Informing The London Assembly about the Assange Case

UK concerned about human rights abroad….what about human rights at home. How can UK ignore and censor a man of value? …..How can UK strip #Assange of the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for 4 years without trial or charge? There is a presumption of innocence, so accusations are not sufficient to prove guilt. Accusations should be accompanied by reasonable evidence for there to be probable cause to make an arrest. In addition, a person is immune from incriminating him or herself.

Unreasonable delays in Justice, considered a human rights violation, as well as a form of censorship, are crimes against humanity. No excuse for Sweden not to interrogate #Assange. There are multiple formats available using technology….no reason for the incompetence of a Swedish biased prosecutor and judicial system on a witch hunt.


London Assembly’s 25 members have been sent a pamphlet based on a wonderful info graphic by Somerset Bean, highlighting the plight of Julian Assange, Editor of WikiLeaks. Democratic processes in Public Accountability, like the institution of the London Assembly, by its very nature shares the same values of Wikileaks about Transparency as a means of holding to account government. Let’s hope that this simple act of support gives fruit. I will update the blog post accordingly.

Here is what I wrote in my accompanying letter:

*London Assembly Member*
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA
21st July 2014

Dear *London Aseembly Member*

I am writing to you to draw to your attention the plight of Julian Assange, Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks, the publishing organisation. Metropolitan Police has a guarding and surveillance Operation on a 24/7 basis surrounding the Ecuadorian Embassy, in Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge. The cost is…

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Author: Angela Grant

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