Forged By A Shitty Hospital

Failure to Listen

Forged by Tufts Medical Center

And No One Gives a Sh*t ( bet you are tired of hearing)

That is not my signature. That is not my signature.

That is not my signature–for that matter those ‘Xs’ are not mine either. How stupid of Tufts Medical Center! I wonder who was pretending to be me, and I do want to press charges plus sue.

Why do I feel like the bad guy? They committed the act, and now I have to knock down doors to get justice or should I just let everything slide? I would, but my new business is medical audits, and there are other illegal charting activities. This is extremely serious. I am a physician, and would never in a million lifetimes imagine providers involved in such unsavory and despicable criminal activities given  we pledged to do no harm.

Tufts Medical Center altered my chart and forged my signature after they abused…

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Author: toadink

If you're looking down seeing the reflection on your polished shoe of yourself, I am only suggesting asking it a different way. Dog shit and cigarettes begin and end with butts.

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