It’s a cold night. Everyone should have a jacket on and pull up to fire to feel the heat. Keep the use of wood to a minimal, it doesn’t have to be big to be warm. You can feel the fall setting in, the smoke is barely passing above the tree line flowing into the center point of the humid densities. My story isn’t long, but if you feel a chill on your back, its the truth setting in and its just fine to throw another log or two. It is cooling fast, you know.

Changing a law or adding one will not affect you or anyone above a teenager for this solution. If you have younger children many will not feel changes. Those in the new era also will feel no difference. The window is near transparent. I will give you an examples. Women where not allowed in bars. Why can’t I apply my child support for my taxes and my uncle can. Rose Justice and the bus.

So what your doing is for nothing for you. Every hardship endured, banner carried, words freely given will be left to for dust in time. Make sure the log is used for the fire. Imagine being handcuffed by police many times but have no record. Parents and Guardians whose children are unjustly used as pawn to wrongly convict the other without cause. People in prisons and the stories can go on and on. The years given for the causes so great for the benefit of all, and finally it’s over.

The best part of this story is the ending. It doesn’t help you one iota, the past is the past but because of what you did, the children will know no different and find your stories difference.

Knowing this for certain, governments like to bundle things today. So don’t be to upset if not your way exactly.

5 logs for the next story anyone. How about guards shouldn’t determine an inmates health?



2 thoughts on “YOUR LOG OR MINE

  1. Be satisfied with how you fought. That in the end may be all that you possess.

    Put on another log. Let’s regale, reminisce; event celebrate.

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