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Just looking for a place to land Deborah, the winds where a little strong yesterday so I came down with a harder touchdown here.

It seemed like the most logical and safest zone around at the time.

I read the comments from beginning to end. Thus the reason for my comment and my feelings at the time. Although I may not agree entirely, the result at the end is such that police do have the right to shoot and police are suppose to be teachers with red and blue lights.

Yes police shootings are up dramatically, rules are changing. But it is being driven this way by gangs and the war on drugs. We are witnessing the results of G. Bush Sr.’s implementations in the early 90’s and for the rise in prisons throughout USA.

You would think now is the time to do something different, to stand up another 25 or 30 years.

Police are teachers with red and blue lights. I would think there are many out there. But they are being muffled by the current trends of enforcement.

The black population of the USA is approximately 18%, but represent near 40% in prisons. Ferguson has a unique opportunity at hand. I don’t blame parents of all nationalities to stop shooting mostly of young blacks and Hispanics by police. The system is corrupt now because as time moves on the general public have created avenues to enforce easier by making improper justifications that can be by abused police. They will do it, just like the gangs because it seems they have too.

Being Canadian and not use to any of this BS is so overwhelming, for crying out loud, now is the time for a real study instead of a worded pity for others.




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