Assange Case: What is Rape? Do Men Have Rights?

Assange Case: What is Rape?

Do Men Have Rights once accused despite lack of evidence?

In this updated blog post I ask these questions. And hopefully answer with fairness and rationality.

First this disclaimer:

  • I abhor genuine rape and support any person whose been so affected.
  • And, yes, I love sex and know where to draw the line between abuse and consent.
  • Now they’re out of the way, let’s look at the facts in the case of Julian Assange…

Google should be of concern to people all over the world.
“He lost his freedom four years ago and since then has been living in confinement.”

For full Story:

Julian Assange was accused of rape by the law of Sweden; a once sexually liberal country.

In Sweden there are three levels of rape.  Assange stands accused of Level 3 Rape (the lowest level and is considered minor  rape, where sex is redefined as rape). Whatever that means!

As per Wikileaks

“The district court remanded Julian Assange on suspicion of, inter alia, lesser rape per chap 6 § 1 para 2 of the criminal code (as worded prior to 1 July 2013). The prosecutor explained the grounds for suspicion as Julian Assange wrongfully exploiting complainant S being asleep by initiating unprotected sex with her.

The sequence of events has been described by S as follows in an interrogation 26 August 2010 (detention memo p 10):

They fell asleep and she woke by feeling him penetrate her. She immediately asked ‘are you wearing anything’ and he answered ‘you’. She told him ‘you better not have HIV’ and he replied ‘of course not’. She felt it was too late. He was already inside her and she let him continue.”

Sweden, you have to be kidding!? A court took such a complaint seriously.

Put crudely, Sweden, Britain and Australia have their national heads stuck up each other’s arses, fitting nicely in the dirty arse of the USA.

bookstore-brown-noser-small-64814 - Copy

For my American readers, “arse” is what the British and Australians call the “ass”. I’ve no idea what the sensible Swedes call it, though.

At least Assange didn’t penetrate the woman’s anus! That might have hurt her.

Conveniently, this witness account was defaming a man’s reputation by blatant miscarriage of justice without providing a shred of evidence.

It has now been four years, going on five years, since Julian Assange was stripped of his inalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

No one can be stripped of those rights without cause, but here he was, stripped of his rights by a so-called “neutral” country. The new definition of “neutral” is to be a brown-noser to the USA.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sweden, along with the Baltic States, Poland and the Ukraine, will join America’s partners in crime and turn against their citizens. As in the ‘Five Eyes’.

Since 2010, Sweden has done nothing to expedite or move this case along. Again, convenient delay is a form of censorship. Also during this time, there have been no new allegations and, in the case of rape (not consensual sex), no evidence of trauma.

Even with ‘date rapes’ women have certain psychological stigmatas or forsenic profiles that were not present with this allegation (allegation without evidence or charge).

I do not understand how a NEUTRAL country and its judiciary could allow such an obscene miscarriage of justice, and under the coercive forces of the USA.

Freedom of speech, freedom from surveillance and inalienable rights are not valued by Sweden, the UK, Australia, and of course, the USA. Applause goes to Ecuador for standing on the side of justice and the people.

Marianne Ny

Corrupt Sweden Not Neutral

Sweden just had a major upset in their election that should serve as a wake-up call: the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Their people want change. Real change starts by respecting the will of the people and their natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Something that has been denied to Julian Assange for four to five years by Sweden (a country under USA control).

I ask my readers, what happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

This presumption, not afforded Julian Assange, is evidence of government corruption, censorship and a violation of human rights.

Looking closely at one of the allegations, a young woman felt (literally!) that the early morning surprise “woody” penetration was rape. She had just spent the night engaged in multiple sexual intercourse with Assange.

Swedish Chief Prosecutor Eva Finn’s investigation of the allegations included an interview of Mr Assange. On review of the testimonies and evidence, Attorney Eva Finn dismissed all charges and closed the case.

Curiously, the case was re-opened (without new evidence or reason) by a politically motivated new prosecutor, Marianne Ny. At the time, release of over a half million cables to Wikileaks (by  Bradley/Chelsea Manning) exposed war crimes against the US, as well as torture and other illegal spying by the USA and its allies.


The US Government was not pleased, and immediately convened a secret grand jury to sanction it’s dirty policy of torture, murder and spying indiscriminately on American and foreign targets.

Ridiculous and stupid!

I welcome your comments.

Corruption is highly contagious and often associated with discrimination and cruelty. All of which infected “neutral”  Sweden, who then infected the UK and Australia, by using the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) to make these other countries complicit in egregious human right violations and abuses.

European Arrest Warrant

Corruption lacks accountability and  creates fear and myths, as well as continuing to endanger the lives of those who expose the truth. Manipulated by US intelligence agencies, the same ones who allegedly gathered intelligence about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that was a lie. A truth covered up by many European countries allies of the USA.

And to further censor and punish Julian Assange, USA officials (including the CIA, DoD and NSA) placed him on the ‘hit list’. Oh yes, it exists! As with Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy. Both long dead!

What about Rape?

Now do women have any responsibility in cases of rape?

Can a woman walk around naked, caress a man’s crotch and claim rape when sex occurs because she whispered “No” during orgasm? That is sex! We women have responsibilities also to be careful.

Agree with me? Or not? Let me know in the comments.

Were there any physical injuries to indicate harm or resistance? At this late date there will not be forensic evidence. What about psychological evidence at the time of the alleged rape?

Why do the Swedish authorities persist in making a mockery of rape and setting new precedents that violate human rights of men and real victims of rape? Why the delay in justice for both the woman and Assange

The rape allegations against Mr Assange were ridiculous and smelled of foul play.

  • Why did attorney Ny let three charges expire before scheduling an interview with Mr Assange at  Ecuadorian Embassy?  To be interviewed on protected grounds was not an unreasonable request by Assange’s attorney at the very beginning of this expensive stand-off.

He had consensual sex with an adult woman. He is a man who gets hard at the site of pretty young women — that is not a crime — that is healthy. Where is the rape?

Rape is  forced sex against one’s will often accompanied by evidence of sexual attack or psychological trauma.  In the case of Assange, there was no forced sex.

There was no physical and historical evidence to support the Swedish and American allegations of rape. So why is this man’s freedom and life in jeopardy? We need to protect him! Yes, he is in serious danger.

Why waste taxpayers money on a case of simple sex? That is the “sixty four thousand dollar” question of censorship. Sweden makes sex a dirty act by defining one of the most beautiful pleasures as rape. No one should ever be arrested and stripped of natural rights based on accusations, without evidence, as in the case of Julian Assange.

This is outrageous! Shame on any system that permits such travesty and mockery of real women, and violations of inalienable human rights of those accused without a shred of evidence.

Sex is not rape! Rape should NOT be used as a political tool to censor or manipulate law-abiding men. Rape is a very serious offense and not a tool for politicians or governments to seek their spiteful vendettas.


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Revised on 10/09/2015


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

21 thoughts on “Assange Case: What is Rape? Do Men Have Rights?

    1. Yes…we would not be waiting for justice or looking for justice as in Mike Brown…Many feel a trained heavily armed celebrated veteran police officer justified in indiscriminately firing his weapon. Firing his weapon over six times at the dying body of an unarmed teenager who surrendered with his hands in the air pleading “Don’t Shoot.”

      Yes we need to make sure Assange and other’s are freed to prevent government censorship and further manipulation of our personal lives.

      1. The Swedish justice system does assume men can control themselves, and these expectations and the sex educations in schools might be why we don’t have the same rape culture as in many other places. If he was man enough he could just have come back and defended himself in court.

        1. Yeah…I would have said that before my encounters with Tufts….and the aftermath of invisible hands of intervention…..Some people are vert dangerous, and unseen hands can kill. A year or so after Petraeus case, the journalist responsible for breaking the case committed suicide wrapped his car around a tree and I believe there was another suspicious journalist suicide. Hard to find news on suspicious activities sponsored by government.

          Today, it is easier for information to disappear completely or be overwhelmed with misinformation to dilute the truth to irrelevance.

          I do not blame #Assange one bit for seeking asylum. Smart move on his part.

        2. You see Jenny….the suspicion of rape was used for its impact on people….Once accused a man is guilty, consequences depend on the culture….with domestic violence high….an accusation of rape is sure to stick when nothing else can.

  1. The law now in CA, I think, is only an explicit yes means yes? By implication, it yes can be rescinded.

    I think this is prudent. Now, open carry, condoms and consent forms.

  2. Sharing using Social media, blogging, and other online news sources connected to diverse networks will reach virtually all officials in the Australian government with six consecutive shares.

    The video called to action support for Julian #Assange with strong messages to the Australian’s government: Do The Right Thing.

    Australia, disconnected from its people and neglectful of its duties to protect the inalienable rights of all Australians, including #Assange. Angst and aghast!…

    Australia’s citizen of justice, Julian Assange, abandoned by his beloved country.

    Another major government ignored the will of its people and confirmed an emerging pattern of governments intentionally violating human rights.

    If Australia had protected Julian Assange’s, human rights (also known as natural rights (btw, natural right comes God) or inalienable rights) he would be a free man today. Is Australia a brown noser?

    Brown nosing crosses ethical lines to dereliction of duty.

    1. If there is nothing then he should have nothing to fear. Obviously, something is up or it appears that way. Prison is an awful place to been in even if it would have been a short time. I wouldn’t take anyone’s word on how long you would be in, the door locks behind you.

  3. You have to be so careful what you do today. A rule of thumb is know the country where your going too. ‘I only caressed her’ has been used for centuries. You didn’t get caught with your tongue down her throat, just your hand on her ass. ‘I was just walking outside, not the bedroom’.

    The demand for great sex is the norm today, in my neck of the woods, young and old alike. I’m all for it and expect it and have unique return policies. Barriers are up though as well globally for improper use of words, including actions. The reality is child porn reduction is prevalent because of misconducts with sex.

    Old fashion values perhaps, know who your banging. Getting screwed has two faces.

    1. Yes you should…however that works both ways… In that vein, you should not invite a man to sleep in your bed multiple times and then cry rape during orgasm….that is nonsense.

      Furthermore with rape there is struggle particularly with someone you know….you are more likely to fight. No mention of injury, trauma and too late for forensic on JA. There is no basis for rape. Swedes had no case but used the women and make a travesty of rape. Julian Assange essentially accused of having consenting sex with two adult females at different times during the same visit to Sweden. UK violated #Assange’s rights, and Australia abandoned its duty to protect the rights of its citizens.

  4. Angela, do you really think a man have the right to have sex with a woman no matter what, leave alone the person being Assange here? With the rape culture in many settings in US I’m surprised to see liberal Americans who otherwise are all for women’s rights to so strongly advocate against (sometimes even ridicules) the women in this rapecase. Chances are slim he would have been sentenced to anything,if returning to Sweden to take part of the trial and prove his innocence, as the evidence burden still remains with the victim.

    1. No Jenny and I hope that is not the impression…if so I am glad you asked.

      The Swedishg story is a weak one for rape including date rape. When women are raped, the terms used and behavior are different and that is evidence. Without evidence, you cannot arrest or take an accusation seriously. Why didn’t the Swedes address his concerns for safety and interrogate him in the UK or the Ecuadorian embassy?

      In India and many countries where girls are raped the evidence is there and no one does anything. Here there are accusations, a story of sex and no evidence of rape as well as a witch hunt in which the risk of death is real.

      It is the lack of evidence that I have difficulty with….the same lack of evidence to substantiate cop darren wilson and cop daniel pantaleo stories yet they stand above the law and common sense with the people’s will ignored.. While the real evidence in plain sight ignored… Eric Garner ‘s video – choked to death in front of our eyes with him pleading I can’t breathe no arrests. Officer Daniel Pantaleo enjoys freedom and all his rights. Mike Brown, witnesses ignored and startements intentionally misrepresented….Darren Wilson under witness protection while being paid. Assange accused of lesser rape that is sex… and has his freedom limited going on five years. He killed no one or injured anyone and even the women do not want to press charges. What is going on?

  5. Hi Angela,

    Not a response to your article (for which, thanks – you write with great conviction & passion), but rather to an article on called Mass Surveillance & Sexual Violence: Snowden & Assange [], which is probably the worst example of its kind I’ve seen. By an outfit called Fightback. I posted a very angry comment there, which is currently stuck “awaiting moderation”. I doubt it will get through. I’m so angry, however, I’d like to reproduce that comment here, if you don’t mind. It’s on topic. Here it is:

    As a female victim of rape, I just want to register my disgust at your appalling article entitled Mass Surveillance and Sexual Violence: Snowden & Assange. Your level of ignorance about this particular case is horrendous. You talk of charges – there are none, only allegations made by a prosecutor which both women have disavowed in text messages now in the public domain and on twitter. You use the word “violence” when the women themselves said in press interviews “He is not violent and we are not afraid of him.” At a forthcoming appeal hearing in Stockholm it is expected that a particular text message from one of the women will be read out in court in which she told a friend at the time (back in 2010) that she was in fact awake when the unprotected, consensual sex started. The first prosecutor who reviewed the police report publicly stated she was closing the case because the women’s testimony revealed “no crime has been committed”. It was re-opened by a politician in the middle of an election campaign looking to score points. All of these facts are readily available for anyone who cares to do even the minimum of research. You, however, choose instead to cast the legal principle of presumption of innocence aside and smear Julian Assange for your own political agenda. Through this idiocy you do great harm to the welfare of all genuine victims of rape because there’s going to be a helluva backlash against the kind of witch-hunt you and your ilk have conducted when Assange is inevitably exonerated, and it’s the rape victims of the future trying to report their assaults who will suffer most from that backlash you are creating. I hope you are ready for the libel suit when it comes. If you had any sense you’d take your ridiculous article offline pronto and issue an apology.

    1. Hello Bella. Thank you for your comment and I respect it. They are all good even if its not what we like to hear. Does it really matter who’s right, because you both are likely wrong. The word, rape, I feel is being defined again. Both sides have a legitimate beef, humiliation is still a factor before and after. You say you where a victim (was it long ago)(were they charged) because this coarse word uses children too. Rape is also sabotaged in disguise being used a weapon to brutalize or traumatize, generally men.

      Date rape drugs are simply not a fair playing field, I do realize that both younger sexes use it as an aid to enhance the sexual experience. I think its illegal.

      “”all genuine victims of rape”” I promise there is truth to this. Understand, courts will not forgive all or there will be unauthorized sexual interference everywhere. Or people like you will have suffered for nothing. Being a victim goes both ways today. Not only does it costs the victims and ends life’s good chances, it loads up court time for nothing and a waste of tax dollars.

      Sue is not here, on another bus. This bus has holy shit handles to hang on too. Personally, I like the ride. The world is changing since Constantine first redefined it as a public offense rather than a private wrong. In some countries rape is only a recent issue.

      Thanks again.

    2. Thank you for posting your comment here Bella.

      I will not even bother to read trash tonght and I have read enough, as always time reveals the truth. As I read your comment, I thought about the USA ‘s POWER over the world and j the powerful reach …..USA does not ask it tells nations what to do all except a very courageus nation, Ecuador. Eucador stood up to the big bad wolf…while it huffed and puffed and could not blow the house down. Ecuador stands with human rights and the people on Main St unlike the UK, Sweden and Australia…..countries to avoid.

      These events occur for a reason, and the lack of haste is indicative of government intent : #Assange to disappear like the innocent people snatched and buried in the living graves at Gautama Bay. The accused bad people with WMDs, who wasted away….who were they really? Will we ever know?

      The things government has to now, do to maintain control should their dirty secrets get out.

      Julian Assange is innocent of rape and it is deplorable to see how western governments gang up on their citizens when the govts fear exposure.

      When did informing the public become a threat to national security? What are the threats of intentional mis-information by government sponsored media (such as USA traditional media)? Labelling, corruption, control as well as terrorism and war just as we see today but something is changing…people are waking up and that has many governments afraid and in fear of their own citizens.

    3. No, as I thought, Fightback are not allowing my comment through moderation. Clearly, they don’t wish their readers to be informed of the true facts in the Assange case. I’m still annoyed as hell with their article though, so thought at least I could educate the author and post a follow-up comment:

      With regard to the allegation made on behalf of the other woman in the Assange case (whom police records show had already left the police station when her ‘complaint’ was officially logged; she didn’t know about this until the next day), she had thought a condom had broken during protected sex with Assange and felt he might have torn it deliberately. (That’s why she decided to accompany the other woman to the police station to support her demand for police help to get Assange HIV-tested.) However, she must have imagined the condom had broken as she gave the police a used-looking, ‘torn’ condom with no DNA on it as her ‘evidence’.

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