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NEW Petitions

Prosecute Darren Wilson for the shooting and killing of Mike Brown

Take Governor Jay Nixon out of office for the way he handled the situation in Ferguson, Missouri

The way Governor Jay Nixon handled Ferguson is a disgrace. The way he allowed the officers and swat teams to take away our First Amendment. The tear gassing of innocent protesters which included woman and children. The waste of our tax dollars on calling in the National Guard, the Missouri State Troopers, and other authorities. For arresting news reporters for doing their job. He handled the situation poorly and does not deserve to be our Missouri Governor.


Aug 18, 2014

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Please sign this petition. The petition requires law enforcement officers wear cameras. Recent studies showed significant decrease in racial profiling–stops and searches–and police violence with cameras worn by Officers of the Law 24/7


Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

Create a bill, sign into law, and set aside funds to require all state,county, and local police, to wear a camera. Due to the latest accounts of deadly encounters with police, We the People, petition for the Mike Brown Law. Create a bill, sign into law, and set aside funds to require all state,county, and local police, to wear a camera.The law shall be made in an effort to not only detour police misconduct(i.e. brutality, profiling, abuse of power), but to ensure that all police are following procedure, and to remove all question, from normally questionable police encounters. As well, as help to hold all parties within a police investigation, accountable for their actions.

Created: Aug 13, 2014


Old Petitions

Urge Temple’s President to take action and investigate its inaccurate private prison study


Private prisons are making a killing off the torture, abuse, and unjust imprisonment of Black and brown kids and adults. Inaccurate research allows private prisons to keep harming our communities.

Petition to Temple University President Theobald on your behalf. You can add a personal comment in the box provided. If you are affiliated with Temple please mention that in your comments


Petitioning Virginia State Supreme Court for Travion Blount, Common Wealth State of Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe

 15 years old, sentenced to 118 years and 6 life sentences FOR A ROBBERY! We are seeking justice for Travion Blount.



Justice for Professor Ersula Ore Remove Judge Jean Boyd From The Bench



Take Judge Jean Boyd off the Bench

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