Hang with me a few secs, I need to share something first.  Now, I want to use plain English, I’m no push over, I’ll out write any of you but I prefer my gentle side.  I grow on you.

This is how I use to think. I had too, my family depended on me just so we could see each other but the story started in the early part of 1998, its now found in the non dusted basement of the legislative assembly in Alberta, Canada.  Family Law. It will always be me.

2002 “Constraints applied to normality of the minded few which have felt the unreasoning empowerment imposed by individuals right to rule”.


On public record, audible recorded:>>> Lawyer: >>>Your honor he isn’t a lawyer and he’s not using the terminology<<<. Judge>>> >>>>Yes, that’s true, but isn’t it good<<<<.

One of my favorite things to do, with my real large yellow marker, was read your court documents,affidavits and attachments, notice of motions and whatever bullshit presented itself.  Yellow marker lines are for a judge to read quickly in court, it is something to be aware of and prudent to the case or party. It’s not a good thing because I’m going to make mud out of you.

An Originating Notice of Motion

I think I might just have one of those here with this article.  It has to do with breaking people’s back or sending them to the poor house, out muscling using police enforcement and the judicial system to gain unjustly by ridding itself of prominent black individuals they claim are unclean, by using their children against them, by incarceration and courts.

Where I come from, you can’t do that.  It’s against the law and the rules of the court.

The Story

One evening a fine young black gentleman was working in an upper class hotel.  Always on his best behavior he came across a wallet filled with hundred dollar bills.  He found the owner of the wallet and gave it back.  So taken back by the young mans good nature and honesty, they wanted to give him half of the contents inside, $500.00.  Insisting many times, no, he thanked them and left empty handed but content with his actions.  Then leaving work to go home to his Mom.

The next day the police showed up at his doorstep and arrested him, promptly taking him to jail and later putting him in front of the judge. Bail was set at $50,000.00 but he still had to spend 30 days in jail. Having to take this case to an upper court it was later dismissed for lack of evidence.

Angela’s<, son was the person, no priors, no criminal record.  A fine person and young man.  His crime, he turned in a wallet with all its contents to its rightful owner.

Who they are really after

You see his Mom Angela, the author of Failure to Listen and the owner of the site, has deep black roots.  Not only have they entered her home without cause a few months ago and hurt her.  But they put her boy in jail to break and degrade her some more.  I couldn’t bear to read the letters from him from jail, adding to the humiliation to herself and the anguish of her wonderful son words only wanting to be home.  How many times did he ask himself, ‘Why didn’t I just keep the money’.  I pray it makes him better, instead, when its difficult to find joy.  Reason, should find its course with him.

Police like records and keeping them, what if he can’t cross the broader because something is on file, it should be removed police are trigger happy in your area, not mine.

So they want to ruin lives to give no chance.  Fuckin’ bastards ‘yellow this’, I have an idea.  I hate being in court, not police or judges here. I have my yellow marker out and the paperwork is full of it.  I’m going to find a Pro Bono Lawyer a set a precedent.  Why, because your using children of the claimants to alter the course so you/they can win.  Nothing wrong with a little proper ‘black power’ all over you. Once done and eaten you for dinner, I’m going to get everyone else to do it because the USA like to sue.

They did it too the Catholic Church, why not you too.  Shame on you.