Hello Bella. Thank you for your comment and I respect it. They are all good even if its not what we like to hear. Does it really matter who’s right, because you both are likely wrong. The word, rape, I feel is being defined again. Both sides have a legitimate beef, humiliation is still a factor before and after. You say you where a victim (was it long ago)(were they charged) because this coarse word uses children too. Rape is also sabotaged in disguise being used a weapon to brutalize or traumatize, generally men.

Date rape drugs are simply not a fair playing field, I do realize that both younger sexes use it as an aid to enhance the sexual experience. I think its illegal.

“”all genuine victims of rape”” I promise there is truth to this. Understand, courts will not forgive all or there will be unauthorized sexual interference everywhere. Or people like you will have suffered for nothing. Being a victim goes both ways today. Not only does it costs the victims and ends life’s good chances, it loads up court time for nothing and a waste of tax dollars.

Sue is not here, on another bus. This bus has holy shit handles to hang on too. Personally, I like the ride. The world is changing since Constantine first redefined it as a public offense rather than a private wrong. In some countries rape is only a recent issue.

Thanks again.



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  1. Lesser charges are kept on the books to facilitate law enforcement torture of their citizens. Research how often those charges are made and under what conditions? So when was the last time Sweden was this aggressive about rape in by their own citizens? How often do they arrest men who have sex with women?

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