Notes: MCAD Procedure Of NO INVESTIGATION (Raw and Draft)

Thank you for your honest partial assessment.  I am using the wrong terminologies and not responding correctly to your questions.  The following will help you begin to understand my perspectives and why I feel this is discrimination and we have a case.

Could we appeal of the basis the MCAD process was unfair?  I complained to the OCR (for my son’s LD) before, always interacted directly with attorneys.  This is the first time I have not except when I made the initial complaint (?) and since then that person resigned.  I had an inexperienced investigator who did not capture my complaints.  This was discrimination based on: race, gender, perceived mental issues and alcohol problems along with disability.  She only noted race and ethnicity.

The process was delayed with my papers lost in the pile.  My case lacked continuity.

The footnotes made by Tuft’s attorneys (their intent to discredit me) are proof of how not receiving a complete record affected my ability to make arguments.  (The records sent were computer generated, redacted and not in order.  Reading the records was confusing (at the time I was ill), it was like interpreting a puzzle, trying to identifying who said what etc.

EMTs did not document  an uncooperative patient yet Tufts stated I  rolled in the ED screaming racial slurs — impossible for me to scream given my compound fracture dislocation.    In addition, friends could barely understand my speech.  How could they hear those racial slurs so clearly?

Emt’s also documented ?LOC.

Tufts response depicted a woman who sounds ghetto-using words I do not use (And even if I was acting like an ass, I had enough medical reasons to be concerned)

Tufts knew I did not have access to my complete medical records.  They intentionally suppressed evidence.

Tufts  is responsible for the action of their employees.  Discrimination can be structural, institutional and interpersonal.  Tuft’s is responsible for the interpersonal, discriminatory behaviors of their employees.

Why did their administrators ignore two requests from a patient in their ED?  I stated there was a problem.  Why would I take this course of action or accuse Tufts of discrimination?

As an ED physician, I should have been admitted to medicine not ENT where I did not receive any neurological evaluation after presenting with new onset severe hypertension.   I told them I never had problems with my BP and I was not on any medications; now I am.

*** My mannerism being different also affected my care because ED doctor, nurses and staff misinterpreted my mannerisms based on questions.
The ER doctor, nurses and staff  were mocking a patient with severe hypertension, my BP was 180/118,  unexplained altered mental status (from their perspectives as providers) with evidence of severe facial trauma.    The intent there is to do harm, if they did that to all their patients they would be fired.   Almost like a child molester–pick your victims.   Tufts is responsible for the action of its employees.*****

My fracture, history, and presentation should have initiated a more thorough evaluation than I received.  The reasons that likely explains this behavior  is discrimination based on the behaviors and the response of Tufts:  isolated incidents in the ER, in addition to the corespondences .

Their documentation painted a clinical picture that compromised my care and put me in danger on a subsequent admission because my HTN was not addressed.

The ED did not objectively document the reason for my fall.  They speculated I was a liar, drunk and pysche pt on disability.    But no laboratory evidence or confirmatory history.  One nurse claimed I was so uncooperative she could not get a history yet go on to document me as an alcoholic abusing my medications.  In that case, my history is unreliable (the history they relied on to not do a standard evaluation for syncope)  Can Tufts have it both ways?

No one did not  an alcohol, drug screen, EKG or neuro exam—the entire 15 hours in the ER or in the hospital.

Interesting, I had no problems with staff in the OR or on the floor.  why?   The  OR was peeved at the ER.

The security guards made inferences to discriminatory treatment of patients. ( I know hearsay)

I guess more than a few thoughts.  When did you want to meet tomorrow and where?  Did you want to talk later before we meet?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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  1. I would like to know exactly what I suppose to prove to the M.C.A.D. regarding a discrimination case based on Race,Color, National Origin, Sex and Disability.My point is I filed a discrimination case.The M.C.A.D hearing Officer indicated that I made a Prima Facie Case from all of them.In the same time, the Officer indicated lack of probable cause.My point is, I would like to know if the decision of the Hearing Officer was right?
    Additionally, evidences were clear that on my last day of work, I was in a protected class, I did my job the way the company want it, I was laid-off, I fall down before my la-off, and my position was still existed, and the Defendant retained outside employees from my protected class.Please help me to let me know if the decision of the Hearing Officer was right by deciding the case in favor of the Defendant.
    Thank you for your help.

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