Food For thought: Time for Cops to Pay


Food For thought: Time for Cops to Pay

Digitally send them to their graves…..Find them, they are wanted for murder. Justice now!

ISIS can help…here is a special message to ISIS:

You want to kill Americans,  start with the Police Departments and selected  government officials….you will gain the hearts of Americans….

They are the most dangerous of people and  Please bring  Justice to America.

Imagine that was a cop.  🙂     Through digital fantasies we will send #killercops to their graves and perhaps ISIS will be our saviors.   Now that is a radical food for thought.   Any thoughts?   Cops are going to kill me anyway so what do I care?

Let the republicans and democrats send their children to fight ISIS  but  I do not support the US strike on ISIS.

I support a US strike on police officers!    Drop our bombs on the NYPD and Ferguson PD….then go to Florida and CA.

Imagine that was darren wilson or daniel pantaleo
Imagine that was darren wilson or daniel pantaleo

Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

1 thought on “Food For thought: Time for Cops to Pay

  1. Things have toned down since this sensational campaign occurred some time ago. At the beginning a fund was created and was at $200,000 for this officer. It isn’t the incident itself, its the timing because it was ripe, including circumstances and a lost chance just the week before. No matter what this was going to hit the roof.

    I’m having extreme trouble with this pending case. Has anyone ever been accused of something for nothing? Dragged through the judicial system and enforcement’s because someone said you should. A good man brought down, perhaps for something so very important like a right to live and survive. I feel he has broad shoulders but his course now is not his own.

    Things have ways of leveling out, taking care of themselves. So will law enforcement. Don’t kid yourself if you think they are not taking a serious look at themselves. The investigation should be handled by a separate police department, minor incidents within its own department.

    This man is only the whipping post. People should not forget the purpose of all this. If he’s innocent then its tar and feathers for good. Stand up for the right reason.

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