough yet.. It’s not heading to a ‘y’ in the road, it is running ‘head on’ into change.

    So practice just a little bit, starting at home, at school and work. Learn to forgive to make it just a wee bit easier.

    1. Haven’t been shown much forgiveness in this world….Do not know, what is forgiveness?… However, I believe change is coming as people slowly awaken to options, the seeds of diversity and choice. 😉

      1. Not a problem my good friend. I forgive you. Not sure for what but just so that you have that feeling again so you remember what is like. Your more than worth it.

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