Food for thought: How do you deal with being invisible and under recognized ?

How do you deal with being invisible and under recognized ?

You let go and let those in charge lead the way. You recognize your limitations and find joy in your worthlessness. Watch TV and find pleasure in others’ happiness, knowing your unhappiness makes it possible for their happiness.

What an absolutely blissful new life. RIP old life of goals , desires and imagination.  Live life as an observer…observing   hardwork, skill, talent and  happiness of others.  Find vicarious pleasure in  other’s,  as you become devoid of feelings, numb and await  the grim reaper.

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  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

22 thoughts on “Food for thought: How do you deal with being invisible and under recognized ?

  1. Good morning Angela. You are a most wonderful woman. Your time of suffering will end as you realize the strengths you have gathered are truly still there. Yes, life is like Spring at times. It needs to have a passing of the old to bring in the new, similar to life in so some ways.

    I am your good friend always. I claim this about you, ‘Your an extremely strong lady, resilience is not an uncommon factor you’.

    If it seems that way today, there is likely a solution for tomorrow.

  2. We should be chatting over a cup of coffee (my favourite forum for meaningful conversation). At 73, the one thing I can guarantee you is that WHATEVER you are experiencing now, is the reason your life later on will be rich and interesting and fulfilling. Think of this as temporary, because it is. Use your creative, articulate anger as ‘tools for personal growth’. Keep a journal, because when you read it in ten years, you’ll be startled at the changes in your life, and the changes in you. (If you wonder what I could know about your experience – would that be agism, by any chance?) And does it matter? You have obviously noticed what a shortage there is in the world, of people like you!!

    1. TY, for your kind and prophetic wisdom. With such wonderful support how could I let go of dreams and imagination ( as they are nourishment for passionate visions.) However, letting go of conformity and rules…the things that make me sad. Thank you again for your inspiring words, fearlessanalyst.

          1. LOL! I mean after your ‘natural lifespan’ of course! I meant, conformity and rules seem to control the mindless majority. For example, I don’t stand and wait at a red light, if there is not a vehicle anywhere in sight. In fact, I think it’s bad for the brain. People who mindlessly wait for the green light, also mindlessly walk then – without considering that there could be an idiot driving through a red light who could kill them. The same thing applies to how our world is run. Judging from your blog, you already realize how important it is to think for yourself and not be mindlessly obedient. We seem to lie in a rather Orwellian world at times. Anyway, I often talk about the importance of living in a way that will leave the world better off because you’d been in it….. Nothing ominous — 🙂 As they say, “Carry on.”

  3. Now is the time for friendship and harmony. To stick out like a sore thumb will be the answer. I do not insist for this, but asking all to understand and show strength, not only today, but tomorrow and beyond. We all have steps to take as individuals. Its like packing a knapsack for you are walking alone. The certainty should be, is there is something to come back too.

    What is a character portrait? All hands are in, and mean it.

  4. “Find vicarious pleasure in other’s, as you become devoid of feelings, numb and await the grim reaper.”? wow what a scary thought…might as well it’s better to be dead. Anybody who would live that way in the long run…has some serious self confidence issues. Love, friendship, life are
    made by “giving and taking” in the right form of equilibrium.

    1. Hello Miriam. Thank you for the post and for you being here.

      Things will not pass the long run, I am certain.

    2. Hi Miriam, Sadly some have no choice. That life is thrust upon them devoid of life… a kind of suicide of the soul…..despite positive thinking and the good old college tries.

      I agree with your ideals however, those ideals do not exist for everyone who wish to partake. ;(

      1. Oh no. Lol. Okay, this is gonna sound impossibly dark but at least my avatar doesn’t display my name. Well, after all the trying in the world at relationships (romance), earnest friendship with some, grind against the wall writing work then business work, sometimes things fall apart and don’t work out. You get tired. And in the end, you have to give up sometime. Perhaps there is another pleasure just taking in life and people and breathing it in. Not making an effort to move anything forward.

        Living, and existing is something too. Perhaps dying quietly is just as good.

        Hope this didn’t depress you. Anyway, this is why.

        1. No, .it wasn’t dark….not at all, it was well said and very true….We are humans not gods……. You get tired.. of the dashed hopes and dreams.

          Eventually, it is like living without a soul….just a shell…. living without expectations.

          Thank you for sharing. Most think a pep talk or pills will do the trick……but even the strongest eventually succumb.

        2. Life is like a keyboard. Eventually due course, will need a new one. Existing to live allows our fingers to keep walking. Give up one singular but not it all, are the keys are in it all.

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