In the beginning Failure to Listen was established for causes that Angela believed in so very strongly, so she still does today. Equality of colors and children and more.  Yes, we all have equal rights today, it is in law.  Then why are we having Ferguson and meetings to feel this equality.

If it looks like a sore thumb, then it probably is.

The information on this subject is throughout medias globally.  Fact is that there is likely too much information.  Some say the transference of knowledge is overwhelming on this subject.  People need to get down to the core or the real meat and potatoes of the original document.  How else can we understand the burdens placed on Black, Hispanic people to act a certain way or this feeling they must, still today.

I cannot feel or express those feelings, but I know what it feels like with circumstances.  A lump of iron as no feelings, doesn’t matter how much you bang it to conform it will never feel your cravings.  This is what causes despair and no hope, a struggle to get up in the mornings, lack of performance and misguided ill informed children with horrible habits and criminal records. The changes are subtle but internal for all.

What are values? What is the no glass touch?



4 thoughts on “THUMB MATTERS

  1. You can legislate incentives and disincentives for specific behavior.

    Attitudes and other thoughts can not be legislated.

    While notions of fairness and justice are pervasive, they are not identical. Nor are notions of beneficiaries’, accountability, and responsibility.

    40 acres and a mule (in today’s dollars, tax free) and maybe we all can forgive and get on with it.

    Don’t hold your breath.

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