Growing Old

Growing old is no fun.  Others may disagree and that’s fine.

I  lived life, busy with my plans for the future.  Big plans ahead, there will always be a tomorrow.

One day,  I have difficulty getting up, the next day I can’t.  I have fallen and I can’t get up.

I ponder, how do I get up? Dim memories and fleeting strength thwart my efforts.

Berated, surrounded by laughter and pity few offer a helping hand.

In growing old, I accept limitations as well as the knowledge of possibly no tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. Let an old man (almost 68, having survived Leucemia in 1998) tell you, there´s much more ahead, and our fierce anger and struggle is needed! Reading with sorrow!

    1. You are a survivor! I once thought I was but my recent experiences tell me I am worthless. I have no rights and my opinion and feelings don’t matter. I am too old and weak to fight back. ;(

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