5 thoughts on “Charleston and the Arrogance of White Supremacy

  1. “………show up on the front lines to fight the fight.” Seems Janee is my kind of woman!

    To hell with all the ‘good willing” fakers who can’t even show up for a vigil because of the rain.

  2. That tragedy still sickens me to this day. I hated how the mainstream media didn’t call it a hate crime and how Dylann Roof got free Burger King after killing those innocent people at that church. Roof is a freaking terrorist for what he did, and it’s a shame how mass murderers like him are treated better than some people with no criminal records.

    1. History may remember Dylann Roof as a hero of the WS movement if Trump serves two terms and his views become mainstream. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump pardoned terrorists like Dylann Roof.

      1. That’s something I didn’t even think about and shame on people if they think of him as a martyr or as someone worthy to be pardoned.

  3. Didn’t the arresting cops take Dylann Roof to Burger King? What does that suggest? To me, the police officers didn’t view him as a criminal after he murdered 9 black people in a church.

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