Dangerous and Harmful Medical Care at Tufts Medical Center ED | Revised 01/03/2015

Have you ever tweeted a story? I am going to try to tweet my 17 hours stay at Tufts Medical Center. The link will take you to my tweets #aAngryBlackLady


Dangerous and Harmful Medical Care at Tufts Medical Center ED

This is my story! My story about how multi-factorial –—age, race, ethnicity, gender, perceived alcoholism. perceived mental disorder, disability and racism resulted in discrimination and malpractice at Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department.

Data received from Tuft’s attorney exempt from public disclosure is shown. I received nothing from the court nor did I sign any form agreeing to such terms; I do not feel bounded by them. Moreover, why should their employees be protected and not me? I received my medical records with the names of the providers responsible for my lack of care in the ED redacted (crossed-out). Why? Clearly, they had reason to hide their names.

They LIED, and I did not know their identities until a month before an appeal hearing with MCAD. The crew who laughed mockingly at me knew all my identifiers and I was not allowed to know the names of the people who abused me in the ED at Tuft Medical Center.

Are health care providers not required to show their identity ? Tufts Patient Bill of Rights stated clearly all employees are required to identify themselves. Why was my medical records redacted to conceal the names of my medical providers?

Conflicting Stories Between Boston EMS and Tufts Medical Center ED

The EMS run sheet is available below. EMS documentation directly conflicts Tufts Medical Center ED.

EMS obtained a history and performed a physical without difficulty. Yet Tufts Medical Center ED so-called professionals was unable. The doctor and the nurse all lied stating they could not obtain a history because I was allegedly “uncooperative.” Then went on to fabricate the usual black stereotype history without knowing anything about me; based solely on my color, gender, age, disability, medications and the fact that I stated I had a glass of wine which meant I was an alcoholic.

An Aside:

At no point in any corespondence did Tufts staff or any representative acknowledge or address me by my title, DR. I worked over 20 years in the EDs. MY CV enclosed. Also, in Littler’s (Tufts Medical Center Attorney) letter, I am not addressed or recognized as a physician. As a matter of fact, the crew in the ED became sadistic when I finally told them I was ER physician and hoped it would stop the brutality, but it did not.


The LIE Exposed

Littler Document

Tufts Medical Center sworn legal documents state I was “shouting” racial slang. How could I shout with shattered fractures on both sides of my jaw plus a dislocated of of my TMJ as well as a bleeding chin laceration.

Also, note that I am described as uncooperative, unruly, and belligerent. This is inconsistent with the ability to start a hep lock after multiple sticks, draw at least 5-6 tubes of blood including a type and cross-match for urgent surgery. Then send me to radiology where I was alone with the tech who performed a Head CT, a C-Spine, and facial films without sedation or difficulty. This is Impossible without sedation or restraints.

There are other contradictory statements by Tufts Medical Center, none supported by EVIDENCE–a fact ignored by the State of MA, represented by MCAD. More disturbing are the conflicts of interest and the lack of documentation or any investigation with a decision of insufficient evidence.

Had a full medical evaluation been performed in the ED as is routinely done, an admission to telemetry for syncope along with an EKG and a physical exam with a history would have detected my fatigue that day and recent onset of palpitations. However the crew laughed when I tried to provide that history. Then ignored me completely by leaving me alone without addressing my pain or wound.

Had I received appropriate care, a second admission would have been spared: A hypertensive encephalopathy with right sided weakness and aphasia. Even asimple discharge instructions could have averted this second admission which left me with residual symptoms. Discharge instructions that included holding medications until PCP follow up, blood pressure monitoring and communication with my PCP or neurologist at MGH.

I received none of that. I experienced why minority women regardless of education or status have higher infancy death rates than all of women despite social class.


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Littler Document


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Link will take you to my twitter feeds — start on October 31, 2013 (bottom up).

EMS run sheet:  note bleeding and possible loss of consciousness
EMS run sheet: note bleeding and possible loss of consciousness Note no mention of being uncooperative. I walked from my apartment to the gurney outside the building. Also note the low blood sugar in the 50’s


Interesting, I could shout profanities with bilateral open fractures as well as a TMJ dislocation , all pointing to significant head trauma despite a normal CT scan and MRI. I could not open my mouth, they couldn’t understand why, they figured I must be drunk and abusing my medications. No one entertained any other diagnoses. No one re-evaluated me during my 17-hour stay at the Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department. And I do not care what documents they forge or conjure! But no one sees this but me…

They ignored me and when they didn’t, they laughed and made fun of me. Unfortunately I could not identify the nurses nor the incompetent Indian doctor in a line up. But their names are finally available to me after attempts by Tufts to deny me full medical records despite repeated request. After over year late, I received another record that was different from the first medical record as well as not inclusive of the first medical record. The following link is a video of me showing the difference in medical records. http://failuretolisten.com/2014/01/16/which-chart-is-my-real-chart/

A power point will follow later next week along with more information on Littler’s relationship with senior management at MCAD.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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  1. Absolutely shocking!!
    People should be contacting Anonymous, the Urban League, the NAACP and the press (although the last won’t do much good.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Angela. Right now, I can’t even walk and am about to be evicted or I would do more. I’ll try to think of something, though

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