Yes, there is more activity yesterday and today above the CIA building in New York.  Actually your seeing very little because they are preparing for 911 day and another, ‘sorry we are not at war with you, just our bombs are’ month.  Yup, not a penny is wasted for our homeland security and your homeland destruction.

Although this is all very necessary, it seems today and into the future, we are forgetting the boots on the ground throughout America.  Money is being spent but in all the wrong places.  We have gangs controlling the streets, funded by drug money.  We have the police funded by governments killing indiscriminately thinking we are all gang members.  Still, the money can’t seem to find the beginning to the end of racism and the violence associated with it.  .  

Seems kind of silly but I think I’m going to give up my baseball cap and hoodie, wouldn’t want to be thought as one of those desiccants who’s only reason is to the walk the street to persecute you and give fingers to the police.  Heaven only knows I could be shot reaching into my pocket to get a Kleenex to blow my nose. 

We have a start to end all of this, its at Ferguson.  Call it home because that is where we are suppose to start the forgiveness process and the ability to move to the right direction.  

Yes homeland security is good, but so is home security and the feeling you will still be here tomorrow.  It only takes a degree of change in a thought process for all the gangs and the police fighting it to making this first step.  

We can do it. 


Author: toadink

If you're looking down seeing the reflection on your polished shoe of yourself, I am only suggesting asking it a different way. Dog shit and cigarettes begin and end with butts.

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