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Roger, in a sense the world is at war. In USA gangs and police are non selective in their actions. Canada has a more private style that is gang on gang with occasional hot spots. Then we have Mexico.

I wonder what the statistics would be for people killed and wounded by police and gang/drug violence each day in America. We shouldn’t include domestic abuses because its likely higher, having so many closets. Each City,Town and rural area, everything accounted for. Would it add up the same to elsewhere, like the Middle East or Ukraine.

In so many many ways its the realization that ISIS is here too. We just call it, hood stuff or urban warfare. A difference is we are not launching guided bombs to push back enemies for other nations neighborhoods. Unfortunately freedoms goodness is not an evenly distributed hood playing field for peace and losing ground.

Yes, its the small things that make the biggest differences. I believe the legalization of Marijuana will keep many out of prisons, put coffers in government departments through taxes to be used for the heavyweights, re-vitalize campaigns for other uses for the good of all of us. Bring in pardons for misdemeanor offences making it harder to jail for simple causes. The average cost to incarcerate is approximately 1 person is $100,000 per year and jails are now profit generated.

How many voices doesn’t it take to be the differences? Everyone possible. .


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  1. ISIS is here….they were always here dormant but awakened after 9/11…Enacted indiscriminate reactionary laws to retaliate, based not on evidence, but on prejudice.

    It is a privilege to choose one’s enemy simply because one can…no factual reason. Evil is to To know one is above the law and nefariously label, malign and murder innocent people without voices while defame those with voices without fear of impunity and accountability…Examples of such evils are the USA and USA military police. And now once again the USA embark on a collison course clearly meant to engage in war and conflict we unwittingly initiated….so here we go again….

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