Black women and their childrens names

You know I agree. The names get more ridiculous…almost as if energy expended to create such names may be spent more wisely ……however, in that world that is the fad.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

28 thoughts on “Black women and their childrens names

    1. There are still people (well……….most I guess) who are still carrying the yoke of that crappy Original Sin, oh Mother Nature, and fear sex more than Lucifer. Of course, they secretly watch lame porn movies, joke about sex, giggle when someone says “clitoris” or “penis”, and vote for people who made it their quest to replace “fuck” with “bleep” when in public.

            1. OK now, write an article about it and I will ask Angela (the good black Queen) to post it on your behalf. Take me out of the equation and add the representatives of the USA for the people.

              Or I will do it myself, because I like the idea. Want to help me out?

            2. The good Queen period…lest there be the good white queen, to good asian queen, the good arab queen, the good mixed black- white queen…..get my drift.

              The language has to change and be consistent.

  1. Could you imagine the mother talking to the father on a cellphone at the supermarket, ‘Yes it is time to get Clit home’. ‘ No, no, no Clit goes home’. Someone just might approach and say, ‘I’ll drive Clit home’.

  2. Although it was satire, it never ever should come to a ruling where some shit ass judge, or any other defender of mainstream crap, determines what is allowed or not when it comes to naming your kid. If this would become law/custom, it’s a small step to force parents how to feed, dress, etc their kids.

    However, it should be made very easy for kids to change their names if they don’t like the name their parents gave to them.

    My name is only my business, and if someone would even try to change it, I would call him/her a fucking @”S_H^0lE, and break her/his face!

    Note: Satire or not, singling out black women makes this “article” as racist as it can get, and tells me something about the writer, no matter if he considers himself black or not.

    1. Hello Roald

      Your bitch has been noted. Not that it will carry any weight but it has been noted. If you can’t take a good joke by Angela who has a very nice dark complexion, could you at least bring one in.

      Think of it like this instead. How many people read things to the end. If there were no hints, would have you read it all.

        1. Don’t be jealous Roald, its not like you. You mentioned in a different language something about green in another statement you said. What language was that again? We have to remember doctors like wellness and too see it in morality and character in others.

          Never know she might want to add writers, with good form, of course. Angela is Mother Nature here and shows blessings and furies (Erinyes)= mythology only, well.

          Sharpers shooters guns are left outside the limits to enter the tavern.

          1. “What language was that again?” As I often like to make people green with envy by writing in various languages, you need to be more specific, Toad.

            “We have to remember doctors like wellness……..” We have to? Really? Well, I don’t. And lemme tell you, I know one who would slap your face for that statement should she come over and read it. (Damn, I probably will have to burn on the stake now.)

            Morality? Whose morality are you talking of?

            “Sharpers shooters guns are left outside the limits to enter the tavern.” Are you drunk enough to be the one who will step forward to keep them out?

            1. Thanks for the posts and your help today Roald. Since the post is about Clitoria Syndrome

              I here that everyone can have one nowadays. It takes about 3 month to factory order. But no need you worry I had one made up front just for you. Your application is already approved.

              Do you think we should ask Angela if she can do the surgery? But you have to turn in your pee pistol to the laughter class at Harvard.

            2. Clearly you must hate transgender people, Mr. Toad.

              Um…..since you seem quite obsessed with clits and all, I’ll throw in a more personal question. Can you locate the G-spot? And if so, can you find it when your dick is asking all of your attention?

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