I have no apologizes for not being here with all of you the last while.  Brain aneurysms that bleed have a unique way of holding people back.  I’m fortunate though, for being able to write this, for it was not my time for death as it kills greater than 50% of those attacked.  Many are left maned in ways after for those who survive.  My road to recovery is very positive, as I will be back to 100% shortly.

To all my family, friends and associates, I smile with you.  For the most special few to one, my thoughts where with you each day.  For this I will love you until the end of my time.

Claude Boulet (Toadink, Toadygram)

Author: toadink

If you're looking down seeing the reflection on your polished shoe of yourself, I am only suggesting asking it a different way. Dog shit and cigarettes begin and end with butts.

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